Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 38

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Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War
Stories of the week:
While the asset stripping of the West by the mega-corporations continues apace, as they realign themselves eastwards, all this happened.....

Australian Internet Censorship (Daily Telegraph UK)
Israeli Air-Force ready to attack Iran (Jerusalem Post)
China to buy 4,000 tonnes of Gold (International Business Times)
No way out of UK DNA database (Northern Echo)
WA lifts ban on uranium mines (The Australian)
UK Carbon Permit Auction raises £54m (The Times - UK)
100 million tonnes of plastic in North Pacific alone (
UK Government secret GM Crop trials (The Independent - UK)
LA Port security sold to Chinese Presidents son (LA Times)
Vaccinations Causing Early Alzheimer’s Disease? (Natural News)
Gulf War illness is real (Reuters)
Americans Know ‘American Idol’ Star Better than American History (CNS News - USA)

VeriChip & Micrsoft Tie Up on human micro-chipping (MarketWatch)

Plus rumors of the largest US military recall since 1941.........

Civil Liberties:
Australia planning to block 10,000 websites
The questions you need to ask yourself are: Who decides what is "unwanted"? What appeals process will there be? Who monitors the new guardians of the internet? What happens if in a time of crisis anti-Government websites are deemed "unwanted"? And will you know if it has even happened as the news information you receive is censored in itself (either enforced or by self censorship)?

OpenNet Initiative: Australia’s content filtering “frightening”

Under cover of racist myth, a new land grab in Australia
Though technically this isn't from the last week it slipped under the radar when published a few weeks ago, but is a powerful polemic and worth reading especially for Australian's. Funnily enough it didn't get re-printed in the Australian Press.......

Big Brother only wants to "help" you
There's nothing to worry about, go back to sleep

NSW Ombudsman calls for freeze on Taser guns,25197,24678451-5013871,00.html

Ombudsman's Taser report 'inaccurate'
Well it was hardly going to admit responsibility was it? Just as a Tobacco company won’t admit responsibility over a smokers lung cancer.

Maldives Police To Introduce Taser Guns
Taser Corp is running out of police forces to sell this to...will have to start selling more to the general public next....

Autopsy Says Man Tased By Deputies Died "Naturally"

Australian Federal Police reversal on Haneef,,24661247-2702,00.html

Beijing propaganda chief hatches plan to combat age of internet news
As other nations look on eagerly for tips

British travelers could be banned from flying to America
You could always swim the Rio Grande from Mexico.....

Revealed: The car key that will pay your petrol bill
another step towards a cashless which point your life will be entirely in the hands of computers and those who control them.....

Innocents face 'almost impossible' task to remove DNA from UK database

UK city being 'bullied' by Government into accepting road tolls
Tracking your every move.......

UK Government ‘Sneak’ plan for mandatory ID cards

UK taxpayers face paying millions in compensation for identity card project

Pilots threaten to strike over ID cards

Scots vote out ID cards
Hollow victory.....

Huge fines if ID card details wrong

UK identities sold for £80 online
and it’ll be so much easier when everyone is on just one big DNA / ID card database

US court slams door on sale of spyware

Councils to be banned from using anti-terror powers to snoop on people who overfill bins or drop litter
Sure they will...

Frightening new UK police powers

Judge orders release of 5 Algerian Guantanamo prisoners,0,851025.story
And it will be ignored just as with the Chinese prisoners ordered to be released last month

US acknowledges it held 12 juveniles at Guantanamo

VeriChip Corporation Selected by Microsoft to Offer Personal Health Record through Microsoft HealthVault{909FC348-E61F-4EAC-98C4-1F57AD9B9D81}&dist=TQP_Mod_pressN

Western Australia lifts its ban on uranium mines,,24667265-2702,00.html

Protests as UK carbon permits auction raises £54m
Ever wondered why Governments & Corporations like "man made climate change"?

Irish film-makers taking on our 'global warming hysteria'

Bush 'seeks to ease wildlife law'

Greens at G-20 Summit Call for ‘Rich’ Nations to Fund Underdeveloped Countries
Sure they will...

The world has never seen such freezing heat
As reported in slightly less mainstream press last week.

