Thursday, June 5, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 14

Why bother reading this edition?

If you are Australian: Read how your PM is determined to sign away your independence and democracy quick smart (see Politics & Democracy) & read how your children are being conditioned to accept their guilt for climate change (see Education) & how your PM didn't exactly spell out the whole truth on Australia leaving Iraq (see The War on Terror)

If you are British: Read how your personal freedoms are hanging on a knife edge (see Civil Liberties) and how your bees are following the American's bees and dying out (see Environment)

If you live in the USA: Read how your next president is determined to start WW3 if Dubya doesn't do it first (see The next War) or if the other chap wins see just how good a liar he is (see Film Clip Recommendation)

If you like democracy: See how the agenda for one world government is continuing apace (see Politics & Democracy)

If you like free speech: Read the latest attempt to stiffle debate over global warming (see Environment)

If you worry about the Environment: Read about real pollution (not CO2) in your food supply (see Environment)

If you are a humanitarian: Read how Monsanto may be "the answer" to the World Food Crisis & how the US gets around all those pesky journalists asking questions about Guantanamo (see the war on terror)

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The World Food Crisis
UN sets out food crisis measures.
Funny isn’t it how the eugenicist agenda of world mass depopulation now seems so achievable, and looking at the comments pages they are conditioning Western populations to ridding the world of the “useless eaters” as Henry Kissinger (Bilberberg member, Trilateral Commission Member, Council on Foreign Relations Member) so kindly once described them. One easy solution to the problem is stop growing bio-fuels. Full stop! They don’t “combat climate change” which is a natural phenomenon anyway despite what you are being told daily as part of the agenda.

Increase world food production by 50%. How on earth will that be achieved? GM crops of course. Problem > Reaction > Solution (if you are a Monsanto shareholder that is)
Rice rationing hits UK consumers.
Food rationing returns to the West for the first time in half a century.

Health & Science:
Babies exposed to chlorinated water at risk of heart problems.
Yet another reason why industrial waster products (fluoride & Chlorine) should not be put into the water supply. If it damages babies in the womb, its effects after a lifetime of you drinking it are hardly going be benign are they?

Oz TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early.
What is scariest about this story is not that it is conditioning children that they should be feeling very guilty about the CO2 they emit and resources that use, which let’s face it is sick enough. What get’s me is that there has been virtually no media coverage whatsoever in Australia where this is being put out on the state broadcaster’s educational website for kids
Schools say use of Taser was proper.
Sending 1,200 volts of electrical pulses through the body of a 16 year old who failed to show his ID sounds a fair enough response don't you think?

A mystery plague threatens Britain's bees and the result could be worse than foot and mouth.
Further to the article 2 weeks ago about bee populations plummeting in the USA (on the back of the introduction of GM crops) here the same is happening in the UK. Remember. No bees = No food,23599,23803560-401,00.html
Climate change skeptics 'as bad as Fritzl'.
The new McCarthyism find sits next weapon to stifle scientific debate. If you do not believe that global warming is all man's fault (and not the sun which has been the cause every single time previously) then you as bad as a Pedophile Rapist. Now once that is in the public consciousness are you brave enough to argue your case?
NATO poised to battle global warming threats.
Problem, Reaction, Solution at work. Because of global warming we’ll need more expensive weapons.
Personal carbon credits: the trick.
Thank goodness there is still some cynicism left in the mainstream UK media in the farce that is the “War on CO2” .
Water company refuse to give details of areas affected.
It is funny though that those countries ort states that don't have fluoride in the water have better rates of dental health than those that do (e.g.: British Columbia vs. Ottawa)
Beware of Mercury Levels in Fish.

Politics & Democracy:,25197,23812768-601,00.html
Kevin Rudd to drive Asian union.
Anyone else spotted the trend here? Pushes for North & South American Union, calls for African Union, further erosion of democracy in expanding EU. The agenda is for One World Government. These are steps along that path. Do something about it before you lose you nation and your democracy.
Bono wants United States of Africa.
See the previous comments. The totalitarian tiptoe in action.

Dogs should be microchipped, RSPCA says.
Testing new technology on animals before using it on humans. Do you remember that flurry of news items back in 2007 suggesting that we start micro-chipping the elderly for "their own protection". Expect another flurry of such stories in the near future.

Civil Liberties:
42-day detention: liberty on hold.
The government may have failed to "make its case", but it will come, maybe not this time round, but next time or the time after that. They will keep putting forward the idea until it is passed. It is on the agenda. You can say no as many times as you like. You only need to say yes once.
Phone spies: Town halls using anti-terror powers to bug residents' calls and emails.
This is what happens when you give jobsworth bureaucrats "latitude". The same mentality that eventually lead to the concentration camps of the Nazi's.

The War on Terror:
US accused over 'floating prisons' for suspected extremists.
Unlike Guantanamo these aren’t in the public spotlight and are completely outside the law. If you go there your family will never know where you are and if you are ever heard of again is in the lap of the gods.
Baghdad accelerates Umm Qasr deep sea port privatisation.
One of the last major Iraqi public assets that hasn’t been “privatized” and then snapped up by foreign companies. All except the oil production which will remain in state hands after opposition from US oil companies about it being privatized! Yes that’s right they didn’t want it. It is much easier to suppress output (and therefore keep world prices very high) from what should be the world’s largest oil producing country if you don’t have to invest into repairing it, and you control the means of its export (the pipelines now owned by Halliburton etc).
Australia ends Iraq combat operations.
As always with government spin, the devil is in the detail. The press in Australia praised the PM for withdrawing “the last 500” Australian troops from Iraq. But when you read the small print there will still be a thousand remaining for the foreseeable future, so it isn’t actually a withdrawal after all is it?,000-more-troops-in-Afghanistan.html
Australia calls for 10,000 more troops in Afghanistan.
How many armies since Alexander the Great have tried to conquer and control this country?

The Next War:
Olmert talks tough on Iran's nuclear program.
“All possible means” That is the key phrase there. The question is will the nuclear armed American’s do it, or the nuclear armed Israelis?
Obama pledges support for Israel.
Phew, for a moment there I thought only Dubya was going to have the balls to start WW3 by bombing Iran back to the middle ages.

Film Clip Recommendation:
John McCain - Lost in Space
You thought Bush was stupid??

Quotation of the week:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

Martin Niemöller, First They Came