Monday, August 4, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 22

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Civil Liberties:
DNA records 'criminalise people'
Well of course they do - that is the intention. Don't expect the innocent victims having their DNA removed anytime soon.

Airport Gestapo tactics being used to turn Americans into compliant sheep
Being turned into compliant sheep is the plan

All air passengers to give their fingerprints ... but is the reason security or simply to raise profits for the duty-free shops?
Yeah, sure it’s just so you can go duty free shopping – don’t worry folks nothing to worry about, we won’t be adding the information the huge database that we are already compiling to house the DNA, fingerprint and personal details of every citizen of this once free & democratic country, honestly.

Eye scans, fingerprints to control NZ borders
Even the New Zealand Government is getting in on the act. Since when has NZ been at the forefront of the "war on terror"? But Amnesty International have protested - excellent, that gives extra kudos to politicians as they seek to "protect" the population from the imaginary threat that they have created in the public consciousness.

Police taser injured boy 19 times
Indiscriminate Taser attack of the week. Given out like candy to police forces worldwide but with rarely any “rules of engagement” unlike the use of other potentially lethal firearms

British Kids encouraged to become "Climate Cops" in major nationwide ad campaign
Conditioning children to become "good citizens' by spying and reporting upon neighbours and even family. In fact just as in George Orwell's 1984 therefore.

Spy-in-sky patrols over British cities in hunt for Taliban fighters
The key quote from this article are: "Planes with eavesdropping equipment are now flying over British cities". Enough said really.

Bush Administration Announces Restructuring of Intelligence Agencies
With his update to a decades-old executive order governing the Intelligence Community, Bush is giving the Director of National Intelligence and the 16 agencies of the US Intelligence Community more power to access and share sensitive information on Americans with little to no independent oversight. The update also carves out a larger role in intelligence gathering for the "private sector," an addition that takes on new interest in light of Bush's unflinching demand for legal immunity to the telecommunications companies that facilitated his warrantless wiretapping program. Oh that's okay private companies being part of the citizen surveillance program, that's not scary at all.

A Record Year for the Pharmaceutical Lobby in '07
It really isn't in their interests for you to be well and not need their drugs. Like any good pusher they constantly seek ways of getting more customers and more sales out of those customers. This is business not ethics.

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?
Not at all. Think about that next time they want to pump a cocktail of drugs into your new born child, or the next time you are told to get the flu shot for your own health when everybody who has it seems to get sick.

HPV Vaccine Blamed for Teen's Paralysis
Is this vaccine a/ for your benefit, or b/ the shareholders benefit?

£100m to put fluoride in water
Simple answer, don't do it. Countries that don't put this industrial waste product into the water supply have lower rates of tooth decay than those that do. It is a toxin that otherwise would cost corporations an awful lot to dispose of. Why do you think they have been employing PR agencies for half a century to convince you to buy it for its health giving benefits? Always look at the motivations of the source.

Trans fats new focus of coronary concerns
They have been banned in California. When are you going to demand that your political leaders follow suit?

Food: Scientists want top security for GM crop tests
This is what is known as the thin edge of the wedge. The great thing about GM crops (if you are Monsanto that is) is that they quickly cross pollinate surrounding farms thus, unbeknownst to those farmers, bringing their crops under Monsanto's patents - just as has happened in the USA over the last decade. This is why, already, more than 50% of all wheat stocks in Europe are know under patent despite only "limited" trials being carried out over the last decade. Once they own the food supply they own you. End of story.

The Largest 'Landfill' On Earth; the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Real, planet wide pollution - and it has nothing to do with the red herring called CO2....and yet were are the media reports, and the "activists"?

