Sunday, June 22, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 16

Health & Science:

14 die of cancer in seven years living next to phone mast with highest radiation levels in UK
Don't be at all surprised if later generations look on us with the same incredulous look as we look on previous generations who were led to believe that smoking was good for them

Why Brain Surgeons Are Avoiding Cell Phones
What would brain surgeons know about such things? I'm sure the top 20 telecom companies who have combined revenues of more than $869 billion know much better.

Caesarean babies at higher asthma risk
But C-sections are so convenient for the surgeons who can book them into the diary well in advance and therefore not upset pressing engagements. An increased risk of asthma, trauma to the baby, and invasive surgery to the mother are a small price to pay. I mean what does nature know anyway?

23 people die and 123 are hospitalised after being given flu vaccine
The only people who benefit from flu vaccines are the pharmaceutical companies that make them. Just look around your work place and watch how many people who have the shot then go down with a really bad bout of flu.


Could Waning Sunspots Bring On New Ice Age?,2933,366061,00.html Wait as second I thought that climate change was all our fault due to CO2 (including that we exhale by breathing), that it had never happened before, and the sun had little or no impact at all?

World Population to reach 7 Billion in 2012
The question is were the eugenicists right and this is unsustainable or can we get it under control and mature as a civilization so not to seek control over the resources of others?

UK must think again on growing GM crops, says cabinet minister
As I predicted a few weeks ago, the answer to the problem that is the world food crisis is........ yes that old favorite GM crops. A classic case of problem > reaction > solution. What was once a difficult sell is now spun to be the answer to our prayers.......let's just not mention the ethical issues, all the potential side effects such as infertility, suicide genes and the mysterious death of the world bee populations.

Gore confronted with inconvenient truth of power bill,25197,23892646-11949,00.html
Do as I say not as I do. Just remember how much money Al and his mates are making from this. Do you really think any government would ever be able to sell you the idea of being taxed on your CO2 emissions (including the air you exhale) otherwise.

Politics & Democracy:

Police stocking up on "non-lethal" rifles before DNC
Expecting trouble? I think one of the comments afterwards summed it up " “Less-lethal” is the proper term. Deaths DO result from the use of these weapons."

Silvio Berlusconi suspends his own trial
Democracy in action European style.

Hostile approach to the media,25197,23897344-7582,00.html
This approach worked very well under Tony Blair in the UK for a decade. Bully and cajole the press and they are much less likely to go "off message" regarding your agenda. And if they do resist just remember what Blair did to the BBC senior management with the "Kelly Affair"

Ireland under Franco-German pressure to hold new EU vote
Erosion of National Sovereignty Part 1: There's an old saying in Brussels. If at first you don't get the "right" result, keeping asking the same question until you do.

South American Union Will Also Have Common Currency
Erosion of National Sovereignty Part 2: The agenda is eventually for a One World Government and one currency - much better for business and control after-all.

McCain seeks stronger NAFTA ties
Erosion of National Sovereignty Part 3: North American Union is the plan, it is coming, and nothing will stand in its way.

The African Union to create a Common Agricultural Market by 2009
Erosion of National Sovereignty Part 4: Anything that helps the African poor has got to be a good thing, but I fear that if history has taught us anything about Africa, it is that the poor seldom benefit from these things.

Rudd APEC idea gets short shrift
Erosion of National Sovereignty Part 5: Only in Asia is the process of intergration dragging. Then again getting the only European on the block to run with the idea was never going to work was it. Now who shall we get to drive this great enterprise? this space.

Science & Technology:

Mosquitoes Bred to Die
Now I don't want to rain on W.H.O's & Bill Gates' parade (Bill is paying for the research) but man-kinds record in playing god isn't a great one. What will the effects be of the eradication of an entire species from the ecosystem? And what other mutations may occur in the mosquitoes when out of a controlled environment of a lab?

International Relations:

Castro condemns EU's 'hypocrisy'
To be fair on old Fidel he has got a point in the pot calling the kettle black, what with the new British 42 day detention without trial, and the new EU illegal immigrant laws. However you can hardly feel sorry for him.

Global war deaths three times 'more than thought'
Yes, war is bloody awful, except for business. Don't get me wrong you may feel the economic pinch, but don't for one second ever think that those that pull the strings in the banks, the armaments industry, the resources sector and the media don't benefit financially. Just look at the vast sums that the Iraq war has cost & the profits that have been made as a result(see previous editions)

Civil Liberties:

Deal Reached in Congress to Rewrite Rules on Wiretapping
The "totalitarian tip-toe" in action. One more reduction in civil liberties in the US and one step closer to a totalitarian state.

Senate to Take Up Measures to Aid Homeowners
Sounds innocuous enough doesn't it? However as always with legislation the devil is in the detail. Deep down in the small print however is a provision that requires nearly Every Online Purchase, Sale, And Credit Card Transaction To Be Reported To The Federal Government. Tip Toe.....

Critics Demand Resignation of U.N. Official Who Wants Probe of 9/11 'Inside Job' Theories,2933,369122,00.html
And quite rightly so. How dare he have independent thought that is in contradiction to the truth as told to you by Rupert Murdoch, Dubya and the CIA who have never told fibs before and always have your best interests at heart? Well at least no-one else will make this mistake again.

France to ban illegal downloaders from using the internet under three-strikes rule
I know, lets ban anyone who doesn't read official website too, that way we can control information. Now how can we squeeze that into the next legislative program? Make the most of the free internet. What is happening in China will come to the west sooner or later, and this is how they will do it.

One-third of people shot by Taser need medical attention: probe
These are not "non-lethal" weapons, and yet they are being handed out like candy to police forces worldwide, and officers can use them with a lot more impunity that a regular firearm.

Rights commission ‘remedy’ flawed
Some Canadians at least are beginning to resist the erosion of their freedom of speech

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students
The last spate of "lets tag everyone" articles appeared worldwide over a 2 month period in late 2007. Expect another spate of the coming months as you are conditioned to become more accustomed to the idea of having chip for your own safety or that of your loved ones.

'Big Brother' snooping law stirs outrage in Sweden
Remind me, since when has Sweden had a terrorist problem, real or imagined? It hasn't, however it's leaders are keen to be taking a lead so to set a benchmark for the rest as EU integration progresses.

The War on Terror:

Iraq Oil Rush
As I have said before, the reason for the invasion and permanent military presence in Iraq (58 US bases - see last edition) is not to take the oil. It is to control, and especially limit the supply of oil from the country which now has the biggest known reserves, Iraq. That will hinder the Chinese, and keep prices artificially high in a period of rising demand. Though Jo Public will be adversely affected, the big US & UK oil firms and their friends is Saudi will be thanking their lucky stars the days of $20 a barrel will never return

Afghanistan growing drug trade will prolong conflict 'for years to come''for-years-to-come'.html
As I have pointed out before it is an amazing coincidence that as soon as the CIA arrive drug production soared. Just as it did in Vietnam with the infamous "Air America" CIA drug running operation.

Terrorists will target Afghan pipeline, expert says
The main reason why NATO are here in the first place was never to capture Osama. It always was the pipeline, especially after those naughty Taliban types renaged on the deal they signed in Texas in 2000 for the US to build it.

The Next War:

Israel trains for possible Iran strike,25197,23897098-2703,00.html
Even if Israel does do the deed on behalf of the USA they would still need to fly directly across Iraqi airspace which is patrolled by...the USA. Therefore they would need to USA's approval to pull it off and start WW3. I suspect the Iranians may have just worked this out too when they retaliate.

Quote of the week:

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has, and it never will"
Frederick Douglass, 19th century US civil rights campaigner and an escaped slave.