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Open Your Eyes News - Edition 19

US backs statin use for children
Or alternatively stop feeding them junk, selling them "diet" drinks under the false premise that it will enable them to lose weight, and make sport a much bigger part of school life. Bet hey, where's the profit in that for pharmaceutical companies?

Four Out of Five Sunscreens May Be Hazardous to Your Health
The only way to be safe in the sun if you are fair skinned is to moderate your exposure and cover up. Rubbing a concoction of chemicals into your semi-permeable skin is not a recipe for success (unless you sell sun creams that is in which case roll up, roll up)

Civil Liberties:
Want some torture with your peanuts?
A truly charming piece of technology that I have highlighted in previous editions. But why stop at just having to wear it to fly? Why not make everyone wear it all the time? As many people love to say "Well I've got nothing to fear" - history tells me that that tends to be very wishful thinking - read the quote by Martin Niemöller in the right hand column.

Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise
Crowd control 21st century style. How do you think technology like this will effect your decision whether or not to peacefully protest about something you feel passionately about?

Senate gives Bush what he wants in surveillance bill
US civil liberties take another backward step, and the 4th Amendment is consigned to history. The totalitarian tip-toe in action. Step by tiny step the necessary steps are taken until wham, it's too late to stop it (read the 10 Steps to a Closed Society at the bottom of this page)

Italy rebuke on Roma fingerprints
They’ll still do it though “to protect” the minority. Expect similar measures, including micro-chipping, of other minorities and socially deprived groups.

Council uses terrorist snooping powers on 900 members of the public
Only acting in the same way that all good bureaucrats would when presented with the opportunity to push their own little agenda's further to make themselves feel important. No different from the "ordinary" German's who ran the concentration camps with such efficiency in World War 2.

Big Brother could be your APS meter-reader
I wonder if they have read some books on how the East German Stasi used to run it's surveillance operations? The same is happening in the UK with warrent cards being issued to traffic warden's over the last few months "in case they are needed in a time of emergency and the police are stretched". The creation of a "paramilitary" force - Step number 3 in the creation of a closed society (see the bottom of the page for the full list)

Cleaner skies explain surprise rate of warming
So cleaner, less polluted skies mean more climate change? I'm sure large corporations can do something to help there by off-shoring their manufacturing to countries with laxer pollution controls.

Doomed to a fatal delusion over climate change
Some key quotes from the Garnaut Report which is the Australian Government's report on how to "tackle man made" climate change: "the rapid rate of the current warming is highly unusual in the context of the past millennium” (To a degree (if you’ve excuse the pun) it is, though there have been a few variations over the last 1000 years, but then again climate change is hardly thing that you base you entire assumptions over a microscopic timescale in the greater scheme of things, and the rate of change is certainly very slow by historical standards). There is also the "that there is a greater than 90% chance that the 'global average net effect of human activities since 1750 has been one of warming" - from the totally unbiased IPCC report, and even despite that there is therefore still a 10% chance that it is all to do with the sun like every on previous occasion. Basically it was an academic trying to cover his bases (“I never said it was definitely CO2”) for the day when there is serious and open debate on the subject again and he gets ridiculed for being wrong. However I somehow doubt his caveats will slow the politicians juggernaut….damn why the hell would they want to stop such a great money making scheme as carbon trading and carbon taxes that the public don’t even object to because they feel so guilty!

Japanese and Canadian miners' $500m bet on uranium,,24001991-2702,00.html
Businesses don’t gamble with that kind of money. Very soon Western Australia’s “incorruptible” politician’s, and Federal Environment Minister (ex-Midnight Oil singer and anti-nuclear campaigner, Peter Garrett) will be “persuaded” to remove their ban on the mining uranium to “save the planet from CO2 emissions

PWC says business needs carbon pricing quickly
I’m not being cynical or anything but do you think the real reason why PWc (and the other accounting firms) want this is a/ because they care about the planet despite the dubious scientific basis for carbon trading, or b/ because their consultancy fees have plummeted now that all their Sarbanes Oxley, IFRS and Y2K work is completed?

NZ emissions plan upsets farmers
I can’t imagine why they are getting upset with having to bear the brunt of tackling “man made” climate change. This is clearly the only time ever in the earth’s history that there have been animals emitting methane after-all.

Bees' disappearance may lead to higher food cost
No Bees = No food. By amazing co-incidence the population collapses usually happen soon after GM crops are introduced to an area (not that Monsanto would like that to become common knowledge - could you imagine what it would do to profits?).

Science & Technology:
Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says
There is no recorded precedent of what could happen if the earth's geo-magnetic field reverses with North becoming South etc. Suffice to say when it one day happens expect things to get quite chaotic in our technological world. And that day may be sooner than we would like to think....

Breakthrough: Artificial DNA Could Power Future Computers
AI coming soon? What will the moral, ethical and security issues of that be?