Agent Orange’s toxic legacy lingers on

Have a break, have a Kit Kat – and wreck rainforests

UK Government to defy critics with secret GM crop trials

Continents of garbage adrift in oceans

Move to tax cow and pig methane emissions
I kid you not

Why are Europe's bees dying?
Interestingly no mention of GM crops and yet colony collapse is show to closely follow GM introductions....

Recycled rubbish being kept in storage because no one will buy it

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Kevin Rudd's 'Asian EU' plan dims,,24673572-2702,00.html
for the time being....the people just need “persuading”

Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font
I'm sure multi-billionaire George Soro's heart is in the right place......

2025: the end of US dominance

'I have a sixth sense' claims UK science minister
He first came to political attention in 2002 when it emerged that his company had been awarded a large government contract to supply vaccines, shortly after he had donated £50,000 to the Labour Party. That’s not a 6th Sense that’s just corruption.

Irish voters may approve new Lisbon Treaty, poll reveals
If at first you don't succeed.........

EU is costing Britain £106K a MINUTE - that's £900 for each man, woman and child in the UK

DNA dirty tricks loom in future elections

Hillary Clinton accepts post as Secretary of State in Obama administration

Thousands of rioters attack police in China

Obama calls Georgian leader Saakashvili
This is the same Georgian leader who started an unwinnable war with Russia in August.....

Korea-Madagascar Land Deal - 21st Century colonialism?

With all eyes on Obama, Port of Los Angeles security under control of Chinese President’s son!

Fluoride in Drinking Water may Negatively Affect Health of Fetuses and Infants

Are Vaccinations Causing Early Alzheimer’s Disease?

Gulf War illness is real, report finds

Australian welfare lobby pushes for Gulf War Syndrome recognition after US study,,24679972-2702,00.html

Do Flu Shots Work? Ask A Vaccine Manufacturer

Rat Poison Chemical Found in Ingredient List For HPV Vaccine

Use of Antipsychotics in Children Is Criticized

Gordon Brown defies advice and threatens opt-out law to solve donor crisis

Millions of Chinese facing smoking related deaths

Alzheimer's Disease Now Striking Americans in Their 40's

Big Pharma Promoting Highly-Addictive Schedule-III Painkiller Drugs to Little Boys

Teenagers to receive jabs to cut abortions

Parents believe watching television is good for children Sure it is......

Boy dies after using too much deodorant

Young Children Now Being Targeted For Statin Drug Use

Finance & Economics:
China to buy 4000 tonnes of gold?
Is the (manipulated) collapse of the US dollar imminent?

Goldman Sachs Targeted by Investor Complaints of Naked Short-Selling

Shadow Chancellor fears sterling collapse
There's always the option to join the Euro.......

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

Bank of America Buys Stake in China Construction
What is happening now is nothing less than the realignment of the world from West to East and the corporations are asset stripping the West as they jump ship

Rothschild pays out record bonuses to staff

Citibank could collapse due to £13.3billion losses, warn financial experts
A bargain for someone or another tax-payer handout?

Prophesy of economic collapse 'coming true'

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac halt some foreclosures until “early 2009”
Once Obama is in the Oval Office in late January the “realignment” will begin

UK Energy firms 'profit from poor'

Crash of US carmakers risks three million jobs

Automakers beg for aid as bailout bill stalls

US Jobless Claims Hit 16-Year High, Above Forecast

'Close to 3m UK unemployed' by 2010

Gold Continues to Consolidate after G20 Meeting; "Smart Money" Traders Now More Bullish Than At Any Time in 7 Years

US housing starts expected to hit half-century low

Lehman's administrators paid more than the bankers

Consumer prices drop record 1 percent in October
Don't worry inflation will be back with a vengeance when those trillions of newly printed dollars start filtering through.

Wall Street sinks to lowest since 2003

Science & Technology:
US warned of China 'cyber-spying'

Searaser device in uphill battle for clean energy

Canadian conversation cops step in to school students

Americans Know ‘American Idol’ Star Better than American History
The dumming down of the population seems to be going well

The War on Terror:
Top judge: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion

Iraq cabinet backs US troops deal
Do you think Iraq’s bookies took bets on it not being passed? There will still be thousands of US troops permanently stationed in bases on Iraqi soil after “the withdrawal” – will they be a free & sovereign state therefore?

