Saturday, May 31, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 13

More important things have been happening in the world than Hillary v Obama (they represent the same agenda as McCain so it's hardly a choice). Many very significant events went virtually unreported. This is an attempt to redress the balance. This is no one sided, left or right rant. These aren't links to radical "conspiracy websites". This is all mainstream news.

Even if you only spend 15 minutes this week & just click through to the headlines, you will get a much broader view of what is really happening in this world of ours.

The World Food Crisis
UN warns about higher food costs
And yet Governments around the world are making it mandatory to have a proportion of all petrol coming from bio-fuels so to "combat global warming" (which they don't) and all the while tens of millions around the world get hungrier and hungrier,25197,23786266-11949,00.html
Push for ethanol hits grain supplies.
Bio-fuel production at the expense of wheat in Australia one of the main wheat producers in the world, thus further pushing up food prices. And guess what, not only is the bio-fuel sector subsidised by the Government (so "to combat global warming, blah, blah, blah"), but also they are the biggest corporate donor to the ruling party funds in the last year.
Food prices to stay high for a decade.
The question is how many will have to die until we stop growing bio-fuels

Health & Science:
Additive-free diet vital in reducing ADHD, says specialist.
Before you start pumping your kids full of drugs so to combat ADHD, perhaps you should first remove the all the food in their diet that contains additives. Stop & think. Why are so many more kids these days getting ADHD? YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Melbourne university drops charges against Paul Mees.
This is what can happen when a society "closes" and academics get punished for speaking out against the Government or other vested interests. And yet this wasn't some 3rd world banana republic, this is Australia. It doesn't take many high profile cases like this, or threats of funding withdrawals (see the Global Warming "debate") and all of a sudden resistance peters out.

Billions wasted on UN climate programme.
That's because it is a giant scam anyway. Where are the billions being spent on preventing real environmental destruction like the deforestation, the plastics in the oceans, the mercury in our rivers and the collapse in bee populations on the back of GM crop introductions?
As gas goes up, driving goes down.
One positive side of the rise in the cost of petrol. Don't get me wrong, I like the personal freedom that cars bring, however perhaps this will be the tipping point that will "encourage" car manufacturers to dust off the plans for the non-polluting (and I'm not talking CO2 here, I'm talking about all the other noxious stuff) Hydrogen powered and Electric cars that they've kept on the shelf for decades.
31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda.
US academics who are prepared to stand up against the McCarthyism that is the man made global warming "debate". Irrespective of who is right or who is wrong as soon as you are told "the debate is now closed" as the (politically motivated) UN commission did last year you have to start questioning.
Genetically Engineered Sugar to Hit U.S. in 2008
Enough said really.
Brown expands nuclear ambitions
Problem, reaction, solution at work. Would any politician be able to sell the concept of nuclear power being a great idea these days if it wasn't for "global warming"? Ask yourself who is making the money here? Are they doing this for altruistic reasons?
Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry 'carbon ration cards', say MPs
Problem, reaction, solution at work part 2. And you know the best part of this. The cards with be chipped so that your every movement will be tracked. I wonder if you will get charged for the hot air balloons worth of CO2 you emit each year by breathing? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Politics & Democracy:
Government put tax over health on smoking: records
For those of you who don't believe that Governments would lie to you, or do what is in their own or corporate best interests. It has happened many, many times before throughout history. Do you really think that they wouldn't do something like that now?
Tony Blair is barracked over Iraq by students at Yale University
Poor Tony. What a shame. Thank goodness he's taken up a religion that absolves him of all his many, many sins.
South America nations found union This is part of the plan for a centrally-controlled American Union, a mirror of the European Union, that will span the whole of the Americas. This South American Union is designed to eventually fuse with the North American Union (NAFTA) that is also a long way down the road to being introduced, along with its currency the Amero (see Finance & Economics).
The Task of Unifying the World Mind UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy Part 2
UNESCO's mission is to prepare the way for one world Government. An interesting thesis, and as usual if you don't trust the source, reference the paper entitled UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy (1946) yourself. An interesting side note being that Sir Julian Huxley was the brother of Aldous Huxley the author of "A brave New World" - mealtime conversation at the Huxley house must have been interesting.
European Parliament to ban Eurosceptic groups
Democracy in action European style. If there is someone who is opposed to the grand plan ostracize them, squeeze them and best of all cut their supply to all that lovely EU money. They'll come around quick enough. That goes for MEP's just as much as the Irish.
Australian police investigate cabinet leak
Yet another case of the police in Australia investigating public servants for leaks. This form of intimidation will close down information and dissent, just as is beginning to happen in the higher education sector (see Education). READ "THE TEN STEPS TO A CLOSED SOCIETY" below.
Tony Blair on mission to unite religions
You couldn't make it up could you? A mass murderer setting up a "faith foundation". If you read the full speech he references its mission is "globalisation" and "one world government" on a number of occasions. When it happens, don't say you were never told.

Taser studies flawed, epidemiologist says
Independent expert says Tasers are very bad news, that studies have been flawed, but that "the genie is now out of the bottle"
Robot + Super Gun = 'Crowd Control'
And I thought last weeks Taser Riot Shield was bad news for the future of peaceful protest. The "ultimate in crowd control" according to its makers. RoboCop would be very envious of this Cop's firepower.
Skynet military launch postponed
Does anyone else not see the dark irony of calling technology that will control un-manned killing machines "Skynet" (if not watch the Terminator movies)

Civil Liberties:
On 'human rights,' the Bard has it right
Freedom of speech disappears in Canada step by step too.

International Relations:
Peacekeepers 'abusing children'
There is something seriously wrong with human "civilisation" when this kind of stuff happens
Britain to scrap all cluster bombs: PM
A move in the right direction. You have to wonder how much sooner it would have come had Princess Diana kept up her anti-land mine campaign before she so conveniently died? Unfortunately the worlds top 3 exporters of cluster bombs (USA, Russia & France) aren’t going to sign so they will still be killing and maiming the innocent for many years to come yet. (SEE PICTURE OF THE WEEK BELOW)

Finance & Economics:
US gives approval for GCC to drop dollar pegs, Merrill Lynch
Time to take your investments out of the US dollar. This will lead to a further weakening of the greenback, and may contribute to a large scale abandonment of it for FX reserves. All part of the agenda that will lead to the NAFTA Amero currency coming into being. Interestingly enough the Kuwait Investment Authority invested $6.6 billion into Merrill Lynch a few weeks ago, so Merrill Lynch's information is very much from the inside.

The War on Terror:
Iraq 'stepping back from abyss'
Bearing in mind this country is sitting on the biggest oil reserves in the world (which is pretty valuable the way things currently are), do you think they'd be $64 billion in debt (YES $64 billion, as opposed to the $1.2 billion given to aid agencies this week to combat the World Food Crisis) if we hadn't bombed the bejesus out of them, charged them for the privilege and then stolen their oil?
No new evidence of al Qaeda threat despite report: U.S
If there is no threat you could always invent one...wait a second that's what the CIA did in the 80's when they coined the name "Al Qaeda" and then started funding some Islamic radicals fight against the Russians.
Ex-spokesman says Bush used propaganda on Iraq
Bush (& Blair) wasn't "open and forthright" over Iraq? Really! You don't say?
Post-traumatic stress soars in U.S. troops
More of the true cost of the project to steal Iraq’s oil (now the biggest reserves in the World – see last weeks edition)

The Next War:
Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August'
The Asia Times is reporting that it has been briefed that bombing of Iran will commence in August....low & behold at the same time as the whole world is distracted by the Olympics just as we have been predicting since edition number 1
Iran 'withholds nuclear details'
It’s like déjà vu this isn’t it? Remember Iraq in 2002? Are you ready for another war? What will you do to try to stop it?
Israel 'has 150 nuclear weapons'
How come the UN doesn’t demand Israel (or for that matter UK, US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan or France) hand over the secrets of they weapons of mass destruction? Other than they already have them and they don't have any oil to steal obviously.

Quotation of the week:

"The climate grew rapidly warmer around ten thousand years ago (8000BC). The postglacial climate was drier than today, and it was not until the mid-sixth millennium (around 5500BC) that conditions began to grow markedly wetter....Today it is slightly drier."

Dr Francis Pryor, Britain BC - showing that rapid climate change isn't exactly something that has never happened before

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 12

For once most the world's media actually focused on real news stories this week coming from Burma & China. However they still spent plenty of time talking about the Indiana Jones movie premiere and the Champions League Final. All the while other major events went virtually unreported. Here are just some of them:

The World Food Crisis

Ethiopian millions 'risk hunger'
Instead of paying for the Ethiopians to invade Somalia on their behalf, why don’t the American’s instead help pay of their massive debts to 1st world countries (mainly incurred to buy arms) so that they can afford to feed their population?

SA leader orders army to deploy
Though this is partly caused by the chaos in Zimbabwe it's main trigger has been the massive rises in food prices & the hunger and concern that has created turning men against his fellow man.

Food imports 'to top $1 trillion'
The vast economic cost of the world food crisis, and as usual it is the poorest that will bear the brunt

Health & Science:

First-ever government review of fluoride/thyroid toxicology shows risk .
First-ever government review of fluoride/thyroid toxicology confirms risk - go figure, putting an industrial waste product into the water supply could be dangerous to health (not balance sheets)

Mobile phone danger to unborn child: Use could cause behavioural problems
Future generations will look back our love of radio receivers constantly blasting our heads with incredulity.

Mobile phone danger to unborn child: Use could cause behavioural problems
I think what they meant to say is it "is an emergency move to tackle falling profits". Since the MMR "scare" one child in the UK has died of measles, and they were living in squalid conditions on gypsy camp and had many other health issues. It is not a fatal illness except to those with very compromised nutrition and immune systems already. In the same period thousands of children who have had the jabs have been diagnosed as autistic.

