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Open Your Eyes News - Edition 32

If this is your first visit I would suggest that, after viewing the articles in this page, you click onto the "Blog Archive" on the right hand panel. Have a look at some of the previous editions too. That will give you a much fuller picture of what is happening than by simply reading what has happened in the last week.

Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Story of the Week:
Dollar soars as anxiety over crisis mounts

Back in early editions of OYE News I warned readers to get their money out of the stockmarket as quickly as they could as a massive crash was being engineered - and so it has. The next phase of the mega accumulation of wealth and power by the global elite will be raising the value of, and then the collapse of the US dollar. As I have warned on many occasions the goal is for the dollar to be replaced by the Amero, the currency union of the NAFTA countries. This is just another stepping stone on the way towards the world government and single currency that those in ultimate power so crave. The US people would never countenance giving up the dollar unless they were taken to a very dark place. That moment of truth will very soon be with us, and this is how it will most probably happen: If China sells its massive dollar holdings the value of the ‘mighty dollar’ will plummet and if its debt is not repaid it can claim American assets, yes government assets, just as a bank forecloses on your house if you don’t make the payments. And the US is now ten trillion dollars in debt with more being added by the minute. The ‘superpower’ is essentially bankrupt and at the mercy of its overseas creditors – not least China. If you have US dollar savings or investments this is your warning. This week was also a great week to "bury bad news" - the events that have taken place away from the "financial crisis" are the warning to the all of us who value our civil liberties, our democracy, our environment and their freedom, this plus the numerous largely unreported events beyond the "financial crisis" that have taken place this week, are taking us all down a very dark road. The window of opportunity for us to do anything to stop it happening is very rapidly closing. Do your bit and spread awareness. As one writer recently said "A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get." The German people missed their opportunity in 1933, and the window closed with the Reichstag fire - let us learn from history, not repeat it on a far bigger scale.

Just in case that you don't believe me, watch an interview given this week by arguably the most famous feminist writer of her generation, Naomi Wolf.

This is happening, and not just happening in the US, the process is taking place across Our World right now.

Civil Liberties:
British police train for riot scenarios

Army combat unit to deploy within U.S.
As I reported last week, via the Army's website. Now the mainstream media are running with this event which is unprecedented in recent US democratic history. Interesting note is also the picture they use of an Apache attack helicopter being readied for use - why would they need an attack helicopter for dealing with "catastrophes" on the US mainland?

Germany to allow domestic military deployment
Military being allowed on streets and police in riot training. This is a worldwide phenomenon taking place over the last few weeks. Do you think that they might know something that we don't?

UK Spies will tap into all e-mails and calls

There’s no hiding place as UK spy HQ plans to see all

US Satellite-Surveillance Program to Begin Despite Privacy Concerns

Guidelines Expand FBI's Surveillance Powers

Over 800 American concentration camps are fully operational and ready for prisoners

Record 720,000 people added to Britain's DNA database - making it world's largest

Bank Bailout Bill contains IRS "police state" provisions
It may have passed but in the small print there the bill also gives the Internal Revenue Service new authority to conduct undercover operations. It would immunize the IRS from a passel of federal laws, including permitting IRS agents to run businesses for an extended sting operation, to open their own personal bank accounts with U.S. tax dollars, and so on.

42-day detention dropped as unworkable
Linked to the article referenced last week that the UK terror alert status was at its highest possible rating? Don't forget MC Saatchi have been officially brought on board to run the UK government's PR campaign to sell ID cards to the people, so may well be involved in this too.

First UK ID cards are to be issued within weeks
What a great way of winning the PR war on ID cards - Saatchi really are worth the expense - Target immigrants 1st (always popular with the general population), then, purely "voluntarily" make it impossible to get a passport without it after that, so that the population has virtually no way of avoiding it if they want unfettered travel, and finally once you have critical mass make it law for everyone. Not entirely dissimilar to the kind of tactics Joseph Goebbels used to employ.

