Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 15

The World Food Crisis:
Global food supply is a growing problem. UK consumers being prepared for what may come to pass.

Health & Science:
Cervical cancer rates climbing among teens Anyone want to put money on the fact that this well timed story is a press release on behalf of the drug company that wants to vaccinate your daughters against a virus that may or may not be the cause of most of these cancers, and has had no "adverse reactions reported".....sure it hasn't
Britain's child victims of the chemical cosh. Step 1, stop feeding our children processed rubbish full of additives, step 2 educate our population to be able to cook, step 3 break the mental hold that pharmaceutical companies have over Doctors.

Biotech giants demand a high price for saving the planet. Damn convenient this climate change and world food crisis isn't it?

Science & Technology:
U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students. It could be you next if things go "to plan"
Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan. Have a good look at this one because I suspect you'll never hear of this innovation again for as long as black gold is around.

Politics & Democracy:
Bilderberg Group Meets, Protesters Charge Conspiracy. Bearing in mind some of the most important and influential people on the planet met this weekend, you do have to wonder why there has been NO mainstream western media coverage at all? Surely just the fact that these people are all in the same hotel together having meetings for an entire weekend is newsworthy of mention at least? Ask yourself why? What limited overseas news outlets mentioned it said that on the agenda were things like centralisation of the world's banking system (i.e: precursor to one world currency & government) and the micro-chipping of the population of the USA. When it happens don't say that you weren't warned.
80 per cent of 'British' laws now made by European Union. I was in Ireland last week where they are due to be the only country out of all 30 in the EU to vote on the new treaty which will further increase central power. One of the "Vote No" campaign posters simply said "They died to give you democracy & freedom - Don't give it up"
EU to act over UK budget deficit. Do you still believe that the UK governs itself as a sovereign democracy?
EU tries to isolate Irish after treaty rejection. You didn't really think a little thing like a democratic rejection was going to stop this juggernaut did you?

International Relations:
France is plotting to create a Euro Army. Can someone explain to me that if it has a Government, an Executive, a currency, a central bank, and an army, how it isn't a state to which all it's member entities are subservient?

Civil Liberties:
Why are the police using surveillance on journalists? Let me it so they feel intimated and are then less likely to investigate the closing down of what was once a free society by any chance?
Brown wins crunch vote on 42 days. The agenda marches on & another nail is driven into the coffin of what was once British civil liberties.
ID cards 'could threaten privacy' No, really? You don't say!
Despite Legal Blow, Taser Use by Police to Expand Tasers are not "non-lethal" weapons. They can and do kill.
Security scans will show sex organs. What a lovely thought, next time you go on holiday. They'll be standard in issue in train stations, schools and shopping malls within years.
City crime crackdown starts - including checkpoints. Checkpoints on the streets of the capital city of "The land of the Free". Training for things to come?
Marine drills will include Hollywood-style effects. Martial law training for Marines in a major US city. This is in breach of US law (the Posse Comitatus Act) which prohibits these types of exercises.
Rights commission ‘remedy’ flawed. The end of free speech in Canada?
Offenders must get 'badges of shame', says crime review. This will of course include people convicted under anti-terror laws for being "subversive". Anyone remember their history and what the Jews were forced to wear by the Nazi's?
Berlusconi puts 2,500 troops on streets of Italian cities to patrol alongside police. The first step towards martial law in yet another EU country. Ironically coming in part of a "crime crackdown" by a man with very strong links to the mafia.
Government to use 'anti-terrorism' laws to enter private property and inspect waste bins. It is a scary world when your Government wants to put a micro-chip in your wheelie bin to keep tabs on you.

Finance & Economics:
Oil surges more than $9 to record $137. It'll be $200+ soon, and more than that when they start bombing Iran and cutting off its oil supply from there in the very near future. Are you ready for the economic and social (civil liberties) consequences?
Gazprom predicts oil will reach $250. What do you think their (and Exxon, BP, Shell, Woodside, Saudi Royal) profits will look like then? Damn healthy I'd say. Of course as you'll be cycling to work by then as petrol at the bowser will be too much, you won't have time to read the paper to find out.
MPs slate Qinetiq privatisation. "Profiteering at taxpayers expense". And who are Carlyle Group. A massive venture capital firm whose main shareholders include the Saudi royal family and the Bin Laden family (yes of Osama fame), and whose directors include George Bush Snr and ex-British PM John Major. Their main "interests" are in the defence industry, the media and of course the oil industry. And you wonder who really calls the shots? You couldn't make it up.
Central bank body warns of Great Depression. Anyone want a wager that the private banks that own the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will, unlike the rest of us, come out of it bigger and richer than before. If you own the casino and rig the deck how can you lose?

The War on Terror:
Brown in tribute to Afghan dead. 100 British troops, thousands of others, tens of thousands of Afghan civilians, and depleted uranium all over the country that will last for a hundred thousand years. For what? To catch the boogie man Osama, to "clamp down" on drug poppy production which has shot up by about 1000%, or to protect a large US oil and gas pipeline being built across the country?
BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions. The real benefactors (and architects?) of the Iraq War
US defends Afghan border strike. Smart bombing in action as brought to you by the US military. Bombing your allies. How to win friends and influence people.
The blueprint for Forward Base America. Hands up all those who think that with 58 permanent military bases in their country, the Iraqi's will be "free" after this is all over?

The Next War:
Arabs shocked by Obama speech. Why? Surely they should have come to expect it from every wannabe US President. They weren't actually thinking he was the dove of peace were they?
US and EU 'to issue Iran warning' Slowly cranking up the "we had no choice but to start WW£ by bombing them" agenda. War. Huh! What is it good for?....other than vast profits for Daddy Bush and his friends obviously (see Finance & Economics).
Group Forms To Head Off War on Iran. Why on earth would they do that? We're not planning on going to war are we? I mean particularly when the war on Iraq has been so bad for business ($527 billion and counting according to the Congressional Budget Office)
Iran withdraws $75 billion from Europe. The Iranian government prepares for the inevitable.

Quote of the week:
"Prehistoric peoples faced temperatures as much as ten degrees Celsius lower than today's and at the end of the last ice age, saw them rise by seven degrees Celsius in 50 years"
Dr Kate Prendergast, lecturer of archaeology at Oxford University.