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Edition 7 (19th April 2008)

Yes there are things happening in the world other than the Pope's visit to the USA and Australia's 2020 talkfest

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Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus a little added sarcasm):

The World Food Crisis Add them to the 1.3 billion Indians in last weeks article and that is a good proportion of the world's population is beginning to feel this And here's another billion to add to the queue I particularly like the last sentence "the problem could lead to trade imbalances that may eventually affect developed nations, so it is not only a humanitarian question". Oh well if it's not just a humanitarian issue that's different A good gesture, but unfortunately historically less than 1/2 of pledges by governments ever get handed over. Look at the Tsunami of 2005. Good PR with the voters though.

Health: Good on Canada. Shame it'll be back in products once the North American Union has eroded away Canada's sovereignty a bit more. I especially like the line "....industry-funded testing has been unable to confirm these findings" Well now there's a surprise! Institutionalised alienation of fathers from their children from day 1, which contributes to many social problems later on. Drug company plays fast & loose with the truth to make more profit! Surely not?,22049,23543399-5001021,00.html Early days with this story but after reading the previous article don't be too surprised if it is true. Go figure. You are what you eat. A brief summary on our friends in the pharmaceutical industry

Environment: So some species thrive when the climate changes? Preposterous! Oh, wait a second we did when the last ice age ended very rapidly during a period of global warming. Oh and polar bears are doing pretty well too despite what Al Gore said as he tugged at your heart strings Talking of Al Gore, this old greenhouse gas thing has turned into a right little money spinner for him via his VC investment fund (which incidentally he set up before he did that fictional film for which he became very popular) Another academic flushes his potential future funding down the toilet by articulately arguing against the "consensus"

International Relations:,25197,23547135-31477,00.html Yes, because Australia thought all that lovely oil & gas would be all theirs for the taking and know someone else wants to steal it Time to re-arm lads! But why is Greece the world's top arms importer? After a Turkey for Christmas?

Civil Liberties:,25197,23535343-2702,00.html Yeah, sure they are. Nothing to do with creating a population who are used to a surveillance society then. It's funny how the terror threat always rises every time a new draconian law is being pushed for? Stop bombing other people and they might stop seeing you as the enemy! Just in case you didn't think the above article was part of a concerted spin campaign to reduce your civil liberties. And this is what lengths the foot soldiers will take things too if common sense, democracy and reason are smothered by bureaucrats And another example from a different country Even before it becomes mandatory, it isn't difficult to get your DNA put onto the national database Just in case you thought the DNA database was only going to happen in Britain. You will all be on it soon if you aren't careful. And don't forget that DNA evidence is not incontrovertible. Miscarriages of justice on innocent people can and does still occur.

Focus on South America Shhhh, keep your voices down. You know what happens to countries that have oil and try to profit from it themselves. Defend South America from what? Oh yes from those countries that might want those newly discovered oil fields in Brazil and the existing ones in Venezuela A new 50% tax on foreign oil profits. You have to wonder why the Americans hate Chavez so much sometimes

Politics: Turkey's voting for Christmas? No it's the Irish voting (or not bothering in fact) for the end of Ireland and their democracy. A One World Government inches forward one more step.,25197,23539446-7583,00.html Unfortunately history shows us that the more likely outcome will not be the harmonious and peaceful one suggested. As can be seen by what is happening in Britain (& the US & across the EU) right now. As planned therefore the sheep (on both sides) turn on each other thus resulting in the "need" for greater "security" which will be duly imposed to the detriment of all of our civil liberties & democratic rights. Problem > Reaction > Solution.

Finance & Economics: One:Nil to the feminists. It is all men's fault apparently The quote `It's comparable to the peak levels of (early 1980s and early 1990s), but my guess it will be the worst since the 1930s when it's all over,'' is particularly concerning. Funnily enough the few banks that own (YES OWN) the US Federal Reserve always come out of these crises richer than ever.

The War on Terror: In Iraq democracy takes hold 5 years on And in Afghanistan too (talking of which have you noticed narcotic production has soared since we brought them democracy? Didn't the CIA have a nice little sideline in that once upon a time in a place called Vietnam?) Martial Law Training across three states in the US this week

The Next War: Next stop: Tehran. My bet, while everyone is watching the Olympics.

