Saturday, May 3, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 9

Yes there are things happening in the world other than Boris winning the London Mayoral Race and Austrian sickos

Some interesting articles from the mainstream media over the last week (plus perhaps a little added sarcasm):

The World Food Crisis Just to add to last weeks list of India, China, USA and another 100 million people, this time in Japan. Are you getting worried yet? Just compare that to the cost of stealing Iraq's oil. It won't even cover the increased cost of food that NGO's buy for aid. environmentalism.htm Eugenics. Is this the real reason behind the perfect storm of circumstances that are coming together to cause this unfolding humanitarian disaster - at the end of the day who else would be influential enough? Or is it all just bad luck?

Health & Science: Reason number 426 why not to consume "Diet" products. And don't forget it all started with Donald Rumsfeld, and Coke were against it on medical grounds! (see OYE edition 2) How to upset a few billion people. Have you ever wondered why autism rates have risen SIXTY fold (yes you read that right) since the 1970's?

Environment: Here we go again. Global warming is going into reverse which therefore "proves" it is going to get hotter because of us? Confused? That's the intention. Would it not be morally better if we in the West stopped acting like King Canute and invested real money into solving the 3rd Worlds many issues, rather than wasting millions and millions on creating complex carbon trading schemes that will do nothing other than line the pockets of the Taxman, Lawyers and Accountants? So lets get this straight. The massive volumes of CO2 spewed by Volcanoes is removed from the air over time by rock weathering, but the far, far smaller human emissions (including you breathing) isn’t? And yet one large eruption, like Krakatoa, puts out more CO2 than humans have managed in a lifetime. – CO2 is, if you’ll excuse the pun, a smokescreen to divert your gaze from the very serious man made pollution that is happening such as plastics in the ocean, mercury in the water table, pesticides, GM crops etc. Oh and it is morally reprehensible to pollute the planet for tens of thousands of years. (A REAL GREEN ISSUE) At last some attention is being brought to this massive man-made pollution. It is many times worse in Iraq where the volume of munitions used, and the population density effectively is going to create a genocide of the Iraqi that will linger for thousands of years. An in depth article on the real man-made catastrophe unfolding in Iraq & Afghanistan

Politics & Democracy: UK elections are vulnerable to large scale fraud – exactly what I have been saying for years. Being hi-tech doesn't improve democracy it removes it. Isn't it strange that the same family is also bank rolling Obama's campaign too? (along with the Rockefeller's) Yet another example of a political "thorn in the side" dying after predicting (in this case in a radio interview in 2007) that they would probably be bumped off in exactly the way that eventuated (other co-incidence examples include Princess Diana, Vince Foster & David Kelly)

International Relations: 1st rule of international relations. Never let common humanity stand in the way of making a quick buck

Civil Liberties: Yeah, Taser's are great. Let's have a party. The not so pleasant reality of what can happen when you get Tasered. Amnesty International figures say that there have been 270 deaths from 2001 to 2005 occurred after the individual was jolted by a Taser (which delivers a 50,000-volt shock). The way that the CIA can breach international law on torture. Government Lawyers - don't you just love 'em? The screw tightens another notch? You do have to worry when lawyers who argue for their clients and get prosecuted as a result. It could become very difficult to get legal help in the future for "politically sensitive" crimes, if this guy ends up in prison. Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007 - What a fantastic piece of Orwellian doublespeak,,23631876-2702,00.html Suppression of a free press and investigative journalism. The screw turns yet another notch. The 10 steps - numbers 6 & 7. If you were a journalist who wanted to say things against the "Forces of Good", would you be brave enough?

Finance & Economics: Just imagine how good profits will be at $200 per barrel. Now there's an incentive to manipulate things. Another $10 billion in the bank. That'll do nicely. Do we mind if prices go up further? Hell no! As we have been warning for a long while. This has always been the a key part of game plan of creating instability in Iraq. Just wait to see the price/profits soar when we start bombing Iran. Do you remember $20 a barrel before 9/11? Tough times (for shareholders) Look at it this way. The bank is the spider, you are the fly. And you (especially if you are Gen Y) are getting more & more entangled in its web every day. Yeah sure they do. A great bit of "Banks - aren't they cute & cuddly really" PR. Interestingly however it does strongly reference 2012. There are many who believe that that will be the year when everything that is happening now will come to a head. Who’d have thought it? A major corporation “lacking transparency” for its own self interest.

The War on Terror: The biggest heist in history? $10 billion and rising. And that’s not to mention the tones of gold that went “missing” when the WTC collapsed onto the main US Gold Reserve (Fort Knox is for the tourists) Western values on female emancipation taking hold in democratic Iraq? Guilty until proven innocent - or driven mad Divide and rule in action. All the time you steal their natural resources, and make their land unfit for future human habitation by making it radioactive.

The Next War: Preparations for WW3 continue apace. Dick Cheney’s last roll of the dice before leaving office?

Quote of the week:
"They had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes." Animal Farm, George Orwell