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Open Your Eyes News - Edition 29

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Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Story of the Week: The Biggest Heist in History

Lehman Bros files for bankruptcy
Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch for $50bn
AIG Gets Up to $85 Billion Loan From Fed as U.S. Takes Control
Fears of further financial casualties abound
The $1 trillion question: Will this gigantic bailout work?
In Edition 21, two months ago I wrote: The private banks that own the Federal Reserve & the Bank of England (amongst others) have manipulated a collapse that when finished will have great similarities to 1929 - numerous smaller banks going to the wall and their assets swallowed up on the cheap by the very banks that control the system and set up their over-extension in the first place (JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild etc) - and low and behold that is exactly what has come to pass. It is a simple game plan, it has been done numerous times before, and at the end of the day when you own the casino, make the rules, and fix the deck, then how can it fail? Also, ask yourself why Government's bail out failed banking organisations or buy their bad debt with taxpayers (in other word's your) money, and yet would never do that other companies that got themselves into a fix (e.g.: Rover, Enron, Worldcom) thus further enriching and therefore empowering the real rulers of the world. Think about motivations of the current owners of the the private banks that own the FED through the Federal Reserve Act 1913 - Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin; Lazard Brothers, Israel Moses Sieff Bank, Warburgs, Kuhn Loeb Bank, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan (Controlled By the Rockefeller family). People think that a banking or stock market collapse must be bad for everybody, but it’s not. If you know a stock collapse is coming (because you are going to cause it) then you sell at the highest price, crash the market, and buy back at a few cents on the dollar - the ultimate short selling. In this way, those who cause the crash can end up with vastly more stock, and thus financial power, than they had before the ‘crisis’ and they pay comparatively little to secure it. It has been done before, most famously in 1929, and it will happen again. Scary as it might sound, this is the calm before the real storm. The US government, the most indebted government in history, has just promised to double its national debt to "kick start" the world economy. As with any debtor eventually the debts get called in and bankruptcy ensues (see article on China in the Finance & Economics section). In this case the whole scenario is being orchestrated also to "persuade" the American people to ditch the dollar and create a currency union with their NAFTA neighbours, something that in normal times the American people would never countenance. And all the while ask yourself where are all those trillions of dollars coming from, and going to? Somebody is making serious money here, and you can bet your last (soon to be worthless?) dollar it won't be Joe Public.

Gold price rises 10% as investors flee to safety
In Edition 17 at the end of June I said: You just watch that price go northwards as the economic turmoil continues, particularly when the US starts bombing Iran. - part one has already happened, part two is coming soon. I'm not an economist, I'm a historian, but all this has happened before, and will happen again.

U.S. House passes bill allowing offshore drilling
Environment? What environment?

How 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Sand from Kuwait Ended Up in Idaho
Hmmm where did all that radio-activity come from I wonder?

Growers warned over bee decline
This is happening in the US and Europe. The jury is out on whether the cause is new pesticides, GM crop introductions or something else. Either way No bees = no food = no humans

Plastic Islands in the Sea
This is real environmental devastation on a global scale. And yet it is drowned out in the mainstream media by the CO2 "debate". Have you ever asked yourself why?

Greenland: land of ice goes green as warming turns the cabbages into kings
Ask yourself why is Greenland so named? Anything to do with the distinct lack of ice and warmer climate there 10 centuries when the first Viking settlers arrived. But if that is the case then there must have been global warming (and cooling) before which means.........

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Season officially over; ice up over 9% from last year
No matter how much spin they put in the press release the fact of increasing ice (as opposed to an "ice free arctic" as predicted last year) this is a rather inconvenient truth. If they keep getting results like this those precious research funds might start drying up. Now that would never do.

Civil Liberties:
All frontline police officers are to be given access to 50,000-volt stun guns
These are not, I repeat, not, non-lethal weapons, and yet they are being given out like candy to police worldwide

Inquiry into taser death at airport delayed

Council uses anti-terror rules to spy on man with noisy wardrobe

Creation of an army of tinpot town hall dictators with Big Brother-style powers

Police lose memory stick with top secret 'terrorist' information
Ooops. Now if we had everyone micro-chipped it would be so much more convenient would it?

