Sunday, August 31, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 26

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Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Story of the Week:
A sample of seven articles that have appeared in the mainstream UK press over the past 7 days. If this process can happen in the UK it can happen in any free democracy, and just as quickly. The UK (and the USA) is not yet a fully closed society, and yet this process has taken barely 1/2 a decade, and it is a long way down the track and only one major event away from a tipping point (War with Iran perhaps?). All you need is a trigger. In the US it was 9/11, in the UK it was 7/7. What will it be in your country? And when it does happen, and you react and call out for your government to "protect" you, don't be too surprised when that solution is presented in the form of step, after tiny step, after tiny step, after tiny step.......and then one day you wake up in a closed society and you are powerless to stop it. This is happening. Do something about it before it goes too far. Burying your head in the sand is not an option.
Child protection database 'will be used to prosecute young people'
Crackdown 'leaves taxpayers unprotected'
No snapping: Photographers get collars felt
Instant justice creating nation of criminals
Anti-terror laws hold kid boozers
Number plate cameras at airport
Councils recruit unpaid volunteers to spy on their neighbours

Civil Liberties:
Convention host cities become high-tech fortresses
Meanwhile the USA heads headlong towards a tipping point to become a closed society. The convention cities both have "4th Amendment Zones" so that demonstrators can express their right to free speech. Behind barbed wire with CCTV, armed security and guard dogs "protecting" them.

Woman Knocked to the Ground & Kidnapped by Gestapo Like Storm Troopers at Democratic Convention
Modern Definition of Martial Law: Martial law is when military-like actions are taken upon a nations own citizens and constitutional and human rights are violated on a regular basis as part of a standard operating procedure (SOP). It is when you cannot protest without a "permit" and your freedom of speech is silenced.'

Police grilled mum over breast pump,23599,24250024-421,00.html
Just in case you thought little Hitler's don't exist in Australia too.

Iraq bans nuclear tests
The dark irony of the situation should not be forgotten. Since 1991 we have subjected Iraq to what in effect has been a low level nuclear war by the use of depleted uranium munitions. The legacy of which the Iraqi people will feel for tens of thousands of years to come. If you don’t believe me watch the documentary link on the right hand panel “The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children”

British families pay almost £800 per year in 'dishonest' green taxes
Have you ever why Government’s go along with the whole “man made climate change” thing (formerly known as “Man Made Global Warming”)? It is because it is the dream scenario of an “ethical” tax that the population likes paying. The fact that the sun is the actual culprit and the CO2 “debate” takes attention away from much more serious pollution issues that affect the whole planet is neither here nor there.

Experimental link found between the Sun and Climate
You don't say! The primary cause of all previous climate changes (ahead of volcanic activity) is the sun, the provider of all energy that reaches this planet. Oh well another team of scientists bout to lose their research grants for going "off message".

Bayer on defensive in bee deaths
Is the culprit Bayer CropScience (formally part of IG Faben who brought you the Holocaust) or Monsanto (the controllers of the GM industry and seeking to own the world's food supply)? Either way, NO BEES = NO FOOD

A raft made of junk crosses Pacific in 3 months
A tiny bit of mainstream coverage for what is probably the biggest man made environmental disaster in the world - the massive "islands' of plastic that re floating in all the worlds oceans. These are slowly degrading at the bio-molecular level poisoning the sea life, and entering the food chain that you are at the end of. However this gets 0% coverage compared to the CO2 that you personally emit by simply breathing and has no direct impact on the climate (it's the sun, as it has been throughout history and long before we ever came around). Why do you reckon that discrepancy in coverage might be?

Fluoride referendum rejected
Yes why should you little people get a say in which industrial waste poisonous toxin gets put into your water supply? Just because fluoride dulls the brain synapses, costs a hell of a lot to dispose of otherwise, causes intestinal cancers, and has no tooth decay benefits despite what the PR machine tells you (countries and states that don't add it to water have lower rates of decay - go figure)

Experts warn on cervical cancer vaccination plan
Pharmaceutical companies are corporations. As such they need to make money and increase returns for shareholders. That means sell more and more drugs each year. If evidence coimes up aginst the "health benefits" of their drug they will do everything in their power to suppress it.

Cell Phone Dangers -- What They Don't Want You to See
Funnily enough this never got mentioned again in the Australian media after airing - anything to do with the advertising spend clout of the telecoms companies perchance?

Drug giants accused over doctors' perks
Damn those politicians for making things so complicated. In the olden days we used to just pay the doctors to use our drugs. Now if we could just undermine the democratic process then those pesky politician's would look out for our interests over those of those annoying citizen's - now if only we and our other corporate friends had the power and influence to do that wouldn't the world be a much better place (for us)?

The War on Terror:
U.S. soldiers say they executed Iraqis on riverbank
More collateral damage in the mission to "bring democracy" to Iraq.