Finance & Economics:
Record deficit for next president
The plan has always been to devalue the US dollar and undermine its economy so that the people will demand action be taken in the form of the Amero – the currency union between USA, Canada and Mexico – which was the plan all along but before they would never have contemplated it. And if either Fannie May or Freddie Mack goes belly up that national debt will double. Don’t imagine that those pushing for this are worried about the economic events. Short term pain for long term gain. Problem > Reaction > Solution

White House sees record budget gap in 2009

China's Cars, Accelerating A Global Demand for Fuel
Whether or not you believe in Peak Oil theory, high prices are here to stay, as with the scramble for world energy resources, not for strategic gain in the sense you imagine, but so to control and limit supply, therefore keeping prices artificially high. Kerching go the cash registers at Exxon, Shell, BP et al.

Higher oil price boosts BP profit
eh voila!

Exxon posts record $11.68 billion profit

Shell reports 33% rise in profit
Now do you see the twisted logic in keeping prices high?

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
£1,000 prize just for voting
Democracy is dead. As Churchill once said "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried". Though the people have been numbed into submission and apathy it is only they that can save themselves. Democracy is the natural balance to the worst excesses of human behavior from totalitarianism to corporate greed and racketeering.

Defence chiefs admit to nuclear deaths,23599,24121378-401,00.html
What? Government lie to you, and sometimes end up killing you for "the greater good"? Does this mean that in 40 years time they will admit to causing Gulf War syndrome through the lethal combination of depleted uranium munitions, and administration of un-tested and regulated vaccinations. They weren't seen as soldiers they were seen as lab rats.

China using Olympics as 'pretext' for crackdown: Amnesty
No-one ever saw that coming!

One third of British Muslim students say it's acceptable to kill for Islam
The seeds of intolerance that have been sown in the UK since the start of the “War on Terror” are beginning to come home to roost.

The War on Terror:
Blackwater May Have Fudged Numbers to Get $100M in Contracts
Meanwhile over at Blackwater the world's largest (& listed) private company. By an amazing co-incidence Blackwater's Chairman was on the 9/11 Commission. No potential conflict of interest there then seeing as how his company has done so well out of the war on terror. By the way as they are a corporation with shareholders etc, they are hardly going to close up shop when this "war" is over are they. They need to increase profit each year to keep shareholders happy. Therefore they need war, and private surveillance, to increase with every passing year.

US-produced Al-Qaida movie played at Guantanamo trial
Joseph Goebbels would be proud of such tactics in a trial.

Anthrax scientist commits suicide as FBI closes in
First David Kelly the UK's leading authority on bio-warfare "commits suicide" using a razor and some paracetamol just in time to avoid further embarrassment to Tony Blair in 2003; now another expert in bio-warfare commits suicide after taking an overdose of Tylenol. Do you think someone is laughing at you here? This guy conveniently posted anthrax from US Government labs to leading Democratic senators, congressmen and media personalities just after 9/11, at exactly the time when these people were about to start criticising Bush's draconian new "anti-terror" legislation in the form of the Patriot Act, which was given further ammunition by these "Al Qaeda" attacks in the heady days just after 9/11. Surprisingly they got the message and were quiet at the time when they should have been shouting from the roof tops. As for this patsy, just further collateral damage I'm afraid.

Afghan attacks on aid workers hit record high
You don't actually think the US wants the place to be reconstructed and for the Afghan's not to need a permanent US presence to protect the lovely pipeline & drug running do you?

Rogue Pakistan spies aid Taliban in Afghanistan
This is the same "allied" spy agency whose chief wired $200,000 to Mohamed Atta a couple of days before 9/11 according to the 9/11 Commission.

Pentagon OKs over $10 billion in arms sales for Iraq
That's another $10 billion to add to Iraq's national dent then. Who needs healthcare, or education for that matter?

MI5 misled MPs over Briton's secret rendition, court told
A government agency lying. Whatever next!

The Next War:
Israeli, US defense chiefs to meet
Hmmm whatever could they be meeting about? Let me guess is to to plan the bombing of Iran by any chance?

Israel's Barak tells US: keep all Iran options open
Options which include World War 3 therefore

Iran ignores deadline to agree to talks on nuclear program,0,2845838.story
It'll either be during the Olympics or in between the US election (November) and the inauguration (January).

Quote of the Week:
"Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle”
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn