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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 44

New Open Your Eyes News website coming soon. Updated daily. Easier navigation. Improved layout. News for information, not entertainment.
Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War
Stories of the week (away from the Old Testament style retribution in Gaza) :
No evidence Lashkar-e-Taiba responsible for Mumbai attack (AFP)
More than 100,000 civilians massacred by allies during Korean War (Daily Telegraph)
Let students take drugs to boost brainpower, says leading academic (The Times)
Gordon Brown wants to build "a global coalition for change" with Obama (The Guardian)
Private firm may track all UK email and calls (The Guardian)
CCTV used to 'spy' on pupils in schools (Daily Telegraph)
Hundreds of children's details added to UK Government database every day (Daily Telegraph)
Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979 (Daily Tech)
U.S. In Depression, Not Recession (The Economist)
Gulf states agree on monetary union (Al Jazeera)
More money, less Gold to push gold price to $2000 (Commodity Online)
Chickenpox jab for all children and pregnant women (Daily Mail)
Iran on full alert in wake of Israeli raids (Press TV)
US bombing raids kills 20+ in Pakistan this week (Reuters & AFP)

White House blames Hamas for violence
The Historian - Obviously if your homeland had been taken from you and you had been kept in a state of siege by an overwhelming military power what would you do? Warfare in all its forms is evil, however there are always two sides to every story.

Israeli media trumpets ruse used to surprise Hamas, kill more Palestinians

Israel mulls "humanitarian" pause in Gaza assault as massive ground invasion looms
The Historian - How charming, a humanitarian pause in killing their fellow human beings

Gaza aid boat damaged by Israelis reaches Lebanon
The Historian - it was deliberately rammed by the Israeli Navy

In Dense Gaza, Civilians Suffer

Palestinian death toll rises to 325 as Israeli strikes continue

Israeli strike kills senior Hamas leader (and his family)

Bush stance on cease-fire shows support for Israel
The Historian - Well there's a turn up for the books!

Israeli tanks and soldiers invade Gaza Strip

Six children among 12 killed in mosque blast
The Historian - Just postulating at this stage, but perhaps one of the causes of this brutal piece of Old Testament vengeance is an attempt by Israel/USA to provoke the Iranians to react (perhaps taking a more aggressive stance in supporting Hamas and getting Hezbollah in Lebanon to attack Israel) thus giving Israel the excuse for bombing Iran - they will do it soon anyway, but if the Iranian's "start it" then the international come back will be lessened.

Bush - Hamas rocket attacks on Israel an "act of terror"
The Historian - Unlike killing 100 times the amount of people in retribution.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Eisenhower's Farewell Address - Warning of a Military Industrial Complex

JFK speaking on Secret Societies

Top opposition MP's role at firm that plugs Government health policy

Brown vows new alliance with Obama

Is the ‘New World Order’ Changing Yet Again?

Russia and China hook up military hotline

More than 100,000 civilians massacred by allies during Korean War
The Historian - Of course we are different nowadays and this would never happen in our name now......

Slovakia becomes eurozone member

Hurdle for Rudd Asia-Pacific plan

Gulf states agree on monetary union

Gordon Brown wants to build "a global coalition for change" with Obama
The Historian - A.K.A "A New World Order"

Why has Barack Obama picked Napolitano for secretary of homeland security?

CNN - Russian professor predicts US to disintegrate by 2010

Three Quarters of Britons Against The Euro
The Historian - Expect that figure to reduce considerably (as planned) over the next year as the pounds vale plummets, the depression bites and the massive increase in Government (taxpayer) debt comes home to roost

Icelandic TV Program Featuring Prime Minister Forced Off Air By Protestors
The Historian - You may wonder what has Icelandic politics got to do with me? Iceland was the first First World country to be completely bankrupted by the 2nd Great Depression we are falling into. What happens there may well be a microcosm of what will happen when the USA, Britain and others follow

Ethiopia begins withdrawal from Somalia
The Historian - Does this mean that China (Somali Islamists) has won the unofficial 3rd party war with USA (Ethiopia) for control of Somalia's massive and un-tapped oil reserves?