Quote of the week:
"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good" - Thomas Paine

Edition 6 (13th April 2008)

Yes there are things happening in the world other than The Olympic Torch's world tour showcasing Chinese civil liberties and Charles & Camilla's marriage.

Remember if you ever see any articles that you would like run in OYE News please do let us know (thanks this week to CM).

Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus a little added sarcasm):

The World Food Crisis
This may not be high profile news yet, but here are just 4 articles from a 2 day period, off just one news site. A major crisis that will effect us all is brewing, and will only be made worse by any spike in oil prices (war in Iran anyone?), the death of bees in the USA and Europe (see below) and the continued farce that is the growing of bio-fuels on arable land:

Health: The kids are unruly due to the unhealthy artificial cr*p we feed them. Pumping them full of drugs is not the solution....except for GSK & friends obviously. Whatever happened to good old fashioned fresh food eh? Ditto

Environment: Yet another reason why there is a world food crisis brewing. And funnily enough GM crops could be to blame. Go figure! Talking about our friends at Monsanto....their aggressive takeover of the worlds food supply continues apace.

Science: So the technology has been "developed" for us to use mobile in-flight now? Well how the hell did they all seem to work so well from planes back on 9/11?,9171,822408,00.html Little green men over Washington DC? The technology is now here to track your every single move (and every single possession you own too for that matter)

Civil Liberties: If even the New York Times recognises that "Web monitoring could be used to promote authoritarianism" then you know it is a serious issue. For anyone who has ever been threatened on a flight by someone brandishing a lipstick that has too much lead content! I could have sworn they weren't meant for this purpose, but what the hey! I wonder if he ever read "Brave New World"? See quote of the week.

Politics:,25197,23483093-12377,00.html A political assisination that you may not have previously heard of. Really? But I thought it was so much more secure from fraud from the old fashioned ballot box & pen method? Do you reckon they might have done it at previous "hi tech" elections too?

Finance & Economics: Amazing what you can afford when you take back your country's oil reserves from the foreigners - but its also about ensuring you can outpunch the local deputy sherrifs

The Next War: Early August while the world focus' on Beijing perhaps?

The War on Terror: Bringing democracy to Afghanistan Just in case you thought torture was only committed by the lower ranks under their own volition,8599,1729891,00.html But don't think things will improve even if a victim of torture becomes President. The agenda will keep driving on.

Quote of the week:
"There is of course no reason why the new totalitarians should resemble the old.....A really efficient totalitarisan state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude" - (forward to) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, writing in 1946.

Edition 5 (6th April 2008)

Yes there are things happening in the world other than Terminal 5 chaos and a Vegemite Shortage for ex-pat Aussies in London.

Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus a little added sarcasm):

Pesticide Parkinson's link strong
Might be safer to wear a gas mask while driving through the countryside

Medication 'worsens Alzheimer's'
Story Number 403 of Big Pharma doing what is best for profit not patients

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'
but they are so convenient though…….

Review raises questions over aspartame and brain health
Yet another reason why not to drink "diet" drinks

Menopause is evolution's way of solving the age-old tensions between wives and their mothers-in-law
Explains a lot (and not an April Fools joke either)

Labor resurrects Howard's uranium plan
The Australian Government slowly gives into the handful of industrialists who own Australia's uranium industry in a bid to save the planet – by creating pollution that will last tens of thousands of years

Food crisis being felt around world a crisis that will impact on us all is brewing, and all the while we use more & more land to grow biofuels. It is even more horrifying when you read this article from way back in 1996:
Kissinger's 1974 Plan forFood Control Genocide

GM seeds can 'last for 10 years' No, no there is nothing to fear from GM crops (or Monsanto owning the worlds food supply)

Global temperatures 'to decrease'
an inconvenient truth.
and yet another inconvenient truth. Implementing schemes to adapt to natural climate change (which has always happened) - this is common sense: Investing in a radical change to the structure of our society based on computer modelling is something only a politician could contemplate.