Drivers could have speed limited by satellite devices
Freedom of movement?

Internet is fostering disinformation, says web's creator
Actually if you read the article he doesn't actually say that, but a great piece of corporate media spin is the result. Most interesting is the comments page where the vast majority of respondents have yet to be conditioned into accepting the single most important human right they have - the right to free speech and free expression of their views.

Asthma alert on giving paracetamol to infants,25197,24373844-23289,00.html
I remember watching a TV debate show about 20 years ago and a member of the audience suggested this as a cause of asthma and he was ridiculed by the "experts" for such heresy. The question now is how long have the pharmaceutical companies known about the possible link and still gone on peddling their drugs to children? At the end of the day the link is statistically stronger than passive smoking causing lung cancer. All in all pretty damming.

Pregnancy supplements may trigger asthma in kids
And another possible trigger, however its coincidental timing may be a counter punch by the pharmaceutical industry which is desperately trying to stamp out the alternative medicine market that it can't operate commercially in (no patents for vitamins - yet)

Schoolchildren could be given 'smart drugs' in a bid to boost brainpower
In light of the last two articles do you really think that is a good idea? (unless you won shares in Glaxo obviously). Huxley wasn't too far off when writing "A Brave New World" over 60 years ago was he?

Food Makers Scrimp on Ingredients In an Effort to Fatten Their Profits
Surely no corporation would ever imperil the health of it's consumers for sake of a quick buck?

Food companies reject clones over consumer fears
A small victory however food corporations have been known to tell fibs on occasion too (see last week's edition)

Dye cast in UK, but additive not banned here Is it not of concern that food additives that are banned for health reasons in some countries are happily peddled by the same food manufacturers in others?

Genetically Engineered Merck Cancer Vaccine Made Mandatory For Immigrants

Farmers back GM animals study Another press release piece of "journalism" on behalf of the shareholders of the Monsanto Corporation.

Now schools introduce a sex guide for your six-year-olds
The sexualisation of children by the state

Royal Society professor resigns over creationism needed in science education comments

Vatican: Darwin was right but we aren't going to apologise
A small victory for reason over dogma

The War on Terror:
Gates: U.S. to send more troops to Afghanistan
Did Alexander the Great succeed in Afghanistan? Or the Mongols? Or the Victorian British? Or the Soviet Union? Do you really think that NATO will succeed where all those have failed before? And all for an oil pipeline and control of the world's opium production.

Deadly U.S. airstrike sparks protests in Iraq
More collateral damage bringing democracy to Iraq. Can't imagine why the Iraqi people aren't embracing it.

The Next War:
Bush's Overseas Policies Begin Resembling Obama's
That is because they, and John McCain, represent exactly the same vested interest groups as each other.

Six powers committed to exploring more sanctions against Iran: US
Do you ever get a sense of déjà vu looking back to Iraq 2002/2003?

Russia snubs US with arms sales to Iran,25197,24370391-26397,00.html
The real cause of the new diplomatic cold war?

Israel's Livni now in battle for premiership
I'm afraid a woman becoming Israeli PM won't stop the march to war.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Boost Africa aid by $700m, UN says
Which is more worthwhile morally and ethically? Increasing aid to the poorest countries of the world for $700m so that millions don't starve to death, or bailing out the world's banks from the mess that they created for $1 trillion? And which is more likely to happen?

IMF approves loan to help Georgia
Pay-off for starting the unwinnable war against Russia? IMF loan, NATO membership and $1billion from the US. That will do nicely.

NATO denies provoking Russia-Georgia conflict
Yeah sure you didn't.

Rice admits that Georgia started war with Russia
The crucial bit is 1/2 way down "Ms Rice acknowledged that Georgia had fired the first shots in the breakaway region of South Ossetia"

The EU, a Future USSR?
What would a former Soviet Union dissident who spent years in labour camps know about such things?

The State of things to come in the EU

Arithmetic, Population, and Energy
A university lecture given by Dr. Bartlett, professor emeritus, department of physics, University of Colorado at Boulder, on why the numbers aren't adding up too well for our civilisation.

Apocalypse Now?: New world order could have devastating implications for Western nations

Finance & Economics:
China paper urges new currency order after "financial tsunami

The Crash of Western Capitalist Civilization?

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
This article was written 6 weeks before the US Government announced it was about to pump an extra trillion dollars into the world economy (from where??) The Chinese leaders are very well versed in Sun Tzu and are playing the long game for world supremacy - and doing it very effectively too.

McCain: Wall Street woes point to regulation reform
We believe you when you say that you want to increase regulatory controls over your ultimate bosses. Sure you will.

Chancellor Says U.K. Did `Everything' Possible on Lloyds-HBOS Deal
Another bank gets a sweet deal, buying assets on the cheap, with anti-monopoly legislation brushed aside, and all underwritten by taxpayers. It's a tough life to be banker isn't it?

Science & Technology:
Invention: Oil-sands digester
Just when you thought the end was nigh for man's love affair black gold.

Quote of the Week:

"Ideology functions as a machine to destroy information, even at the price of making assertions in clear contradiction of the evidence."
- Jean-Francois Revel (1924 - 2006)
"man made" climate change perhaps?

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 28

If this is your first visit I would suggest that, after viewing the articles in this page, you click onto the "Blog Archive" on the right hand panel. Have a look at some of the previous editions too. That will give you a much fuller picture of what is happening than by simply reading what has happened in the last week.

Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Story of the Week:
Terror groups developing 'dirty bomb', say security chiefs
These kind of articles normally precede any new government move to limit your civil liberties……........
Government hires Saatchi ad agency to 'sell' controversial ID cards launch in November
Yep, that’s the kind of thing I was talking about. PR is a noble art form is it not?

UN says eat less meat to curb global warming
Cracking “it’s all man’s fault and here’s a radical solution” scientific plan of the week. Of course we could stop flying all you scientists and politicians to all these junkets, and cease growing bio-fuels. That way we’d have much more land to grow food on so to feed the world’s poor, and wouldn’t have to tax them as much either so they could afford to eat. Of course if you really believe that cow’s farting causes global warming then that’s a different matter. I mean animals never did that before did they? Or maybe that is why the dinosaurs became extinct?

Global Warming’s Kaput; 2008 Coolest in 5 Years
An inconvenient truth. The reason why it is now called "Man Made Climate Change" and not "Global Warming" perhaps?

No little black spots on the sun today
Longest period in recorded history of no sunspots, and the coldest year in ages. Connected perhaps? Oh no I forgot earth temperatures have nothing to do with the big shiny thing do they?

How war debris could cause cancer
There are many strong opinions on depleted uranium, and its effects. As with all articles I reference here, I urge you not just to take my word for it, or that of the outlet I have referenced, but to research yourself and make your own informed opinion.

GM plants found in Scotland
GM crops are great - if you are Monsanto obviously. All you need is a small trial planting, and then let nature (the wind, bees - if there are any left that is) do the rest. Sit back a few years, and thanks to the wonders of cross pollenisation all of a sudden your patent is covering all plants in that group. Ker-ching.

New battle over Arctic oil plans
Whether this scramble for oil leads to warfare or not, one thing is guaranteed - yet another part of our eco-system will be polluted and destroyed.

Over-fishing, not climate change, is greatest danger to world's oceans
Do you think this is sustainable for 9 billion humans to survive?

World's oceans could become "soupy swill": expert
Or this?

Electro-smog zaps bees
Or it could be linked to the introduction of GM crops, or the use of pesticides. Either way No bees = no food = no human's

Civil Liberties:
French revolt over Nicolas Sarkozy's Big Brother spy computer
The French are standing up. Are you going to do so in your country?

Barclaycard unveils plans for paying using your mobile phone, key fob or fingerprints
The tiptoe towards a cashless society is continuing. When that happens your entire life will be at the mercy of those who control the digital information. Step out of line and your life could get very difficult.