Civil Liberties:

Private firm may track all UK email and calls

CCTV used to 'spy' on pupils in schools

Automatic speed-limiting devices should be fitted to cars, says report
The Historian - Oh and by the way the same technology will also monitor everywhere you go in your car, always. But Big Brother care's.....

Russia restricts jury trials for treason, terror

UK ‘Spy-in-sky’ gets go-ahead despite Government promise to scrap road-pricing plan

Now British Banks Jump On The Big Brother Bandwagon

Muslim family thrown off US jet for 'remarks'

Hundreds of children's details added to UK Government database every day

Teams of 'litter officers' film residents in case they drop litter

UK Police Community Support Officers solve less than one crime every four years
The Historian - However in the case of a "national emergency" they will be issued with firearms and have full powers of arrest (and even more worryingly so will Traffic Wardens)

2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved

Eco-town proposals receive fresh blow

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us
The Historian - By an amazing coincidence this 'secret' report has been made public now, rather helpfully strengthening the hand of the soon to be incoming President Obama (or as his worshipers should call him O-baaaaa-ma) to introduce ludicrous policies to 'fight climate change' when, in fact, human-generated carbon emissions are not affecting the climate - the culprit is primarily the source of all our heat and light, THE SUN, as the Pentagon well knows.

EPA 'Cow Tax' Could Charge $175 per Dairy Cow to Curb Greenhouse Gases

Northern Irish Environment Minister: I still think man-made climate change is a con

Global warming: Reasons why it might not actually exist

Climate scientists: it's time for 'Plan B'
The Historian - What's the betting that "Plan B" involves a massive increase in funding for "scientific research", "radical policies" that will further impoverish the poorest billions of the world's population, and generally stand at the waters edge like King Canute ordering the tide to stop.

2008 Ends Spotless and with 266 Spotless Days, the #2 Least Active Year Since 1900, Portends Cooling

Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

How to opt out of the system

Yellowstone Earthquakes Raise Fears
The Historian - Yellowstone is the largest volcano on earth. If it blows in the first minute more so called "greenhouse gases" will be released into the upper atmosphere than man has been able to put out in the last 500 years., plus tones of debris - the likely effect will be an new ice age

Finance & Economics:
Obama economic plan to cost between 675 and 775 bln
The Historian - Yeah sure, we've got a bit more to spare after the $8.5 trillion of taxpayers money already handed out to the poor old corporations.

U.S. In Depression, Not Recession

UK on brink of second bailout for banks

Crude Oil Rises as Israeli Attacks on Gaza Roil Middle East

Veterans of ’90s Bailout Hope for Profit in New One

Employment & Dollar Collapse is Coming
The Historian - The plan always has been to devalue the dollar so to "persuade" the American people to adopt the NAFTA currency union, the Amero. All the while the US & EU is asset stripped (through "bailouts") by the corporations as they relocate their focus to the future source of their wealth & power, the East.

Pound hits new low against euro
The Historian - Expect lots of articles and commentators suggesting ditching the pound for the Euro....exactly as planned in fact. Remember if you had told a German in 1990 that within a decade he would have ditched the DM to go into a currency union with the Greeks, Italians and Portuguese, what would he have said? Germany only adopted the plan due to the costs of unification. Just as the British & US populations will ditch their currencies because of the economic hardships that have been foisted on them by the same forces who want reduced democratic scrutiny and currency fluctuations upsetting profits.

Dollar Heads for Biggest Annual Drop Against Yen in Two Decades

US consumer confidence and home prices hit grim records

FTSE 100 facing worst ever year

Tokyo shares end 2008 42% lower

Commodity price movements 2008

Record stock market falls in 2008

Half of UK middle class home owners fear their properties could be repossessed next year
The Historian - Oh to be a bank eh? You can't lose. You own the game, you set the rules, and worse case scenario you get the assets back and/or get taxpayers to pay you directly through bailouts - result!