New Taser Weapons Produced For Crowd Control

Now TV contestants face water torture in new show
Conditioning of the general public that torture is acceptable and even "funny"

Protesting nuns branded terrorists

Investigating 'Africa's Guantanamo'

Terror police 'did not check photo' before shooting innocent man

Nobody is safe from the long arm of EU law

Finance & Economics:
Bank of China buys into Rothschild bank
Rothschild are part owners of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England - what a coincidence.

U.S. Treasury to Hire Up to 10 Asset Management Firms
Former Goldman Sachs CEO, now US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson truly is a friend indeed to his ex-colleagues on Wall Street in their "hour of need"

Lehman Bros head took home $300m

Paulson picks former Goldman Sachs Executive as interim head for rescue effort

Global financial crisis: does the world need a new banking 'policeman’?
I know, how about a single global currency and government, that would solve everything! What a swell idea. Democracy & Civil Liberties? What are those?

Terror law used for Iceland deposits

US debt clock runs out of digits

UK Government commit £500 billion of taxpayers money for bank bailout

Bank fat cats will STILL receive £3.5bn in bonuses - despite PM's pledge to slash them

Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America?
You decide.

UK Council taxes to rise for the next 25 years after collapse of Icelandic banking system

The war over GM is back. Is the truth any clearer?
Of course what this article misses is the fact that the great thing about GM (from Monsanto's perspective) is that every time they introduce it, it cross pollinates with other crops resulting in them falling under the patent. As I referenced a few months back, though the debate may still be raging in the UK, the argument has already been won by Monsanto with more than 1/2 the cops in the UK falling under their patent inadvertently.

Prince Charles targets GM crop giants in fiercest attack yet

Global warming set to shake our eating habits,25197,24450474-11949,00.html
A number of things out of this article to comment on: 1/ Climate change has always occurred, often considerably more dramatically than is happening now - that is historical fact. 2/ Our seafood stocks are under a hell of a lot of danger already and that is nothing to do with climate change, just plain old simple human greed leading to over-fishing (as often referenced on these pages), and the massive pollution we are putting into the seas, not least the plastics, 3/ Eating Kangaroo? Why not. Just because it looks cuter than a cow or a pig, so what? It is 100% free range, not battery reared, it is very lean and it isn't pumped full of antibiotics and steroids unlike much of the rest of our current meat supply. And it tastes good too.

Unilever comes out against worldwide rush to biofuels
Though the opposition to biofuels is admirable, their motivations - that when the poor have to spend more on food they can buy less Unilever goods - is classic global corporation psychology

UN urges global biofuel rethink

World's mammals are in crisis, Red List reveals

Frogs face extinction,,24450461-2702,00.html

Pollution linked to appendicitis

Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'

Fisheries waste 'costs billions'

'High level of melamine' in two Cadbury products

FDA: Tiny amount of melamine not harmful to adults
Of course after reading last week's article about the FDA you may rightly be a little skeptical of this helpful advice

Blood tests could eliminate Down's miscarriage risk

Merck's Combination Children's Vaccine Linked to Convulsions

Obesity boom will cost tax payers
But boy are those food corporation profits good?

Some coma patients 'feel pain'

Probiotics 'worthless' for eczema

'St John's Wort plant as effective as Prozac for treating depression', say scientists

Eco bulbs emit skin damaging UV radiation - health experts
As I have said on many occasions they are a corporate scam that feeds off your "global warming" guilt, and pollutes the water table with mercury when disposed of - and now they can give you cancer too.

White Sugar Now Coming From Genetically-Modified Sugar Beets

Weed Killer Chemicals Linked to Brain Cancer

The War on Terror:
Iraq to Give 82% of Proven Oil Reserves to International Oil Companies

British commander says war in Afghanistan cannot be won

US report says Afghanistan conflict rapidly worsening

Reports Link Karzai’s Brother to Afghanistan Heroin Trade
As I have referenced many times before, the war in Afghanistan is over control of two things, the new Trans-Afghanistan pipeline being built by UNOCAL (former employee - Hamid Karzai), and the control of the global drug supply. It is therefore not entirely surprising that the Karzai brothers have fingers in both pies. Don't forget that during the Vietnam war the CIA used to have a nice little sideline in drugs which ran under the auspices of "Air America".

Australian SAS may have killed Afghan governor,25197,24460515-601,00.html
With friends like these......

Homeland Security seeks cyber counterattack system

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents
It is not in the business interests of the world's largest private army (it’s a listed corporation too ) for the Iraq war to end anytime soon - unless someone starts a fight with Iran in the near future that is.

Secrets of Iraq's death chamber

Iraq Foreign Minister says 'very close' to security pact with US
allowing permanent US occupation of Iraq in the 3 massive military bases that they have built in the Iraqi desert

White House anger after judge sets free 17 Chinese Muslims held in Guantanamo for seven years 'without evidence'

The Next War:
World War III Practice Session - In Wales
The rehearsal for the coming war with Iran?

Iran: Intruding jet belonged to NATO§ionid=351020101

Iran could spark Mideast nuclear arms race: Miliband
Conditioning the population for the inevitable

EU, US block IAEA Israel resolution
Double standards?

NATO Chief : Israel entitled to nukes§ionid=351020202

U.S. Military: Tense Encounters With Iran Occur Almost Daily in Strait of Hormuz,2933,433832,00.html
all that is needed now is a spark......

Gay men should be forced to have 'warning' tattoos, says Stock Exchange chaplain
Bigotry alive and well in the Church. Was the subsequent stock market crash God's punishment?

Ridley Scott confirms he is making Brave New World movie

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Somalia is 'most ignored tragedy'
Two words: No Oil

Six million Ethiopians need emergency aid: charity
Did you hear this story from your media outlet as you watched the market's crash?

In food crisis, Cuba limits sales so all can eat
Or this one?

UN in Zimbabwe appeal as millions face starvation
Or this one?

Every country for itself as European unity collapses in an attack of jitters
Though this "crisis" may bring out some good old fashioned nationalistic posturing I somehow doubt that will weaken the resolve or position of those at the very top who are keen to see ever further integration of nation states, until none exist at all.

'Sovereignty threat' after European parliament adopts flag and anthem
If it has a currency, a "parliament", a civil service, a flag, an anthem, and sets at least 80% of laws for its 300m citizens I think it is fairly safe to say that it is THE sovereign power.

Mass Fraud Fears In US Election
Not that it really matters as the agenda will keep marching forward, it is just over bragging rights for whichever faction of the same corporate controlled elite that is at stake.

Anger in China over US $6.4 billion arms plan for Taiwan

US told to increase nuclear arsenal as China threat looms
The "war" with China will be financial, not military, and China will win hands down. However in the meantime time to sell some more weapons to help the balance sheet

Our psychology helps politicians bend the truth

Quote of the Week:

"If Homo Sapiens is such a fool that he can't realise what is before him now and set himself urgently to save the situation, while there is still some light, some freedom of thought, speech and action, can there be the slightest hope than it 50 or a 100 years hence, after he has been through two or three generations of accentuated fear, cruelty and relentless individual frustration, with ever-diminishing opportunity of apprehending the real nature of the troubles, he will be any less of a fool? Why should he undergo a magic change when all the forces within him as without, are plainly set against it?"

- H.G Wells, The Fate of Homo Sapiens (written in the spring of 1939)
- that generation missed its moment and tens of millions died. How many multiples more than that will suffer this time, if we do not act?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 31

If this is your first visit I would suggest that, after viewing the articles in this page, you click onto the "Blog Archive" on the right hand panel. Have a look at some of the previous editions too. That will give you a much fuller picture of what is happening than by simply reading what has happened in the last week.

Areas Covered Each Week:
Civil Liberties - Health - Environment - Democracy & International Relations - Economics - Science - The War on Terror - The Next War

Story of the Week:
Coming to Britain - the Australian flu virus that has already killed hundreds
As one of the comments accurately sums up "That's news to us here in Australia. I live in Melbourne and I also work for respiratory specialists and we have never heard of this Brisbane flu. There has been no adults or children dropping dead from this flu - this is just scare tactics from the NHS" - And I live in Western Australia and there has been no mention or signs of this over here either - More likely the culprit of these scare tactics is not the NHS but the PR departments of the big pharmaceutical companies that are looking to flog lots of flu vaccines the coming Northern winter.

New scientific study proves solar activity impacts climate
"Stating the bleeding obvious" fact of the week

Spotless Sun: Blankest Year of the Space Age
Ever wondered why global temperatures dropped so fast over the last year according to NASA's own figures?

Meat should be rationed to four portions a week to beat climate change, says Government-funded report
Barmy idea of the week, paid for by taxpayers and their guilt over the "climate change that they caused" (see picture of the week)

Party Like It's 1984
Imagine a society in which children are encouraged to be informants against their families over a phony issue? Imagine no longer.

Last gasp’ for many WA species
Made made global warming, sorry its now called climate change isn't it, is a smokescreen to take your eye off the real environmental damage that governments are allowing and corporations are perpetrating. Wake up before it is too late.

The Nonsense of Global Warming
But what would the writer, a historian, know about such things?

Green” Light Bulbs Could Hurt the Environment, Study Says
Confused? Yes. That's the intention. All you need to be aware of is that at the end of each strand of "fact" you are sold someone is making money out of your guilt.

Bayer Pesticide Chemicals Linked to Devastating Collapse of Honeybee Populations
There is also a very strong link to the introduction of GM crops in areas and colony collapse. Either way our greed will lead to very big problems if there are no bees left.

Tiny Plastic Bits Pose Marine Hazard
This is real and massive man made pollution. And it has nothing to do with your breathing emissions (CO2)

Mixed views on new nuclear build
Have you ever wondered why those behind the nuclear power industry have been so effusing about "man made global warming" which has been the best PR their industry has had since Chernobyl?

Brazil government 'worst logger'
Never under-estimate the greed and self interest of man, even from those charged with protecting our invaluable environment

Civil Liberties:
US Troops in Homeland "Crowd Control" patrols from October 1st
The totalitarian takeover of the USA is underway. First the economy is handed on a platter to the corporate baron's of wall street by Congress, then homeland "security" is ramped up...all you need is a spark....another financial crash and/or invasion of Iran and it’s after-effects should do the trick.

US Satellite-Surveillance Program to Begin Despite Privacy Concerns

Economic Eugenics?
The eugenics movement didn't end with the Nazi's

Councils use Google Earth to snoop
Exactly as I warned would happen in earlier editions.

Terror threat in UK 'approaching critical'
Even if this is genuine, and not another attempt to push through some more civil liberties eroding legislation, is it any wonder when for decades integration of minorities has been discouraged in the UK thanks to the ethos of "multi-culturalism", then a minority has been alienated and targeted by the civil liberties clampdown of the "war on terror", and high unemployment in the inner city ghettos - all of which has created a feeding ground for radicalization of the alienated young male Muslim population.

Father arrested and held in a cell for five hours after police claim he stole his own car
The 10 Steps to a Closed Society - Number 6. Arbitrarily detain and release citizens (scroll down for the list in full)

EU to introduce 'virtual strip searches' at airports by 2010
Australian airport trials full-body X-rays,25197,24432963-5006787,00.html
Plane travellers back fingerprint, eye scan checks
Fancy a holiday in the next few years?

Tasering of mom with baby 'necessary,' police say
As I say every week, these are NOT non-lethal weapons, and yet are being given out like candy to police forces worldwide, all to the benefit of the shareholders of The Taser Corporation

Canadian man dies after being tasered by police

Cop commits suicide after Taser death

Russia's Dissident Bloggers Fear for Their Lives
The 10 Steps to a Closed Society - Number 8. Restrict the press. Don't forget last week's article on the EU's legislation to restrict blogging.

Mr. Average Briton breaks the law at least once a day
You are all criminals, you are all potential terrorists, we must control you to "protect you".

Australia's Cops want mass surveillance system,,24387179-15306,00.html

UN report criticises Britain's 'demonising' and jailing of children

New mental health powers threaten rights, claim lawyers

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint
Don't worry they are already tracking far more than that. They are tracking you and potentially everything you say too. They are a 2 way radio device after-all. Watch the documentary Suspect Nation on the side panel to see how.

Skype admits China privacy breach
As if the professional management of a corporation would ever let ethics come between it and a healthy profit?

Sanlu cover up over tainted milk
It's lucky that only corporations from China would ever seek to bribe people to cover up their fatal poisoning of the food supply isn't it? Corporations in democracies would never do such things......

Cannabis linked to depression: stats

Women warned of talcum powder cancer risk

Big Pharma Ties Want to Shut Down Vaccine 'Conspiracy Theories'
Following hot on the heels of last week's reports about the EU legislating against blogging. Freedom of information transfer is against the interests of corporations and governments. Why do you think they want to close down the debate?

FDA Approved Human Medical Experiments with Artificial Blood; Hundreds Died
In a healthy democracy a Government agency is there to protect the people not to make profit for corporations.

US approves test for human and bird flu
The next "big scare"?

9/11 health bill opposed by NY mayor is shelved,0,5355734.story
Thousands of New Yorkers have died or are dying of lung related diseases after breathing in the poisonous dust from the 3 skyscraper collapses that day (yes three - watch the documentaries on the side panel), primarily because they were told within 24 hours that the air was fine to Government officials.

Health chief backs fluoridation plans
What a great idea! Let's dumb down the population by polluting their water-supply with an industrial waste-product despite it having very debatable heath benefits (tooth decay rates are lower in countries and regions that don't fluoridate)

Mobile Phone Use While Pregnant Causes Neurological Problems in Babies

China lung disease 'to kill 83m'
But boy are those profits good or what?

Australian Adult obesity swells by a third,,24438310-2702,00.html
Anything to do with all the "diet" drinks (which do the opposite) and under educated population that is unable to eat anything unless it is pre-processed perchance?

Breastfeeding 'cuts cancer risk'

Vitamin 'may blunt cancer drugs'
A medical breakthrough or another PR assault on the “alternative” sector by the pharmaceutical corporations who are unable to break into that market as you can’t patent a vitamin (yet)?

Finance & Economics:
President Bush signs historic $700 billion plan aimed at stemming credit crisis.
The handing over of the US Government to Wall Street and the Corporations is complete, as thought up by Henry Paulson (previous job CEO of Goldman Sachs), and best thing is that, as I referenced last week, the US Treasury has admitted that the $700b is a made up figure and the actual real figure that the US people will have to pay could well be many times bigger than that. And also ask yourself where will all that money come from?

France seeks €300bn rescue fund for Europe
The European Governments too are acting to help out their "indebted" friends in the financial services sector with tax payers money

Citigroup to buy US bank Wachovia
Bargain hunting part 1- always made easier when you are a part owner of the Federal Reserve (see the Federal Reserve Act 1912) manipulate the market to crash, then pick off your smaller competitors (who aren't on the inside) for a bargain - just like 1929 all over again in fact.

WaMu Is Seized, Sold Off to J.P. Morgan, In Largest Failure in U.S. Banking History
Bargain hunting part 2

UK PM under pressure to reveal details of his £1.9trillion bank bail-out gamble
Proportionately this is potentially a much bigger hangover the UK population is about to feel than their US cousins.

How UK Opposition leaders secretive donors bet on the collapse of Bradford & Bingley

Who Predicted U.S. Economic Collapse Years Ago?
This is the same Ron Paul who tried to become Republican Presidential candidate but got no media coverage. This is the same Ron Paul who warned Congress this week that representatives had been told to vote for the bailout billions or martial law would have to be declared in America. But what would he know?

Global authority can fill financial vacuum
Yes one world currency and government is the only solution, says a man who is a Council on Foreign Relations member, former policy planner under Henry Kissinger, a former managing director of Lehman Brothers and now a professor of business at Yale. Funny that's a very similar message from another well networked chap, Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, back in June

Central banks favor gold as crisis unfolds
As I have said in many previous editions the smart money is already moving to the safety of gold which will soar once the bombing of Iran starts in the next few months.

US taxpayers are being enrolled in an economic chain gang
Basically yes.

China banks told to halt lending to US banks
The Chinese are playing the strategic long game. Their domination is almost at hand, however at the end of the day it isn't about nationality or religion, it is, and always has been about wealth, control and power, concentrated in the hands of a tiny political and corporate elite (see the next article)

Bank of China buys into Rothschild Bank

There Might Be a Financial Crisis, But the World's Arms Dealers Are Doing Just Fine
War is great for business. Remember that when the bombing of Iran commences in the next few months.

The War on Terror:
U.S. to Fund Pro-American Publicity in Iraqi Media
As if the Iraqi people haven't suffered enough

British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is doomed, according to leaked memo
Do you reckon he's going to be looking for a new job soon? Anyway he's wrong. As long as whoever is in control of Afghanistan maintains the big pipeline that's just been built across the country, and keeps the opium flowing then "everyone" will be happy.

Bush had no plan to catch Bin Laden
You don't say! However don't be at all surprised if old Osama is "captured dead or alive" this side of the US elections - hence all the Pakistan attacks by the US

Continuing US losses will lead to military strikes on Pakistan

Several killed in US drone attack

Pakistan blames US raids for hotel bombing

Iraqi military deaths up

US threatens to steal Iraq oil money

The Next War:
Ahmadinejad accepts Israel's right to exist
Funny this has had virtually no mainstream news coverage anywhere in the Western World. Could it be that some people out there want a war perhaps?

US sends advanced radar system to Israel in advance of Iran attack

Israel; Air Force to halt use of US cluster bombs & make own
They may well be using a lot of them in the near future so it makes economic (but not moral) sense.

N Korea 'restoring nuclear plant'
But luckily for them they don't have any oil.

Primary school axes spelling tests because they are too 'distressing' for pupils
The dumber the general population, the more subservient they will be to their master's designs, and more ignorant to the plight of their fellow inhabitants of this planet.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
How China has created a new slave empire in Africa
The unpalatable truth behind the 2nd "Scramble for Africa"

The Simpsons parody fraud using electronic voting machines
as if that would ever happen......

Cyber-security expert on why voting systems are inherently insecure

North America Must Integrate for Trade, Mexican President Says
What is happening in the world currently, not least the financial crisis, is being manipulated by the global elite to create the stepping stones towards a One World Government. The creation of a North American Union (just the the EU) with its own currency is the next logical step in that path, a path that is so beneficial to business, and so un-beneficial to humanity, freedom and democracy.

CIA ‘backed’ Irish battle against Brussels treaty

US under Martial Law? – Not yet, but...

Princess Mary follows Diana in mine sweep
She'd better be careful. Remember what happened to the last high profile princess who campaigned against this rather profitable part of the global armaments industry.

Quote of the Week:

"In whatever way a democratic system might be sick, terrorism does not heal it, it kills it. Democracy is healed with democracy."

- Viginio Rognoni - that goes for state terrorism, like war, too