KBR sued for forcing Nepalese workers to Iraq
Remind yourself just how many billions of dollars KBR and its sister company Halliburton (Former Chairman Dick Cheney) have made from this "war on terror" and then look at the psychology of a corporation that would conduct human trafficking, and ask yourself what else would they be prepared to do in order to make more money? Lie, cheat, start another war?

Hamid Karzai accuses America over civilian deaths
More collateral damage in the mission to "bring democracy" to Afghanistan.

The Next War:
Third US ship due in Black Sea next week
The bombing of Iran will most probably start before the US inauguration in late January (so the new guy doesn't get the blame). The pieces are in place. Public opinion is being continually softened up. All it needs is the spark.....over to you Israel and Iran.

Israel planning unilateral Iran attack

Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence Helped Prepare Imminent Attack On Iran
I appreciate this isn't a mainstream site, however if you can speak Dutch and can translate the original Dutch source please let me know if this interpretation is correct.

Russian analyst points to link between Georgian attack and Iran
Do ya reckon?

Putin says U.S. provoked Georgia crisis
I fear Vlad is spot on, however I suspect the real reason isn't to help McCain in the US election, rather to provide cover for further military expenditure to cope with the renewed "Red menace" and most significantly to allow yet more US military build up in the region, this time into the Black Sea, on top of the 5 aircraft carrier groups already in the Gulf.

Russia faces fresh condemnation
Don't forget that whatever Russia's wrong's in this war (and there are quite a few) they didn't start it, the Georgian's did after US military encouragement and aid, and what they have done by pushing the Georgian army out of an ethnic Russian self governing province, and is no different at all than what NATO did against Serbia in Kosovo. This whole thing was a smokescreen for the continued build up of forces in preparation for the war with Iran.

Why was Cheney's guy in Georgia before the war?
Do you reckon he might have been there to tell the Georgian's that they want to join the NATO club they'd better do old Dick's dirty work first and start an unwinnable war against a foe immeasurably bigger?

Russia may cut off oil flow to the West
And one guess for what that will do for world oil prices? Great if you are Director of a major oil corporation, not so good for the rest of us addicts.

Iran says 4,000 atomic centrifuges working
Are you ready for the next war? The private contractors, and the armaments industry certainly are now that profits from the pillage of Iraq are now drying up.


Australian Prime Minister to take on unions over education reforms,25197,24254264-2702,00.html
A carbon copy of the education "reforms" that Tony Blair introduced to the UK in 1998, and which have spectacularly failed as witnessed by the continuing decline in UK state school standards and the ever growing gap between the top and bottom in UK society. And all these "target's and "league tables' have their origin in John Nash's Nobel Prize winning "Game Theory" which Nash himself now says is not an accurate or moral way of enhancing human performance (see the BBC documentary The Trap, a link to which is on the right hand panel). The mark of any civilisation is how well it educates its next generations. Seeing as we spend considerably more on weapons to kill each other than education that says a lot about the state of human "civilization" nowadays.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Admission of Organ Harvesting is 'Undeniable,' Say Investigators
This is just one example of what can happen if you live in a closed society.

Obama picks Biden as running mate
McCain moves to steal Obama's thunder by choosing woman running mate
It makes no difference which wins I'm afraid. At the end of the day they represent (and are paid for) by the same interest groups, and essentially are powerless to the really change the policy of the Pentagon/Corporate machine that really determines policy, as it has done since the 1950's. The ultimate goal here and across the rest of the world, is one world government and currency. That will be done in stages, as can be seen by the evolution of the EU, NAFTA, AU, SAU and ASEAN. All are a step towards the end goal. It will be of benefit to any of us "sheep" if that day comes to pass.

Social injustice is 'killing on a grand scale'
But how else would we get our cheap consumer goods?

U.S. debates going after militants in Pakistan
Yes naughty old Russia killing the citizens of another country. Now for us on the other hand.....

Finance & Economics:
The USA - The next Argentina?
That is the $99.2 trillion (of debt) question. And if/when it does happen will it be down to economic mismanagement on a monumental scale, or part of a more sinister long term plan by the private banks that own (yes own) the Federal Reserve to manipulate the USA into the "Amero" (the proposed NAFTA currency union) that is another stepping stone towards the long term goal of One World Government?

Economy at 60-year low, says UK Chancellor. And it will get worse
Do you think that the solution to this problem might be presented as ditch the pound and embrace the Euro perchance? So what if that will effectively mean the end of UK sovereignty and democracy as the majority of decisions will now be made by unelected bureaucrats?

Science & Technology:
Under the radar: Subliminal cues do work after all, says study
Yep and we are constantly under bombardment to attempt to condition us into accepting "fact" and not questioning. A lot of research has been done over the last century in the human mind. One example is the us of multiple screens and images behind newsreaders on certain commercial channels like Fox News. If there are 6 or more moving images on a page many people are manipulated into a semi-hypnotized state. They hear what they are being fed but do not (have the ability) to question it.

Quote of the Week:
Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.
- H.G Wells