'Asbestos warning' on nanotubes
Nano technology may not be the great leap forward that it is being marketed as


16% of US science teachers are creationists
Excellent. Hundred’s of years after “The Enlightenment” we are still teaching children bronze age religious dogma over scientific investigation and reason.


The world's rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan
As we've reported on a number of previous occasions, this is real man-made environmental destruction on a global scale that will, as the plastics break down at the molecular level and enter the food chain, effect us all. And unfortunately it is not just a problem in the pacific, but in all the worlds oceans.

Tim Flannery's radical climate change 'solution',23599,23724412-2,00.html
Here is Australia's most famous scientist coming up with a "solution" to a "man-made" problem that doesn't exist anyway. Funnily enough a/ he has very strong links to the government, b/ he has very strong links to the nuclear industry, c/ this is the country that destroyed a large part of its eco-system by introducing the cane toad, rabbits, foxes, etc d/ this was essentially the plot of the film Highlander 2, from 1991 and it was deemed a very stupid idea then too!

Labor's green cred thrown into doubt,25197,23711627-11949,00.html
Irrespective of whether "it's all CO2's fault" surely investing in genuine renewable energy sources is a good idea from a practical level (look at Iceland as a case in point). Funnily enough politicians are good at talking green, but when it comes to parting with cash (except to their friends in the nuclear industry) things become very different.

Anger over climate change loans
And another case of political immorality (and showing it's true colours) when it comes to "helping the 3rd world" deal with climate change....yes make them even more in debt to us than they already were.

Persistent loss of bees having sour effect on economy
Another major environmental disaster that is unfolding, largely unreported, before our eyes (and possibly caused by GM crops - see previous issues). No bees = No pollination = No Food

Warmer planet may mean fewer Atlantic hurricanes
Another inconvenient truth about global climate change and the guilt trip of the “disaster that we have caused”. As it has been forever on this planet climate is always changing. Sometimes the effects are benign, sometimes they are not. Some species will thrive, some will die out.

Politics & Democracy:

EU treaty opponents eye Irish vote
The future of European democracy depends upon how Ireland votes. However as the EU bureaucrats know, the people can vote no as many times as they like. They only need vote yes once and the next phase of the project will be complete (as can be seen by the second referendum on Masstricht Treaty which the Irish originally got "wrong" and so were told to vote again to get the "right" answer. Democracy, EU style.

Balkenende to Meet Bush in Washington
Bilderberg Group to meet in the USA in June?


Laser Gunship Blasts Beams, Preps for '08 Flight Test
The military holy grail. A destructive weapon that only kills people and doesn't damage much surrounding "collateral"

Civil Liberties:

Why the police now have to ask teenage muggers: 'Do you eat chips?
The British Big Brother state creeps ever closer

Big Brother’ database for phones and e-mails
Can you hear your privacy and civil liberties just tip toeing away? All off the back on an EU directive.

In preparation for the Republican National Convention, the FBI is soliciting informants to keep tabs on local protest groups
The ten steps to a closed society. Number 5 - Infiltrate citizens groups

Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology 'cult' Say goodbye to freedom of speech Britain. A 15 year old to be prosecuted for calling a cult “a cult”. These are the corrupt practices that lead to this ridiculous act How the Scientologists woo City police

International Relations:

Mugabe regime 'gets arms', accused of murder plot
While the world rightly looks on with sympathy at the plight of the Chinese people this week, its government happily sells arms to Mugabe so to make the plight of the Zimbabwean people a hell of a lot worse

Finance & Economics:

Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A.,25197,23040467-060,00,00.html
A very interesting hypothesis detailing the manipulative influence of a few big banks over world affairs in the last 200 years, and where it is all leading too (next step Iran, ultimately one world government),25197,23748409-5005200,00.html
As I have said before the goal is $200+ a barrel and that is coming sooner than you think. Now top economists are saying it too. Remember this will not all be cost of production. Most of it will ever bigger profits.

Iraq could have largest oil reserves in the world
What a result for the USA.......sorry I mean the Iraqi people

The War on Terror:

Habib 'vomited in Gitmo interrogation',25197,23735414-2702,00.html
Just some of the lovely techniques used to interrogate at Guantanamo
Even Texan's are beginning to question the use of torture by their Government

US strike 'kills Iraqi civilians'
Ooops. More collateral damage

The Next War:

US 'violated Venezuela airspace'
Maybe Iran isn’t next after-all and it’ll be their South American friend instead?

Israel 'would consider strike' amid fears over Iran's weapons programme
But the smart money is on Iran being next. And possibly the Israelis doing it on the American's behalf?

Quotation of the week:

"Finally, someone has to make a start. We only said and wrote what many people think. They just don't dare to express it"
Sophie Scholl (Member of the German "White Rose" resistance group. She was executed by the Nazi's in 1943)