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Open Your Eyes News - Edition 25

An awful lot has happened while the world watched the Olympic's. Ignorance is not bliss. YOU can make a differnce.
Areas Covered Each Week: Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Story of the Week:
Mexicans get microchipped over kidnapping fears
The most predictable aspect about the totalitarian tiptoe is how fear is used so effectively as a tool to progress the agenda. In this case human chipping becomes morally acceptable due to a state of fear. Classic problem > reaction > solution (explanation at the bottom of the page). Expect a similar fear mongering to come to your country soon too perhaps in the form of "what if you child or senile relative got lost?" Either way the agenda is ultimately to chip you all like the sheep that they see you as. It will be so much more effective than having to have CCTV everywhere and will be the ultimate form of control. Don't ever say you haven't been warned. This is happening, this is real, and you must act now. Even if it is just to raise the awareness of those around you it will be a help. On our own we are helpless, together we can roll back the tide. Burying our head's in the sand is not an option.

Civil Liberties:
No stereotypical terrorist - MI5
In other words you are all potential terrorists and therefore you all need to be monitored "just in case"

MI5 helped US agents grill Briton,25197,24225843-2703,00.html
Can you really be surprised to hear that the British have been taking part in torture at Guantanamo and have subsequently tried to cover it up? If it can happen in in the home of "the mother of all Parliaments" it can happen where you live too, whether it be Australia, Canada or Japan.

U.N. slams U.K. over human rights
I wonder how much press this will be given in the UK by the mainstream media? I suspect the silence will be deafening.

How Big Brother watches your every move - Average Briton is being recorded 3,000 times a week.
Do you still believe you like in a free society? Or are you beginning hear that tiptoe as the process slowly takes away more of your once sacrosanct freedoms?

'Spy-in-the-sky' paves way for road pricing
Oh that's okay, it'll just be monitoring you driving habits, not monitoring where you go etc....

Teachers fear hidden CCTV cameras in schools
The Stasi in East Germany understood how it worked. Make people believe that they are being surveilled and they will be compliant even if they are actually never watched. In fact only 10% ever were monitored and yet 90% thought they had been. Big Brother "may be watching you" as Orwell said in 1984.

Man arrested and locked up for five hours after taking photo of police van ignoring 'no entry' sign
The Ten Steps to a Closed Society: Number 6. Arbitrarily detain and release citizens (full list at the bottom of the page)

New York settles suit with antiwar activists for $2M,0,5946340.story
There is still hope. The door has not shut completely yet.

U.S. tracking citizens' border crossings
All citizens are potential "terrorists".

Surveillance made easy
This is reality not science fiction and it is happening now.

Every petrol pump 'will be prepay by 2011'
Another tiptoe towards a cashless society. From there on in you are reliant upon your masters computer systems and the micro-chips they want to implant in you giving a true reflection of your wealth.

Herbivores eat away at climate-change predictions
So now we’ve got to kill all the large herbivores for eating the plants? And as for all the methane they emit! Well at least we are polluting them to death I suppose (see next article) – IT’S THE SUN PEOPLE, NOT CO2!!!!!!

Coal's toxic legacy to the Arctic
The reason’s why we should be moving away from the primitive burning of fossil fuels is nothing to do with CO2 – if you will excuse the pun, that is a smokescreen to hide all the other very damaging stuff we are doing to this planet’s fragile eco-system.

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered
Another inconvenient truth for Mr. Gore. At the end of the day it matters not whether it ebbs or flows, just as it has done throughout history. What causes it is the big shiny thing in the sky, which incidentally has recorded no sun spots for over a year now, the longest since records began. If anything that signifies that we could be actually heading for an ice age. Do you reckon that is why the media and politician's now call it "climate change" as opposed to "global warming"?

Mining company apologises for uranium waste,25197,24185092-5005200,00.html
However they are only contrite because they have been caught. It is not as though they owned up to all this illegal dumping of low level radioactive waste and tones of other waste in a nature reserve. This is a glimpse inside the psychology of a corporation. The vast majority of the employees are probably great people, however in the thrust for ever increased profits, those with more "relaxed" morals will always cut corners whether it be for personal advancement or plain old profit. A strong democracy is your only protection, and at the end of the day corporations naturally want to weaken it, and therefore checks and balances that will limit their aspirations. Ultimately these are the same corporations who control your media, give your politicians jobs when their careers are over, sell weapons, and oil, and CCTV. You are a consumer, and if you are not you are in the way.

Global warming the new religion
A journalist at The Calgary Sun will probably be looking for a new job by now - all for being rational.

Peru throws out Amazon land laws

One small victory in the protection of the Amazon, however the assault continues on many fronts and each day more and more of this crucial part of the earth's eco-system is destroyed in the name of profit.

Lawsuit seeks EPA pesticide data over bee's disappearance

Is the culprit Bayer CropScience (formally part of IG Faben who brought you the Holocaust) or Monsanto (the controllers of the GM industry and seeking to own the world's food supply)? Either way, NO BEES = NO FOOD

The War on Terror:
Feds: Fire took down building next to twin towers
Yeah, sure it did. Those are the fires that had virtually gone out, were only on a few floors, and yet brought down a huge skyscraper in just a few hours, and which conveniently collapsed at freefall speed (i.e.: no friction) straight down in on its own footprint (watch the footage if you don't believe me). Incidentally it is one of only three skyscrapers that have ever completely collapsed as a “result of fire”. Co-incidentally the other two fell on exactly the same day as this one. What are the odds?

Why We Love 'America's Outrageous War Economy'
The US economy has been a war economy since 1941. Icke warned about it, JFK tried to stop it. The rest have accepted it. By the way how do you "lose" $2.3 trillion dollars?

US troops 'to quit Iraq by 2011'
Not quite true I'm afraid as they haven't been building 14 massive permanent bases out in the desert, and the biggest US embassy in the world, for no reason. They may not be on the streets after that, but they will certainly still be in Iraq, just as they are in over 100 other countries worldwide.

U.S.-led forces kill 76 Afghan civilians
Opps. More "collateral damage"

The Next War:
Attacking Iran via South Ossetia
Though I fear he is right about the intention to bomb Iran before Dubya leaves office at the end of January I believe that his analysis is way of mark. The US orchestrated Georgia/Russian conflict was simply a smokescreen to enable the US to move three more carrier groups into the Gulf (5 aircraft carrier groups, that's the biggest naval armada since the 1991 Gulf War, and they are not there for a holiday). Also he is very wrong when he says that US foreign policy is dictated by emotion. Wrong on three counts. First it is very rational indeed when you look at the end game goal of control of the worlds oil supply so to ensure increased profit, and the need to keep the military industrial economy "profitable" (see earlier article). Second though Russia still has a large nuclear arsenal, and a large standing army, it is largely made up of poorly trained conscripts, and in military terms it is a minnow compared to the US' armed forcers whose technology is light years ahead, and who outspend the Russian's on arms many times over. It is being used as a tool of fear, but its threat is more potent economically with its oil & gas, than its military. Third, and most importantly, it is not the USA per se, however they are the instrument. When you look at the web of connections that link all the world's leading corporations and families (seen at its zenith in meetings like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission) this is way beyond good old fashioned nationalism, this is corporations working towards an inevitable end goal of complete control over a subservient (and significantly reduced and largely ignorant) world population - the "useless eaters as Henry Kissinger calls them, will not be required.

Superfood rice bran contains arsenic

Want to "help" the world's poorest people and make a quick buck along the way? Here's how you do it.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror Attacks

The question which wide do you believe, if either? Remember the Russians are only doing what we did in Kosovo a few years ago.

Georgia 'will join NATO' : Merkel

The pay off for provoking an unwinnable war with Russia, on behalf of the USA, so to provide a smokescreen to move 3 more carrier groups to the Gulf.

Finance & Economics:
Bail-out fears rattle US shares
Remember if these 2 go down, the US Government will be forced to intervene which will double the US national debt, effectively crippling the US economy and devaluing the dollar – just what the doctor ordered if you want the American people to embrace the concept of ditching the dollar for the Amero (NAFTA currency union) – Problem > Reaction > Solution

BAE in £2bn MoD ammunition deal
Who ever said you couldn’t profit from war – and this is just for “inexpensive” small arms. As for the expensive bombs and technology, now that’s where the real profit margins are. It is a shame on our entire species that we spend more on arms in a month worldwide than we do on education in a year.

Pentagon OKs over $10 billion in arms sales for Iraq
And you know the best bit? Iraq has the biggest known reserves of black gold in the world and yet is the 2nd most heavily indebted nation in the world (after the USA) as we "encourage" them to rearm, and charge them for the rebuilding of their country that we have bombed back to the stone age with uranium tipped munitions (in other world's effectively a low level nuclear war) - and yet what was once the best education and health systems are collapsing.

Contractors reap $85 billion from Iraq war: US report
Do you still think it was all about WMD's? And do you think the soon to come war against Iran will be any different?

OPEC may cut output as oil prices set to fall further

No need lads, you just watch that price when the bombs start falling on Iran

Large U.S. bank collapse seen ahead
What has been so far is just the opening shots.

Bernanke warning on US inflation
Things are going to get very messy from here. What we are currently in is the calm before the storm.

UK economy comes to a standstill
Do you reckon the idea of joining the Euro will start becoming more popular?

Science & Technology:
Army Moves Ahead With Mobile Laser Cannon
Another few billion dollars of your money going towards causing further death and destruction.

Quote of the Week:

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.
- Martin Luther King. Jr

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 24

Six months ago, in Edition 2, I predicted that the war against Iran could possibly start during the Olympics, and would almost definitely start before Dubya leaves office in late January. Though the war itself has not started yet, another piece was put into place when Georgia started, at the USA's behest, a war that they couldn't ever win against a foe with immeasurably larger armed forces, Russia, on the Olympics opening night. While this has been happening, virtually un-noticed by the world mainstream media, the USA has moved three more aircraft carrier groups into the Gulf - bringing it to a total of five, the largest naval armada since the first Gulf war back in 1991. All the pieces are falling into in place, and a key potential opponent has lost international kudos (Russia has been supplying the nuclear technology to Iran and has made it clear that they will oppose any action). When the war happens, not only will it be deeply immoral and cause the deaths of tens of thousands more innocents, all in the name of profit and control, but it will spark a major realignment of the world, as commodity prices soar, stock prices plummet, and more "emergency" legislation rushed into statute in the Western "democracies", significantly reducing your civil liberties, in reaction to the inevitable civil anti-war protests and "heightened terror threat". I am no seer, and would never profess to ever believe that I am 100% right on all this as I can only make supposition on the facts and knowledge that I possess, however when you examine how humans and corporations have reacted throughout history it is clear to see that we are quite predictable really.
Away from the Iran/Georgia situation plenty of other very significant events have flown under the media's spotlight as they focus on Beijing, not least in the case of the environmental havoc that we are wreaking on this planet and its fragile eco-system, and further erosion of civil liberties in the West.
A friend said to me this week that even if all this is happening "I can't do anything about it so it is better to ignore and switch off". I passionately disagree. Every single one of us can make a difference, no matter how small it may seem. Even if is just talking to others, or forwarding a link to OYE News, by raising their awareness they may do the same to others, and so pass it on. That will be a very significant and important thing you will have done - On our own we are helpless, together we can change the world - Future generations will not thank us if we bury our heads in the sand and ignore what is happening on our watch.

Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Honeybee deaths reaching crisis point
This environmental disaster is unfolding worldwide, as GM crops get more and more engrained into the eco-system, and yet where is the mainstream media? Never forget that NO BEES = NO FOOD = NO LIFE

Virgin rainforest targeted for oil drilling
There's money to be made boys. Environment damage and deforestation? But just think of the billions of $$$$$$$$

US mission to Arctic will lay claim to gas reserves

Charles in GM 'disaster' warning
It is actually a shame that he isn't taken seriously these days really.

Extinction 'by man not climate'
Though this article is talking about our ancestors 40,000 years ago (at a time of “climate change” which was clearly not “man-made”) exactly the same is true now. “Climate Change” is simply the excuse behind which we hide from our guilt of raping the eco-system of this planet for short term gain.

Stone Age mass graves reveal green Sahara
The last line is rather significant: "We can learn a lot about how humans adapt to dramatic climate change from these remains. The environment changed a lot on several occasions over a relatively short time”. Yes we did adapt, and yes it has happened many, many times before, and each time caused primarily by the sun. This whole man-made climate change (note how it isn’t called “global warming” anymore) is a smoke screen to take your eyes off the real and massive environmental destruction we humans are causing on this planet. There are plenty of examples of such destruction this week alone as you can see.