Boeing: Black's the new black for black-helicopter projects
Just in case you thought you would get advance warning by the sound of the helicopter when they come to take you away.

Civil Liberties:
Google adds US intelligence to its list of clients
Big brother is becoming net savvy

Military Report: Secretly 'Recruit or Hire Bloggers'
10 steps to fascism. Step number 5 – Infiltrate citizen groups. (The full 10 steps next week)

Immigration 'small benefit' to UK
It is funny that the same is happening in the US and most other major western countries. Are all the leaders incompetent or is there another agenda? Create social unrest, so to reduce your civil liberties further perhaps?

Blair urges bigger role for faith
Got the blood of a few hundred thousand people on your hands? Don't worry, join our group and not only will we absolve you of your sins against your fellow man, but you can go and pontificate to everyone else too.

Finance & Economics:
Batten down your (financial) hatches this could get very messy

Treasury’s Plan Would Give Fed Wide New Power
So let me see, your going to give the small cartel of privately owned banks that are the Federal Reserve, massive new (and un-democratic) powers over every company and sector in the economy? Oh that's ok then.

You Heard It Here First:
Dollar Heads for Biggest Weekly Drop Against Euro in a Month
At some point in the not too distant future the US $ will be at a level when a currency union with Canada & Mexico (stage 1 in the creation to NAFTA is already complete) will be saleable to the general public, and the Amero will be born. If you don't believe me look at the history of the Euro, and look at how NAFTA has mirrored that history at every stage, albeit a couple of decades later.

All eyes on Murdoch as daughter hosts fundraiser for Obama
Oh and Obama will win the US "election" you know how I know? Because Rupert Murdoch says so.

The Next War:
Seems fairly innocuous at first. Until you read the sub-text with the knowledge of Sun Tzu (see quote of the week). This is China saying to the US "Off you go lads, you can start bombing"

The War on Terror:
Rapists in the ranks,0,5399612.story
From the Army that brought you Abu Graib and Guantanamo, a rather shocking article about the abuse of women in the US armed forces

Quote of the week:
"If they are greedy, lure them"...."Use deception to throw them into confusion"..."Wait for them to become decadent and lazy"...."Seduce them with the prospect of gain"; The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Edition 4 (28th March 2008)

Yes there are things happening in the world other than the the French President's wife's clothes and Olympic Sports Trials.

Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus a little added sarcasm):

MMR doctor defends his research
Best way to stop anyone damaging industry profits? Have a witch hunt one anyone with the temerity to even question the way things currently are.

Call for delay to biofuels policy
Is someone of influence finally standing up to the immoral scam that is biofuels?

10 Million Tons Floating: Our Plastic Oceans This is the real environment crisis, especially as you will almost definately eat from this food chain. However everyone's "green conscience" is busy running round in circles as to whether man-made CO2 is more influential than the big shiny thing in the sky on the ever changing global climate (see quote of the week).

Warning on plastic's toxic threat and its not just in the North Pacific this is happening - it is happening in every ocean!

Prepare for the Worst, Because Solar Storms Are About to Get Ugly Don't bother asking for a sat-nav on your next birthday or Christmas present list

Civil Liberties:
Privacy alarm over fingerprinting at Heathrow's fifth terminal
A police state doesn't come into being overnight. Historically it comes drip, by drip, by drip.

DNA test ‘puts innocent at risk’ of convictions
An article for anyone in the "Well I've got nothing to fear from a survellence society" brigade - there are plenty of them out there

Teachers reject 'Army propaganda'
An interesting follow up from last weeks report about the re-writing of history in British schools.

Finance & Economics:
Silverstein WTC insurance payout
Only got an insurance payout of $4.6 billion? (as if that isn’t motive enough to do something dodgy) Don’t worry, this is America – sue the airlines too & you’ll get even more.

International Diplomacy:
Paramilitaries open fire on hundreds of monks and nuns at Tibet rally Look if you make all the world's consumer goods then hey who's going to critisize what you do to some unarmed nuns & monks?