US army is breaking rules to make terrorists talk
Surely no-democratic country would let this happen? Surely there are checks and balances in place to protect civil liberties? I fear not anymore.

Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers
The latest tiptoe towards a closed society in the USA. All we need now is a trigger to activate all the tiny "amendments" to the rule of law and it'll be game over. War in Iran perhaps?

Prisoner data loss firm allowed to work on database of every child in England
But I thought computer technology and the fail safes that guard these massive databases were completely safe and transparent?

EU Civil liberties 'erosion' slammed
In the words of the EU Council presidency: “Every object the individual uses, every transaction they make and almost everywhere they go will create a detailed digital record. This will generate a wealth of information for public security organisations, and create huge opportunities for more effective and productive public security efforts.” - Are you getting concerned yet?

Council to fingerprint staff as they clock in for work
Well you can never be too sure of the enemy within can you?

Sarkozy's comic friend says sorry for 9/11 comments What right's to free speech?

Unlimited immigration may lead to violence on Britain's streets, warns former Archbishop of Canterbury
Which will need a further clamp down in everyone's civil liberties to combat. Some would say that this process is being manipulated in the EU and USA for exactly that purpose.

Microchips in tablets could monitor pills
The ultimate goal of those who control this New World Order is to have an obedient and subservient population, who are constantly monitored and tracked - by RFID microchips. In fact just like the technology being talked about here. And the scariest thing is that if this technology is already in existence you wouldn't even need to be consulted before being chipped or be aware that it even happened.

Plastic Baby Bottle Dangers
And it is not just plastic baby bottles either, but all plastic bottles as if they aren’t good for babies they probably won’t be good for you either. Of course with Government department’s giving you conflicting information it is no wonder that most consumers have no idea what is safe and what is harmful, which I suspect is exactly the way the manufacturers want it.

Are we already dining on clones?
Surely food corporations wouldn't knowingly ever break the law would they?

Ex-Canadian soldiers to be compensated for Nuclear tests
If national governments have killed, or put their citizens, knowingly in harms way in the past, do you honestly think that they wouldn't do it now for "the greater good"?

The 'How to be Happy' classes coming to a school near you
Is it any wonder that children aren’t happy when they are cramped into over-crowded classes due to under funded education systems, and then advised to spy on their neighbours (see last week’s edition) and constantly getting told that we’re all doomed due to global warming and its all our fault?

Why the Bible and creationism have no place in science class

Children in tears after teachers tell creative writing class they have typhoid to 'liven up lesson'

The War on Terror:

Revealed: Shocking footage that could prove 90 Afghans - not seven - died in U.S. airstrike

Our murderous comedy of errors An article written by the multi-award winning, John Pilger, in my opinion one of the last great independent investigative reporters left out there

Secret killing program is key in Iraq, Woodward says But what would the man who uncovered the Watergate scandal know? There are a lot of rumors out there about the horrific new weapons being used.

Three-phase American plan to capture Al Qaeda leaders There are a lot of reports out there that a captured Osama will be paraded just before the US election in October. Don't be too surprised if it actually happens

The Next War:

Pakistan to defend borders against US military incursions Could someone please explain why the USA bombing Pakistan is any different to the Russian's bombing Georgia after their allies (South Ossetia) were attacked? Of more concern than international opinion double standards, is whether the US is potentially trying to provoke a war with the new Pakistani administration? (they have nuclear weapons definitely, unlike Iran)

Iran renews nuclear weapons development Of course this path to destruction is a lot more likely, and most probably before the inauguration in mid-January of Obama or McCain. Yet another of the daily stream of articles in the western press "softening up" public opinion for the inevitable. And ask yourself this - if the US isn't going to let Israel start this war, that they will definitely get dragged into, why have they sold the Israeli's their hi-tech bunker busting bombs that would be needed for the job?

US mulls selling $7 billion defense system to UAE Why on earth would the UAE need this I wonder? Anything to do with proximity to Iran and what is about to happen there perhaps?

US to invade Iran any day now? Damn those Rushkies are paranoid aren't they?

