Sunday, August 10, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 23

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Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
France accused in Rwanda genocide
Sometimes the governments of supposedly “good & democratic” countries do very bad things, often on other countries populations, sometimes on their own. France is no different from the USA, Britain or Australia in that regard when you look at the fine print of our histories.

South Ossetia clashes intensify
Remember this conflict has nothing to do with the ethnicity of minority groups in Georgia and Russia. It is has been sparked by the race for control over the pipelines carrying oil and gas out of the Caspian region. Georgia is backed by the EU and the USA (the US special forces have been training the Georgians very recently as can be seen: ). Russia wants to control the regions pipelines, the West doesn't want that. Do you remember the Cold War? And the best bit is that it will make the war with Iran much more likely as it will give an excuse to the US & Britain to move yet more naval and air assets to the region "just in case". All according to plan therefore.

Mauritanian army coup condemned
The question is which foreign power’s secret service is behind the coup (these things rarely happen unprompted in history, especially when newly discovered black gold is on the agenda), the CIA from the USA (who had previously backed the president), the DGSE of French (the old colonial power) or most likely the TEWU of China who are currently in the process of grabbing every bit of African raw materials they can?

New European spying proposals 'threaten British security'
You didn’t actually think that you were an independent nation anymore did you. I mean the majority of your laws come from Brussels not Westminster. You are part of a nation called the European Union, which is very democratically accountable - honest. Get used to it

Civil Liberties:
‘Fakeproof’ e-passport is cloned in minutes
Now hold your breath and wait for the politician, in typical Problem > Reaction > Solution style to say “'Well, it seems the only fake-proof option is to have microchips under the skin” – The agenda is eventually to have you chipped and tracked at all times throughout your life – You have been warned.
(A full explaination of Problem > Reaction > Solution at the bottom of this page)

DNA database least of our concerns
The DNA database is stage 1. The Telecoms database is stage 2. You being micro-chipped (with or without your consent or even knowledge) is stage 3. At that point you have gone well beyond what Orwell feared and predicted and will be no more than cattle to your Lords and Masters.

Silvio Berlusconi puts troops on Italian city streets
A major European leader puts troops onto the streets. Get used to that sight over the coming years.

Tasers use increases in UK
As discussed every week in OYE News, these are being given out like candy to law enforcement agencies worldwide with very limited guidelines on their use, and yet like guns they can (and frequently are) fatal. According to Amnesty International more than 300 people have died after being shocked by a Taser in the US and Canada since 2001. Campaign to your local political representatives now, before you are on the receiving end of 12,000 volts whilst in a peaceful protest for example.

Bush Presses China On Freedom of Speech
Ever heard the one about the pot calling the kettle black? This is from the man who introduced “1st Amendment Areas” (free speech zones) back in 2004 most notably during the 2004 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The consisted of concrete walls, barriers and metal cages with barbed wire, from where peaceful protesters were “allowed” to voice their democratic thoughts.

F.B.I. Says It Obtained Reporters’ Phone Records
Spying on reporters. That seems fair enough in a free democracy. The 10 Steps to Close Down a Society, Number 7 - Target Key Individuals (see the full list at the bottom of the page)

Maryland troopers spied on activist groups. Protesters added to database of terrorist suspects
Just in case you thought the previous article was a one off.

Measles fears prompt MMR campaign
What a scam. Over the last decade one person has died as a result of measles in the UK, and they were malnourished had numerous other health issues and lived in a gypsy camp. It is a non-fatal disease and yet parents are being targeted with very heavy handed tactics (moral and legal) to pump their children full of a vaccine that whenever administered causes new measles outbreaks in the area. And what for? Not for the well being of the nation, but to increase sales for a pharmaceutical company

Eat kangaroo to 'save the planet'
Forget about the bogus "methane" argument, they are totally free range, very lean, and not pumped full of vaccinations and steroids like the rest of the food you eat. And guess where most Kangaroo meat currently goes? European pet food!

China's smog's have surprise climate benefit
Is it just me or has the world gone mad? Climate change is caused by the sun. End of story. CO2 rises because of atmospheric heating not causing it. The problem is China now is a glimpse into the hellish reality that is our obsession with oil, however the environmental and health problems caused is nothing to do with CO2, it is the noxious and very poisonous fumes (like carbon monoxide and nitric oxide) and particulates (of soot and un-burnt petrol) in those fumes which are the problem, for us all and not just the 1.2 billion Chinese who personally exhale vast quantities of CO2 daily by breathing. (as do you)

Global Warming or Global Governance?
The debate is not "over" as the daily propaganda by Governments & media tell you. Amazingly, according to last years gallop poll 37% didn't think that climate change was all man's fault, despite the daily onslaught. Look at the motivators behind what is happening. First it is now no longer called "Global Warming" but "Man-made climate change" therefore covering both bases as temperatures have actually been falling for the last few years. Second, temperatures have always been unstable on this planet, and just 10,000 years ago our ancestors had to endure an 8 degree rise in under 20 years, and that had nothing to do with CO2, but a lot to do with the sun. Third, the motivations of Governments is to tax you with "ethical" taxes that you don't mind paying, and to wean you off your addiction to fossil fuels for long term strategic reasons. Forth, the media and corporate's (one in the same when you look at company boards and share ownerships) want the green lobby to worry about a non-event (CO2) and ignore the massive and devastating pollution that they are committing on a daily basis (GM crops, the de4ath of bee populations, mercury in water table, plastics in the oceans, over-fishing, de-forestation to name but a few), and in this they have been very successful indeed. And finally, the ultimate agenda, is to get us to a point where only "united action" is needed, therefore justifying the need of a One World (un-democratic) government (the genesis of which can be seen in the EU, NAFTA, South American Union, African Union and ASEAN). Wake up before it is too late.

Scientists ask to plant GM trees
Yeah great idea, trees never cross pollinate over wide areas do they? This is yet another thin end of the wedge with GM foods and animals. Already more than half of Europe's arable production falls under GM patents thanks to cross pollination. Soon even the trees in your back yard will be "owned" by Monsanto.

The Great Pacific Garbage Dump Stretches From California to China
Real, and very worrying pollution on a global scale (it isn't just happening in the Pacific). This is the real issue, not CO2, yet no-one is mentioning it in politics or the media. And it is getting worse, and as the plastics bi-degrade at the molecular level they go into the food chain that you are at the end of.

Finance & Economics:
Fannie Mae unveils loss of $2.3bn
As I have mentioned before if either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac go under and the US taxpayer has to pick up the bill and nationalise them (which is effect is what is beginning to happen) it could potentially double the USA's already vast national debt. Remember the end goal is to "persuade" the US people to give up the dollar and embrace the Amero (Canada, US & Mexican currency union, to go alongside the political union that is emerging from NAFTA) and they will never do that unless they have been taken to a very dark place first and it is seen as the solution to their woes. Classic problem > reaction > solution (see bottom of the page for explanation)

Supply crunch may bring $200 oil in 5-10 yrs-study
It’ll come a lot sooner than that when the US &/or Israel start bombing Iran in the coming months

Science & Technology:
On the web, all traffic shall be equal
Make the most of the free internet. Within a decade all major governments will have introduced restrictions much as you already see for 1/4 of the world's population, in China.

Cern lab set for beam milestone
As REM once sang "It's the end of the world as we know it..." - well theoretically it could be, if it creates a black hole which destroys the earth.

The War on Terror:
Scientist 'lone anthrax attacker'
Yeah, sure he was. As usual a lone gunman is the perpetrator, and conveniently he dies (in a way most unlikely for a bio-weapons expert, an overdose of Tylenol) so ending the “investigation”. The fact that he was in a US Government psychiatric hospital at the time when the attacks took place, and conveniently sent his packages to those senators and media personalities who would be most likely to oppose George Bush’s Patriot Act being rushed through, is neither here nor there.

Bin Laden ex-driver found guilty
Yes how dare you drive around a man who was (still is?) a CIA asset, and was having meetings with the CIA, on record, as late as early 2001. Throw away the key I say. He has been found guilty by court which in no way could ever be described as Kangaroo like, and has been held in a thoroughly humane and ethical manner since he was captured in 2001.

Letter linking Iraq and al-Qa'eda was forged by US spies
Not exactly the first time that a spy agency has faked something “for the greater good” really is it?

The Next War:
2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf
Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why they may be heading to that particular part of the world?

Buildup to the Next War
This war is on the agenda, and just like with Iraq 5 years ago, no amount of backtracking by the Iranians now will save their skin. The Georgia/Russia war is a sideshow, orchestrated by Georgia's ally the USA, to give the excuse to further build up their already vast naval and air forces in the gulf, and to put Russia on the back foot when the UN Security council debates Iran

Quote of the Week:
All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality
- Martin Luther King Jr.