The War on Terror:
US military Iraq toll hits 4,000
No mention of the 100,000+ civilians who have died, but they haven't been counted (at all) as they are just "collateral damage"apparently

Over 70,000 deaths, and over 1 million disabilities among American soldiers attributed to Iraq Wars says U.S. government data
If this article is even vaguely right, the true cost of the Iraq War is actually even more unpaletable.

Quote of the week:
"The history of Britain & Europe over the last 700,000 years is littered with rapid and severe climate changes, when apparently settled plant, animal and human communities were swept away in periods as short as ten years - much less than a human lifespan."
- Homo Britannicus by Chris Stringer (leader of the London Natural History Museum's Department of Palaeontology's research into human origins)

Edition 3 (22nd March 2008)

Yes there are things happening in the world other than the McCartney Divorce and Chocolate Egg consumption.
Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus a little added sarcasm):

Study finds 98% of child drug trials lack independent safety checks
But what they hey lets pump them full of injections anyway, it's great for the P&L account

Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter
Pharma companies don’t disclose all adverse effects – shock!

Stressed parents 'make kids ill'

How Cellphone Radiation Affects Your Cells
Are we going to look back in years to come at our use of mobile phones in the way that we currently look back at smoking?

Coca-Cola drops artificial sweetener from Coke Zero
In trouble with a Government over an additive that has cancer causing properties? Don’t worry! Just replace it with two different additives with cancer causing properties. Sorted!

Does Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight?
Does Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight? Yes, it does – as evidenced in last weeks edition too

Depleted uranium turns earthworms into glowworms
Just imagine what it'll be doing to the children of Iraq for the next 10,000 years

Methane found on distant world
Is there other life out there?

Iraq: teachers told to rewrite history
First rule of fascism. Re-write the history being taught - and especially don't tell the children about the tens of thousands of people who have been killed in their name. Goebbels would have been impressed.

Finance & Economics
Bear Stearns exposed as a bank saddled with toxic sub-prime debt
Is it time to put all your savings either under the mattress or into gold?

US Congress scrutinises bailout of Bear Stearns
History repeats itself. In 1929 the big banks swallowed up the little ones after the federal reserve let them get over-extended. Now remind me, who owns the federal reserve? (clue - it's not the US government. Research it yourself. Its is revealing)

Millions marking spring festival
people buy presents and special foods, observe specific rituals, and visit friends and family. Sounds just like Easter really - but without the chocolate and fertility (rabbits) symbolism

Civil Liberties:
DNA database plans for children who 'could become criminals'
Not so much Thought-crime, and more like DNA-crime or Future-Crime. Charming.

MI5 seeks powers to trawl records in new terror hunt
big brother is watching YOU!

Nick Bryant's Australia
Western Australia is the place to be!

The War on Terror
Bleak picture of Iraq conditions
- as Dubya said back in 2003 “Job done!”. In other words create chaos, turn the people against one & other, and then re-appropriate what is of value to them (oil). It’s great to see that “civilization” has come so far since it was conceived 10,000 years back in what is now Iraq.
- Dubya, “The world is a safer place now” – Orwellian doublespeak methinks

The next war......
Israel to hold massive emergency drill
It is funny how security drills that exactly mirrored the actual events were being simulated on 9/11 and 7/7. Might be safe to mark April 6th in the calendar just in case. (listen to this taped BBC interview from 7/7 that I heard live on Radio 5 at the time )

Advert of the week:
- brave of MTV really - will you see it many times before the Viacom Corporation stops it being broadcast?

Quote of the week:
"Even later in the game (the slow tiptoe shift towards fascism), violent dicatorships keep many of the trappings of a civil society. It is a point of pride to do so. What they do not have - and everyone who works in the press, the judiciary, the universities, the electoral system, and so on, understands the rules about this - is freedom"
- Naomi Wolf, The End of America

Edition 2 (15th March 2008)

Yes there are things happening in the world other than Britney Spears and Football. Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus a little added sarcasm)

Growing concern over safety of cellphones for children
Maybe it isn't actually good to talk afterall?