Average Briton Spends Over 2 Hours a Day Worrying About Depression

Decision to award bailout money to City National Bank probed,0,1154279.story

More money, less Gold to push gold price to $2000$2000-13796-3-1.html

U.S. Government Sanctioned Gold Price Manipulation

Corporate and Government Policies Spark Food Crisis in America

Chrysler gets $4bn emergency loan

Private equity group buying IndyMac assets
The Historian - There are great bargains to be had by those who manipulated this crash in the first place - the private banks that own the US Federal Reserve & the Bank Of England

U.S. governors seek $1 trillion federal assistance

U.S. Debt Expected To Soar This Year

Let students take drugs to boost brainpower, says leading academic
The Historian- What the ?!!!**!***??? As Glaxo & friends shareholders rub their hands with glee.....

Thiamine (vitamin B1) 'reverses kidney damage'

Too much beer, wine linked to cancer

China fish imports raise melamine fears

Report Shows Long Term Use of Cell Phones Linked to Brain Tumors

Cholera deaths soar in Zimbabwe

Keep taking the fruit and veg: Vitamin pills do not reduce cancer risk

Additives used in bacon, ham and chicken 'could make cancers grow'

Test could offer lung cancer clue

Report Shows Long Term Use of Cell Phones Linked to Brain Tumors

Grape extract kills cancer cells

Marinating 'may cut cancer risk'

Pediatricians Demand Annual Flu Shots for Infants as Vaccine-Pushing Doctors Descend into Extremist Quackery

Early birth linked to depression

Chickenpox jab for all children and pregnant women
The Historian - Do you see a pattern yet?

TV Stunts Verbal Communication In Children

Science & Technology:
Scientists plan to ignite tiny man-made star

Cyborg cockroaches could power own electric 'brains'

Second Qantas jet strikes problems over WA,27574,24864822-2761,00.html
The Historian - I wonder if they will attribute this one to "someone switching on their mobile phone" and "definitely not" the top secret US Naval base that it was flying over which just happens to communicate with naval submarines worldwide.

'Magical' Gravity Wave Weapons No Threat, Panel Says
The Historian - Oh well if the Pentagon says its okay that's fine then.....

Obama Moves to Counter China With Pentagon-NASA Link

The War on Terror:
Restoration of Iraq's sovereignty
The Historian - "Sovereignty" is an interesting word. In its correct definition does it count if all your country's major assets and infrastructure have been "privatised" (taken) and are now owned by a foreign power which has an overwhelming and permanent military presence in your country?

Iraq signs foreign troops deals

Suicide car bomb in Afghanistan kills 14 primary school children

US to harness Afghan militias against Taliban
The Historian - In other words the old Roman tactic of divide & conquer

The Next War:
John Bolton: Gaza Conflict Could Lead To U.S. Attack On Iran (Fox News 31/12/08)

Iran on full alert in wake of Israeli raids

Suspected U.S. drones kill 7 in Pakistan

Five dead in suspected US missile strike in Pakistan

'Three dead' in Pakistan missile strike

Pakistan calls for calm with India

US, Ukraine risk irking Russia with strategic accord

Pakistan says no war with India, US leads diplomatic efforts

Pakistan urges India to resume dialogue, relocate troops

Pakistan: India moves troops toward shared border

No evidence Lashkar-e-Taiba responsible for Mumbai attack
The Historian - Was it therefore yet another U.S. and/or Israeli false flag operation? It is not as though neither have "form".

CIA, Mossad Infiltrated Muslim Organizations

North Korea may stage nuke test to tame Obama team: study

Suicide attack rocks SE Iran

US 'concerned' over Russia-Ukraine gas dispute

Quote of the Week:

"We have closed our eyes to the crimes committed worldwide by our representatives with our own money against our legacy to the world. Can we live with this failure of our leadership, not only domestically but globally? And personally, can we stand this contradiction?"
- Naomi Wolf, "Give Me Liberty"

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