Organic dye lets window panes harvest the Sun
I hate to be a cynic, but as so often with inventions like this which will have a benefit for all mankind, this will probably disappear from view after being bought by a car or oil firm. A combination of solar power, wave energy and geo-thermal energy could easily solve all the worlds energy problems, and thus stop the endless wars for raw materials that have plagued the earth for the last half century, and erase a large proportion of our pollution (which is much worse than the boogey man that is CO2). But where’s the profit margin in that. As Lavoisier’s Law of Conservation of Mass says “Matter can be neither created or destroyed” There is an abundance of energy out there, we just need to will to harness it.

Schools used for 'social engineering', claims head-teacher
The more parents abdicate responsibility the more the state step's into the gap. Lucky they only have our best interests at heart always eh?

Common wildlife 'alien' to many British kids
Let's face it, if we are abdicating responsibility to the state we had better be prepared for the consequences, and a woeful breadth of education is just one of them

New legal threat to school science in the US
It is as if the Reformation never happened. The slow descent away from reason back towards bronze age religious dogma is underway in the "Land of the Free".

Children as young as three should be reported for 'racism', Government-funded group claims
Yes let’s start branding toddlers so that we know what future crimes they will commit. In fact, why stop there? Why not brand and risk categorise them even before they are born after looking at their parents? Oh no wait, we’re already doing that. Sounds just like the kind of thing that a free and democratic society would do.

U.K. to Begin Micro-chipping Prisoners
As I predicted a while back another flurry of articles worldwide on micro-chipping different sections of society is beginning. Expect more pieces on the benefits of chipping children / the elderly / minorities, from your local media outlet soon.

Finance & Economics:
Dow Jones dives as Hank Paulson rules out rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
When Fannie or Freddie do go bust, then the US tax payer will end up picking up the tab (about equal in size to the current and already massive US national debt) just as the British taxpayers have been paying to bail out Northern Rock and B&B. When that happens expect a considerable and concerted campaign to persuade the US people to ditch the dollar and take up the "Amero" a joint currency union with fellow NAFTA members Canada and Mexico. And the FM's meanwhile will be snapped up on the cheap by one of the big private banks that own the Federal Reserve. In fact exactly the same way that those same banks consolidated their dominance during the 1930's Great Depression when they snapped up smaller banking assets on the cheap.

The final Globalization of the US Banking System
Don't ever forget that the US Federal Reserve (& the Bank of England too) is a privately owned bank (if you don't believe me do your own research, and read the 1913 Federal Reserve Act). They are not in this for yours or the nation's benefit. They are a corporation, and there is only one agenda and that is securing long term profit by whatever means necessary.

OPEC's Khelil rules out oil price decline
Plus why the hell would we want to reduce our profits when you suckers are prepared to pay that much for it?

Oil hits new high on Iran fears
When the bombing starts it will get up to its "target" level over over $250 per barrel. It won't be any more expensive to extract, and in fact potential supply will be bigger as more remote areas (e.g.: the Arctic) are plundered....but just think of those profit's. What a motivation to keep them there in perpetuity.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
Brussels to open its own police stations in UK
Do you still really think that the UK is a sovereign democracy and its parliament reigns supreme over the populous? Step by tiny step that independence has drifted away and now the majority of laws come in the form of directives from the very un-democratic EU. So much for a free trade area only that you voted for back in the 1970's. The totalitarian tip-toe in all its glory, and now it is probably too late to stop the tide. Residents of other sovereign nations please take note.

Scepticism abounds on Mediterranean club,dwp_uuid=70662e7c-3027-11da-ba9f-00000e2511c8.html
40 years ago there was scepticism that the then EEC would ever be able to persuade more countries to join, and the existing countries to give up their sovereignty, and yet look at where we are today

Over caviar and sea urchin, G8 leaders mull food crisis What is the fuel and food costs associated with having the conference, as they jet to Japan on ½ full planes, Japan spends hundred’s of millions hosting and policing it, then they will feast at sumptuous banquets and wash it down with large quantities of the world’s finest wines. And this while preaching about “making the world a safer place” when they are the all in the top 10 arms producers in the world. Hypocrisy perchance? What is guaranteed will be that, arms sales will keep going up, third world debt will continue to rise, the oil price will keep rising, millions more will go hungry, and GM crops will increasingly be sold to you as the “solution” to the food crisis.

Fury as Zimbabwe sanctions vetoed
You didn't really ever expect China to harm one of it's best customers for weapons, especially when they've recently signed deals to snaffle up Zimbabwe's mineral wealth too did you?

The War on Terror:
Afghan strike 'hit wedding party'
Winning “hearts & mins” US military style

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,118
That figure of course doesn't include the hundred's who have committed suicide after returning home...or the ten's of thousands of Iraqi's who have died....or the hundred's of thousands of Iraqi's who will die as a result of all the depleted uranium we have been depositing all over their country.

The Next War:
Iran to "hit Tel Aviv, U.S. ships" if attacked
A "straightforward" one sided military encounter like the last 2 Gulf Wars this won't be.

Iran missile test 'provocative'
Unlike bombing Iraq back to the stone age for failing to give back WMD it never had then? As I have said since the very first edition this war is coming soon, most probably during the Olympics or in between the US election and Inauguration. The wheels are in motion, the motive is there and it serves the great agenda - that is to control the oil supply and therefore keep prices high, to keep selling weapons and "reconstruction" service, and to create such instability that your democratic rights and civil liberties need to be massively eroded "for your own protection". This is happening now. If we all do not stand up soon it will be game over, just as the German opposition found in 1933.

Israel 'ready to act' over Iran
Well of course they are. They just need a whip up worldwide "anger and fear" over Iran a little more first.

U.S., Israel take dangerous steps
I hate to tell you this but starting a war is exactly the intention. Great for business after-all (as long as you are a religious zealot, in the defence industry, the Oil industry, or a Halliburton shareholder that is).

Quotation of the Week:

The past should never be forgotten, since we can always learn from it
– ancient Chinese proverb

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Open Your Eyes News - Edition 18

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World Food Crisis:

Rich nations poised to tackle soaring oil, food prices
What just like they were poised to "tackle global poverty and third world debt" at the G8 summit in 2004 which coincided with the Live Earth concert? All they did was make lots of platitudes, and then proceeded to increase 3rd world debt and poverty, all in the name of greed, control and power. Don't expect anything different this time no matter what the spun press releases tell you.


Mercury fillings ARE dangerous say regulators
Didn't you ever wonder why the dentist treated it so carefully wearing protective gloves before putting it into your mouth. If you have them remove them now, because you really don't want to digest mercury or let it hit your blood stream.

Mother's junk food 'harms child'
You are what you eat, even before you are born


Decline in bee diversity could sting crop producers
The situation is therefore worse than previously feared. Not only are the bees dying out worldwide (due to GM Crop introductions, pesticides?) but also their diversity is reducing. Remember: No bees = No food = No us

Greenland ice offers clues to last big melt
"temperatures in Greenland rose by 10 °C in just 50 years” at the end of the last ice age eh? Damn those Neolithic ancestors having so many bonfires and giving off CO2. I know the last sentence says the usual “but this time it’s all our fault” line, but really think about it. What is more likely: the sun largely causing the current (not that rapid) climate change, as it has most previous occasions? (the other culprit has been volcanic eruptions) Or that we did it, as told to us by those who have a vested interest in us feeling guilty (prepared to pay more tax, more for fuel, guilt for breathing therefore there should be less of us etc), and the same groups who have a vested interest for us to take our eye off the ball of the real and massive environmental destruction that is taking place, every day, around the world.

Cows and coal
Yes indeed you read it right. Cows are causing global warming by farting and therefore emitting methane. Though this is a light hearted opinion piece plenty of such stories, in a serious, vein are being pit out all the time. It's a scam people. Much worse things are happening to the environment.

Groundwater to be studied
Mercury in the water table. Coming to a glass of water near you once those "energy efficient" light-bulbs you bought break, and the mercury in them seems into the ground when you throw them out. Oh and make sure you wear protective equipment when you clear up the mess on your floor.

Pirate fishing boats target Africa
Very soon there will be no fish left in the oceans. Do you really think this planet will sustain 8 billion human's then?

Plastic in the ocean is becoming a big problem
Why is the green lobby using up all it's media time on the scam that is CO2 emissions, when things covered in the last 3 articles go virtually unreported?

Science & Technology:

CERN Council looks forward to LHC start-up
As mentioned in a previous edition the scientists behind this great (& very, very expensive) experiment to "re-create" a mini big bang have assured us that there is nothing to worry about. However if they got their long and complicated mathematical calculations wrong, when it is first fired up in August, then a quantum singularity will form and the universe will be destroyed. You (may) have about one month to get your affairs in order.

US planned nerve gas tests on diggers,25197,23977039-601,00.html
Just because it happened in the past doesn't mean that they aren't prepared to equally immoral things today.


Helpless rage at morally bankrupt 'sex education' that just encourages under-age flings
The more control we abdicate responsibility to the bureaucrats of the state to educate every aspect of life to our children the worse the effects have become. Just look at the education system in your country, and its relationship with civil behavior, since the education "reforms" started in the 1960's.

Civil Liberties:

Google must divulge YouTube log
If they have to hand all that information to another company, it means that Governments will now (assuming they don’t already) access it too. Bye, bye internet privacy, hello Big Brother. More importantly have you received the subtle message here? From now on anything you search for or view on your PC is no longer private. Will you think twice next time before visiting a site that one day might be viewed as seditious?

US to get access to your personal files - bank details, visited websites, salaries...
Can you hear your privacy just slipping away? Probably not, that is why this process is known as the Totalitarian Tip-Toe. Step by small step the process continues before it is either too late or we stop it. Which will it be?

Spy, phone protection bill clears Senate hurdle
Another nail in the coffin of US civil liberties.

Police `torture' videos cause uproar in Mexico
America has been training Latin American regimes this kind of stuff for 50 years now at the School of the America's, Read the history of Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile etc and you'll see why this is not an isolated incident

ID cards: aviation industry a political pawn say airline bosses
You don't say!

Freed Sudan terror suspect angry at Britain
I can't imagine why he would be angry. Seems perfectly reasonable behavior from a "strong democracy" like Britain.

France terror laws 'flout rights'
As do most Western “anti-terror” laws. It always saddens me how politicians on one hand say “We won’t let the terrorists win by changing our way of life” and then go and change it for the worse anyway. Stand up and do your own little bit to peacefully reverse this process, wherever you live, while you are still able to.

Finance & Economics:

Iran optimism steadies oil price
Don't get too optimistic folks. The agenda is $200+ per barrel and there is far too much money to be made for that day not to come sooner, rather than later. As for Iran, well if I was an Iranian leader I would be doing everything I could to delay the inevitable bombing. But it will come and probably not in the too distant future either.

Democracy & International Diplomacy:

Obama’s Money Class
So Obama is being bankrolled by The Goldman Sachs, UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and the Rockefeller's. I think it is fairly safe to say that the agenda will continue even once Dubya has left the White

Forget slump, Americans get hot goss,25197,23969664-2703,00.html
As the Roman's used to say, give the proles Bread & Circuses. That way they don't see what is really going on. The dumming down of Western "civilisation" continues apace. Just look at your TV News reports now compared to a decade ago, or the amount of political satire of the calibre of Yes Minister there is today.

China resists US push for UN to punish Zimbabwe,25197,23969664-2703,00.html
The real reason why the West hasn't acted over the inhuman farce that is Zimbabwe - China. The Chinese not only have been selling weapons to Robert (while we were all fretting about their earthquake the other month - see earlier OYE editions) but also they have a number of key deals to pillage what natural resources Zimbabwe has left (much as they have in that other haven of freedom, Burma). The US won't act therefore as they will need tacit Chinese support when they (or Israel on their behalf) start bombing Iran. You scratch my back, I scratch yours...shame about all the human's dying but ce la vie.

United Nations Parliamentary Assembly One World Government in disguise
Once all the of the 4 Union's are in place (Europe, America, Africa, Asia - all at different stages of development, but all coming along nicely) then we shall have a single currency (great for business - bad for democracy) and a UN army to impose it's will on naysayers. For those who go "it'll never happen", just remember back to the 1970's when you were told that the EEC was just going to be a free trade area - and now look where it is.

By-election fails to excite voters
Though I sincerely hope that David Davis is legitimate in his stand against a creeping Big Brother state, we should remain vigilant that he is not in fact a Trojan Horse. As he will become the face of civil liberties in the UK now, and eventually Home Secretary most probably, it is not inconceivable that he will be much more able to sell you a reduction in your civil liberties when the time comes as you will trust him.

Spin doctor behind Davis's campaign promotes ID cards
As I mentioned on the previous item. A Trojan horse?

The War on Terror:

Iraq seeking help to develop oil
The plundering of Iraq’s wealth moves into a new phase. Despite the assurances and guarantees, expect reality to be a little murkier with back hander's galore and foreign oil companies gaining massive oil assets on the cheap.

British and US companies win Iraq oil contracts
Ker-ching goes the cash register

Unfulfilled promises haunt Afghanistan
The reality of the "liberation" of Afghanistan

The Next War:

Iran Vows to Pursue Uranium Enrichment Program
Seeing as The Voice of America has long been the voice of the CIA since it started up in the 1940's I think it is fairly safe to say that bombing Iran is still very much on the agenda.

Quote of the Week:

"The corporation itself may not so easily escape the psychopath diagnosis, however. Unlike the human beings who inhabit it, the corporation is singularly self interested and unable to feel genuine concern for others in any context....The corporation is irresponsible, because in an attempt to satisfy the corporate goal, everybody else is put in risk....Corporations try to manipulate everything, including public opinion.....(they display) a lack of empathy and asocial tendencies....corporations often refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions and are unable to feel remorse...Corporations relate to others superficially - their whole goal is to present themselves to the public in a way that is appealing to the public but in fact may not be representative of what the organisation is really like. Human psychopaths are notorious for their ability to use charm as a mask to hide their dangerously self-obsessed personalities."
- The Corporation, Joel Bakan (Professor of Law at the University of British Columbia)