Democracy & International Diplomacy:

Lose your house, lose your vote Democracy in action in the USA

EU officials expect Ireland to hold second Lisbon Treaty referendum Democracy in action in the EU

EU flag and anthem revived by MEP's Step by step guide to setting up a world government: 1/ Create supra-national bodies "to benefit trade" - EEC, NAFTA, SAU, AU, ASEAN. 2/ Those bodies "evolve" into super-states complete with own institutions and currencies - EU with EURO, NAFTA soon to have the Amero. 3/ In a "time of crisis" merge those bodies into a single governing body for the world.

George Bush isn't in charge, says Vladimir Putin You didn't really think that the village idiot was anything other than a place man with the right surname did you?

Bolivia declares martial law after violence,21598,24340215-950,00.html Though this ostensively seem to be a fight between different regions, in fact it is more likely to have its roots in the democratically elected Bolivian government trying to take back the assets of the international corporations that bought up large swathes of Bolivia in the past decades. The same corporations that owned the privatized state water company and then fined people for collecting rain water (which they claimed, rightly in the eyes of the law) that they owned a monopoly on that too - you couldn't make it up.

Holiday's in places that don't exist: South Ossetia A BBC documentary from 2005 that gives a very interesting insight into the spark that caused the recent war, in a lot less biased way than the media has presented the issue since it's outbreak. In fact it is pretty obvious watching this why the Russian's got involved, and why the Georgian's would have known that, and yet they pressed ahead with a therefore un-winnable war against an opponent immeasurably stronger than them. You have to ask yourself why they, with their US/Israeli and British trained army, would do that? A smokescreen for further US military build-up in the region around Iran perhaps, and a sweetener of billion dollar payout and promise of NATO membership announced by Dick Cheney last week to boot? T

The US Has 761 Military Bases Across the Planet, and We Simply Never Talk About It They aren't there for any reasons of nationalism. They are there to protect corporate interests, plain and simple. Is it any wonder that the USA have never (formally) been at war with any country that has a McDonald's restaurant in it? And that is just one of the hundred's of mega-corporations that use national armies daily to protect there financial interests. It is the way it has always been for the last century, and as corporations get bigger and bigger, and the residents of democracies get more and more complacent about the state of their political system, it will only get worse.

Royal Mail honours family planning pioneer Marie Stopes - but sparks outrage over her eugenics links Irrespective of her influence on family planning, and you personal views on that, this was a woman who was an avowed Nazi sympathizer and a eugenicist who advocated that non-whites and the poor be sterilized - Charming.

Finance & Economics:

US takes over key mortgage firms

Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac Takeover to Prevent Bond Market Armageddon A fascinating article explaining why this event is so significant, not just for US taxpayers, but actually for the long term of the US economy itself. As I have said before this could well be the straw that breaks the camels back and lead to the collapse of the dollar and with it the US economy's preeminence in the world. And if/when it does happen will it be down to economic mismanagement on a monumental scale, or part of a more sinister long term plan by the private banks that own (yes own) the Federal Reserve to manipulate the USA into the "Amero" (the proposed NAFTA currency union) that is another stepping stone towards the long term goal of One World Government?

Northrop to build new U.S. Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier for $5.1 billion It's lucky that there isn't much money to be made from war isn't it? I mean otherwise some people might want to promote war so to make more profit

The shine comes off the gold price Market Tip: Expect it to follow oil sharply northwards when the bombing of Iran commences (and stock markets go sharply down). Those in the know will have already started "realigning" their investments, just as they did before WW1, WW2, and in fact every major war since the French Revolution. They aren't rich and powerful for no reason.

Science & Technology:

Magnetic forces to blame for 9/11 tower collapse
Yeah, sure it did. It's lucky the laws of physics didn't apply on the only day in history when any skyscraper ever fell because of fire isn't it? Amazingly enough 3 fell on that one day (WTC 1,2 and 7) all at near free fall speed (top to bottom in under 10 seconds) and therefore with no friction slowing the collapses down.

Quote of the Week:
"But in Rome, the consuls, the Senate, the knights, rushed headlong into servitude"
- Tacitus (55-120AD) - lucky we would never do something so stupid these days eh?