Iraq pact raises withdrawal hopes (See above)

Iraq war 'violated rule of law'

A Ticket to The Hague for Dick Cheney?
We can but dream

Experts See Security Risks in Downturn

Barack Obama: US must capture or kill Osama bin Laden
According to Benazir Bhutto. just before assassination, he already is dead - see the interview by David Frost with her cataloged a few weeks back.

Blackwater gunboats will protect ships
The biggest private army in the world isn't going to close it's doors once peace comes...because it will make sure it never happens

CIA lied about shoot-down of missionary plane, report says,0,1271777.story
I didn't think the CIA would do things like that....

The Next War:
Largest US Military Recall Since 1941 Possibly In Progress Right Now

Israeli Air-Force ready to attack Iran

Antiwar groups fear Barack Obama may create hawkish Cabinet,0,1380983.story

Israel instructs Britain to "stop" Iran

Prospect of Israel war on Iran "stronger"

Britain's Foreign Secretary calls Iran world threat

Pakistan The Next US Target?
The CIA has already orchestrated a regime change and has free reign to bomb at will in the north. Plus it has no oil (just a pipeline - the same one as in Afghanistan). So probably not the main show therefore.

Pakistan and U.S. Have Tacit Deal On Airstrikes

US again misfires on Iranian arms in Iraq

Iran pushes for further oil cut

The Greatest "Conspiracy theories" in history:
Typical lazy mainstream journalism. Of the ones that aren’t crackpot, frauds or false flags:
- The FEMA coffins – probably perfectly innocent, however we won’t know if it is not until too late. Anyway Governments have never lied throughout history have they........
- Fluoridation – read my blog & the links last week. Plenty of scientific evidence against it, and remember Britain is very rare amongst western countries to forcibly medicate its population through fluoridation. Gotta ask yourself why.....
- Pearl Harbour – Without doubt the US had cracked the Japanese naval codes. Plenty of evidence. Its just not the way that it is taught in schools. Very convenient for Roosevelt to get US into war in Europe that he could never have done otherwise
- Peak Oil – Debatable when, but inevitable that it will happen, just it may be a while down the track, however cost of production of hard to access resources will push prices up inexorably
- Black Helicopters – no one believed stealth existed until it became public.. plenty of hi-tech military stuff out there we don’t know about, so more than possible
- Moscow apartments – almost definitely KGB. Its not as though Vladimir would have any qualms about it, and they “have a lot of form” as a cop would say
- July 7th – the jury is out, though a lot of inconsistencies not least the blast patterns in trains pushing the metal up into the carriage (whereas it should have gone out – therefore bomb under not in train). Have the UK secret services got "form"?
- Shergar – IRA. They found the horse's body recently
- Shakespeare - interesting one, but there will never be enough evidence either way to say whether he was a front for Christopher Marlow or not. Not bad for a lowly educated boy from Brum who never went overseas but based many of his plays in Italy.....
- North American Union – Very real. Just as real as the EU, which evolved from the EEC, just as NAU is coming from NAFTA. If you had told a German 20 years ago that within a decade he’d have had currency union with the Italians and Greeks what would he have said? Its all about business.
- Princess Di – I actually believe it was an accident. Bloody convenient for the multi-billion dollar arms (landmines) industry however.........
- Jesus married – It is actually more unlikely that he wasn’t
- New World Order – Don’t get me started
- Fake Moon Landings – Amazing jump forward in special effects for 2001 Space Odyssey filmed in 1968 by Kubrick who went into self imposed exile and seclusion in St Albans straight after moon landings. All of a sudden in 1969 the US, after losing every other step so far, “wins” the space race using technology with less umph than your old BBC computer....and never been back in 40 years.....or indeed man has never again ventured outside the earth’s magnetic zone which protects us from all the solar radiation
- JFK & 9/11 – The so called truth is a damn sight less plausible and these after-all are “conspiracy theories” in themselves

Quote of the Week:

"It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas and the myths that surround it"
- John Pilger

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