How to turn gas guzzlers into green machines
Funnily enough I don't suspect our friends at Exxon and BP will encourage their good friends at GM and Ford to embrace this research

80% of British biofuels are unsustainable
Millions will die of starvation as a result of us growing these immoral fuels.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Russia 'ends Georgia operation'
Well of course they do, they had such overwhelming armed supremacy they were always going to win. Makes you wonder why the Georgians would provoke it……

U.S. to take control of Georgian ports
Ah yes, this and the smokescreen to move 3 US aircraft carriers groups to the Gulf that it created (see article below)

Russians 'Seize US Weapons Depot'
Why would a US weapons depot be in Georgia, and why would US and Israeli "mercenaries" have been captured by the Russians during the war? This who thing was a smokescreen operation to enable the continued build up of US forces in the Gulf, and to turn international opinion against Iran's biggest potential supporter - Russia. And then there is the hypocrisy - Georgia started this fight ­ Russia finished it. People who start wars don't get to decide how and when they end. Russia's response was "disproportionate" and "brutal," said Dubya. True. But did he not authorize Israel to bomb Lebanon for 35 days in response to a border skirmish where several Israel soldiers were killed and two captured? Was that not many times more "disproportionate"? Russia has invaded a sovereign country, railed Dubya. But did not the US bomb Serbia for 78 days and invade to force it to surrender a province, Kosovo, to which Serbia had a far greater historic claim than Georgia had to Abkhazia or South Ossetia, both of which prefer Moscow to Tbilisi?

Georgia used US and Ukrainian mercenaries in its aggression against South Ossetia

U.S., Poland sign missile shield deal
You can just hear Dubya talking to the Polish PM can't you? "You boys don't want another Georgia on your hands now do ya?"

Sudan 'launches attack in Darfur'
The crucial bit is the last line, just in case you had forgotten is "The UN estimates that more than 300,000 people have been killed and two million displaced during five years of fighting." Oh and guess what, there is oil in the region that they have attacked which the Chinese are after.

Britain and Ireland could be forced to share one European Commission seat
I suspect that Eamon DeValera and Michael Collins must be turning in their graves. The people of Britain & Ireland might think that they live in free democracies, but in fact the majority of their laws come via the EU in which their influence is minute.

US must share power in new world order, says Turkey's president
There's that "New World Order" phrase again that keeps coming up in political leaders speeches all around the world. Here's the Georgian President doing the same:

Civil Liberties:
Uproar at plan to hold inquests in secret
People of Britain can you hear your liberty just drifting away? Closed societies don’t just come into being over night. They come over a period of time through small, incremental steps (the Totalitarian Tip Toe) and by the time you realise there is a problem it is too late and you can’t stop it. Just because Britain has been a democracy for hundreds of years don’t ever imagine for a second that the motivations and psychology of human beings have changed, and while the British people have become lazy and complacent in the nurturing of their democracy, those people and institutions who seek power and control have done what they always have done, and slowly eroded the freedoms you believed were sacrosanct. PS: I hate to say it but the current opposition might oppose it but trust me when they get into the hot seat they will keep the agenda ticking slowly forward just as the current lot do.

Government admits national DNA database holds records of 40,000 INNOCENT children
Tip toe......

Councils get power to ‘spy’ on your e-mail and net use
Can you hear the tip toe yet?

Spy more on your citizens, councils urged
Yes you are all potential terrorists is what the very Orwellian sounding 'Interception of Communications Commissioner' is saying.

Briton's have Zero privacy
Tip toe, tip toe. At least some in the UK mainstream media are beginning to wake up, but is it too little too late?

Dash Cam Records Deputy Beating & Tasering Teen
Indiscriminate use of a potentially lethal police weapon of the week

NYPD's 'Operation Sentinel' To Track EVERYTHING
All in the name of protecting against "terror" obviously. Remember when politicians say "We won't let the terrorists win by changing our free and democratic way of life"? Expect similar schemes in a city near you in the not to distant future....just in case

Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist
However if you had a RFID micro-chip inserted then this would never be a problem. Now wouldn't that be convenient? And guess what? In 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted clearance for VeriChip, an identification system using implantable Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, consisting of a handheld reader, a microchip approximately the size of a grain of rice (containing a unique 16-digit ID number), which is implanted in the right arm, and a database.