Fluride dangerous for your health
So muich for simple old H2O. If only the green movement concentrated its efforts on what we drink as opposed to the gas that we all exhale

City Lawmakers Find 'Alarming' Report of Drugs in Water
The only problem is that it will be happening to your water supply too.

Gulf War illness 'chemical link'
Hey ho that was 17 years ago. The latest Gulf War troops will have this plus the short term effects of depleted uranium exposure that we have left for the Iraqis to live with for the next 10,000 years.

One Woman's Astonishing Experiment With Aspartame
Have you ever wondered why fat people whoi drink diet coke keep getting fatter? Now you know. Probably best to stick with the sugar flavoured battery acid version of Coke.

Interesting fact of the week:
The Chairman of the company that first developed Aspartame was our old friend Donald "Purveyor of Chemical Weapons to Sadaam" Rumsfeld! What a small world it is.

Prison for parents who don't vaccinate
Moral dilema of the week. Does the state have the right to imprison parents who don't want they children to be injected with drugs laced with mercury (a great preservative...not so great for the human body)?

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed
Oops that kind of news will do profits no good at all. Remember the good old days when you only had a handful of vaccinations before adulthood?

Autism payout reignites vaccine controversy

Autism payout reignites vaccine controversy
The Pole Shift Data Collection Project
One theory is that simply North will become South when it happens. The more radical theory is that the earth will start spinning in the opposite direction. You might want to be up a very tall mountain or have a surf board that day!

Honey bees whiped out in 10 years
No bees = no plants being pollinated = big problems (unless those lovely people at Monsanto come up with a "solution")

Embarrassingly Stupid Americans -- One in Five Believes Sun Revolves Around Earth
Well the Roman's had it understood 2 millenia ago. Give the masses Bread & Circuses and keep them uneducated and they'll do as you wish and won't cause any problems. Nowadays it is Supermarkets and Reality TV. Boy we've learnt so much.

The War on Terror
Yemeni describes CIA secret jails
Look if Jack Bauer gets results from torture in 24 then it must work mustn't it?

Pentagon Report on Saddam's Iraq Censored?
Now ain't that embarressing? Wasn't this wonderful war to get back the chemical weapons that we'd sold him (which we'd already taken back), and because he was friends with nasty old Al'Q?

Iraq war price tag reaches three trillion US dollars
Now I'm no accountant but three trillion dollars seems a tad poor investment of money simply to steal anothers country's oil and kill a few hundred thousand of its people (sorry I mean collateral damage not people)

The next war ......
Pentagon denies Iran policy shift
How damn inconsiderate not wanting to start WW3 before the end of Dubya's term in office - smart money is on August, during the Olympics.

Edition 1 (7th March 2008)

News items from the last week from radical websites like the BBC & the New York Times (plus a little added sarcasm)

White House denies Bush stifling dissent on Iran
Remember when oil was $10 a barrell back before 9/11, and now it's $110 pb......just imagine how high the price (profits) will be after we go to war in Iran

Top Iraq contractor skirts US taxes offshore
do you reckon the IRS will chase them? Sure they will. War, huh! What is it good for? (other than profit obviously)

Parents' fury after police blast schoolgirls as young as 13 with CS gas to break up school fight
conditioning children for the future?

Why cash is doomed
I know let’s have a microchip inserted into ourselves that would be so much more convenient than carrying cash

MPs consider fallout from EU vote
The end of British democracy?

"Brain Reading" Device Can Predict What People See
- not scary in any way

Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50
another reason not to eat Chinese food…or in fact most pre-processed food for that matter

NHS Confidentiality campaign
Its all perfectly secure, there’s nothing to worry about (unlike with the UK Child Benefit database etc)

MSNBC Reporter: "I hope there a secret prison for all 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists
Ok now I’m scared....

Glaxo escapes prosecution on Seroxat disclosure

More families are shunning Immunizations

How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
Big pharma has only your best interests at heart really… long as you are a shareholder

UN warns on food price inflation
What a quandry - we must grow biofuels to combat CO2, even if the benefit of them is negligable, but CO2 causes global warming, something that has never happened before and is nothing to do with the sun what if millions starve?