Saturday, December 13, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 41

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Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War
Stories of the week:
Nearly 1 billion people are starving, UN food agency says (Daily Telegraph - UK)
And now for a world government (The Financial Times)
Perth protestors rally against internet censorship (The West Australian)
Rumsfeld linked to Abu Ghraib abuse (Reuters)
Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate (Science Daily)
Bush relaxes wildlife law limits (BBC)
Plastic is polluting our oceans to a terrifying degree (Edmonton Sun)
Federal Reserve Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion (Bloomberg)
US arms sales- $32b in 2008 (The Times of India)
US Dollar Devaluation To Fix The Great Recession (Forbes)
Poor Families in Third World Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12 Babies Die (Natural News)
Iraq in midst of ‘agricultural disaster’ (The National - Dubai)

Civil Liberties:
Perth protestors rally against internet censorship
I am proud to say that attended and said a few words to the crowd. Next time we need 10 times that number to make the effort however.

Telstra says no to ISP censorship pilot,,24768352-2702,00.html
however Optus are taking part......

De Menezes jury damns police 'cover-up' and rejects officers' claims that they shouted a warning before firing

September 11 families denounce Guantanamo trials

Last week, a dear friend of the UK's freedom was laid to rest

UK DNA database court ruling - and 857,000 records must be now wiped clear
Yeah, sure they will.

Arresting MP’s and nationalising banks happen in dictatorships not Britain surely?

Committee to investigate MP arrest

Australia looking into anti-torture legislation,,24778104-2702,00.html

How the government plans to record intimate information on every child in Britain

UK runs 'Guantanamo camps', says detainees

'Back door' amnesty for 180,000 asylum seekers who slipped through the net
The planned back-lash against immigrants across the Western World is getting closer, and stoked up more and more each day. When it happens a further excuse for authoritarian clampdowns will be a reality. Problem > Reaction > Solution (for explanation scroll down)

Your complaint will be resolved – by force-feeding you drugs

Rumsfeld linked to Abu Ghraib abuse

UK support for identity cards falls

Stop the music torture, rock bands tell U.S. military

Mind-reading' software could record your dreams (or your thoughts)

Mexico to fingerprint mobile-phone owners

Spying on pacifists, environmentalists and nuns,0,1237214.story
The Ten Steps to a Closed Society - Number 5. Infiltrate Citizens' Groups (full list below)

Should Australian police have Tasers? Poll,25197,22073824-5013404,00.html
Taser Corp's PR agency earns their money

Defence Department admission it lied to Parliament over Habib rendition,25197,24792756-31477,00.html

Most Britons think UK is turning into police state$1254029.htm

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Nearly 1 billion people are starving, UN food agency says

And now for a world government
and a few hours later, presumably after being hauled over the coals this appeared

Canadian PM wins suspension of Parliament

Canada's Harper Bushier than Bush

Sudan build-up in oil-rich state

Un-manned drones to patrol part of border with Canada

Clinton builds loyalist empire

Irish to vote (again) on EU treaty again as experts warn Britain could be signed up within a year

Irish ready to hold new EU vote

EU leaders agree on 'bribes' to convince Irish voters to vote yes to Treaty at second referendum

Are the Greek riots a taste of things to come? Yes

Sun's Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate: Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations
An inconvenient truth?

Bottom drops out of recycling industry
all that recycling you have been doing over the years has been driven not by our collective conscience, but by the profit motive. Now expect landfills to be doing great work no matter how you sort your waste out for collection.

Bush relaxes wildlife law limits

Canada's 'dirty oil' challenge

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley Buy Into Carbon Offsets
Carbon trading is a scam. Until you realise that they will keep making billions out of your green guilt,

Science paves way for climate lawsuits
Another scam / witch hunt

Houston ties earliest snowfall record
all man's fault apparently. Nothing to do with the sun

Britain shivers through coldest start to winter for 30 years

Plastic is polluting our oceans to a terrifying degree

UK promises £100m to help reduce tropical deforestation
Unfortunately statistically only 1/3rd of such pledges ever gets handed over

Finance & Economics:

Federal Reserve Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

US arms sales- $32b in 2008 - undermine global human rights: Study

Obama vows strong new financial regulations
yes, he’ll give all the recent recipients of trillions of taxpayers money a good smack to teach them a lesson

Eight really scary predictions (from the man who predicted the credit crunch)

Dollar Devaluation To Fix The Great Recession
As I have been warning this has always been the game plan. This massive devaluation will then lead to the US joining its NAFTA fellows in creating the AMERO currency union.

Obama to Borrow China’s Wealth, Clout in Effort to Steady World

Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes

How to unplug from the electricity grid

Massive riots in Greek cities – banks amongst those targeted

Anger as government threatens to sue HBOS merger challengers

Bank of America to cut up to 35,000 jobs
It’s lucky those bailout billions paid the Directors bonuses before this happened isn’t it?

US Auto bailout fails
Of course once more people lose their jobs and the markets plummet I'm sure those reluctant senators will be "persuaded" to hand over yet more taxpayers billions

Goldman Sachs predicts fall in oil prices to $45 a barrel
And then a rise to $200+ once the bombs start dropping on Tehran

Iceland’s Meltdown

Treasury Bills Trade at Negative Rates as Haven Demand Surges

$385bn to halt Japan downturn,25197,24792868-2703,00.html

Poor Families in Third World Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12 Babies Die

Irish pork recalled in contamination scare

Daily nuts may help boost health

Fertility drugs increase cancer risk

More than 10% of US kids use alternative treatments

Statin drugs cause eye disorders

Chemical Used on Crops could Make You Fat

Fluoride gets green light in Gold Coast
Another victory for the corporations who profit from poisoning the water supply with their industrial waste

Science & Technology:
Scientists get closer to creating artificial life: study
Just as Huxley warned in "A Brave New World"

How to stop creationism gaining a hold in Islam

Pope speaks out against greedy money-men who sparked credit crisis
Remind me who is official head of the Vatican Bank and one of the biggest property & land holding organisations in the world?

Assisted suicide broadcast on TV

Aboriginal kids 'risk losing identity',,24764268-2702,00.html
the loss of 60,000 years of cultural knowledge will be to the detriment to all mankind

Traditional subjects go in schools shake-up
the dumming down of the British continues. I mean why would you need to know anything about something as irrelevant as history? It is not as though we can learn from it or anything.

The UK 'ministry of truth' censors children’s dictionary

The War on Terror:
Pentagon preparing for Afghan surge

Pentagon approves Iraq sales worth up to $6 billion

Taliban in 72 percent of Afghanistan, think-tank says
let’s look at the track record of all those who have invaded Afghanistan since Alexander the great. Mongols (lost), Persians (lost) British (lost), Russians (lost). All this for an oil pipeline that incidentally needs to then go through Pakistan..........

Iraqi restaurant blast kills 50

Babylon's history swept away in US army sandbags

Iraq in midst of ‘agricultural disaster’

Blackwater soldiers 'machine-gunned Iraqis as they tried to surrender'

Taleban tax: allied supply convoys pay their enemies for safe passage

The Next War:
US Nuke umbrella for Israel

NATO jets shadow Russian bombers over North Sea

Russia's 2nd military drill in the USA's "backyard"

Thousands Call For Peace In India

Obama's nuclear remark was 'cowboy' talk: Tehran

Israel's Netanyahu upbeat on Obama plans for Iran

Quote of the Week:

"Yes, the situation is dire. But history shows that when an army of citizens, supported by even a vestige of civil society, believes in power on earth can ultimately suppress them"
- Naomi Wolf, "Give Me Liberty"

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