Minorities set to be US majority
Don't be too surprised if two tiers of American citizen come into legal reality in the not too distant future. Meanwhile the "racial differences" will be manipulated to give excuse the further reduce civil liberties, so to "protect the population"

'Guantanamo On The Platte' Set As Holding Cell For Democratic National Convention
Guantanamo on US soil for US citizens, or "Free Speech Zones" as Dubya calls them?

U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules
The Ten Steps to a Closed Society - Number 4. Surveil ordinary citizens (full list at the bottom of this page)

Rounded up into torture camps: the 'undesirables' China doesn't want you to see
I wonder if someone in the Communist Party researched how the Nazi's "cleaned up" Berlin before the games in 1936?

Finance & Economics:
Fannie Mae unveils loss of $2.3bn
As discussed at length in previous editions, if either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac go under it will double the size of the US Government's already vast debt. One more step towards persuading the American people that they need to ditch the dollar for the Amero (US, Canadian and Mexican currency union to go alongside the NAFTA political Union)

Student debt 'could top £17,500'
Brings to mind an old banking saying "Get them hooked in young and won them for life"

Opec income hits record as oil prices soar
God this global instability decreasing supply, at a time of increasing demand is awful isn’t it? It’s no wonder these helpless and un-influential people would shudder at the thought of Iran being bombed and the effect that would have on prices.

UK loses £600bn in credit crunch
Talking of which are the British people getting more or less keen on the idea of ditching the pound and embracing the Euro? Then again the 'money' did not exist in the first place, except (electronically) in theory, and so it cannot have been 'lost', except in theory.

China to overtake US as largest manufacturer
Remember what I have been saying in nearly every edition about the concerted effort to weaken the USA so that the American people become more compliant to the idea that a currency and political union with their NAFTA neighbours might be the answer to their prayers (and another key step towards one world government – or a New World Order as Bush, Brown and Obama have been calling it)

US home foreclosures increase 55%

Gold, Platinum Lead Commodities Into Bear Market on Growth Risk
Good old fashioned market manipulation has been played for as long as there has been commodities and stock trading by those in the know or in power. Look at all the very strange trades that took place just before and after 9/11. Expect a lot of money to be made in these commodities when their prices soar as soon as the bombing of Iran starts.

U.S. banking giant switches billions in debt to Britain to avoid paying corporation tax for 50 years
Well it's bloody unfair that they should have to pay tax like the rest of us isn't it? A glimpse into the immoral "mind" of a corporation.

Science & Technology:
Rat-brained robot
Though the Terminator movies were just fiction, fact is fast catching up with un-manned drones standard issue on battlefields already, Britain's military communications system called Skynet (I kid you not) and now computer brains being made from animal brains. How long before they replicate this experiment with human's and all of a sudden you will be obsolete?

Future wars 'to be fought with mind drugs'
Forty years ago the CIA invented LSD to "boost troop performance" in the stress of the Vietnam War. This is just a natural progression of that warped and immoral thinking.

The War on Terror:
Senator questions FBI's anthrax evidence
But it is so much easier to pin everything on a dead patsy who rather conveniently only sent the anthrax to those politicians or media types who might have objected to the "Patriot Act" being rushed through post 9-11.

Iraq demands "very clear" U.S. troop timeline
A little disingenuous really however as when the US "withdraws" it will withdraw only as far as the 14 vast military bases that it has been building deep in the Iraqi desert, and the biggest US embassy in the world, strategically placed right next the Iraqi Presidential palace.....just in case.

U.S. court rules Saudi Arabia immune in 9/11 case
Do you reckon that the fact that Saudi Arabians own about 10% of all US stocks and property assets has anything to do with it? “Who’s your daddy?”

The Next War:
Kuwait on alert for war in Persian Gulf?
Do you think that they know something that you don’t? The largest naval deployment since 1991 is unfolding without a whiff of western mainstream media attention, with no less than three additional U.S. aircraft carrier groups (USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS Ronald Reagan, and the USS Iwo Jima) steaming towards Middle East waters to reinforce the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Peleliu which are already there. And all the while the magician keeps the audience looking the other way (in this case the USA persuading Georgia to provoke an unwinnable war with Russia)

Quote of the Week:

Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people."
- John Adams (August 1765)