Sunday, July 20, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 20

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What is History?:
The first draft of history is always written by those who either win, or have vested interest in maintaining the myth of this received wisdom. Nowadays anyone who goes against this received wisdom (in other words the 1st Draft) is often branded a "conspiracy theorist" which is a modern sully to portray those questioning the 1st draft as completely mad, as can be seen here in an opinion piece in a major UK newspaper this week:
So, you believe in conspiracy theories, do you? You probably also think you're the Emperor of Pluto

First of all, all history is theory. To have "fact" you have to have 100% knowledge of all information relating to an event, including protagonists thoughts and motivations, which is clearly not possible in any circumstances. Writing on history, whether it is about events from a thousand years ago or yesterday, is like being in court, and trying to judge the most likely "truth", and then decide whether you make your judgment on the principal of "beyond reasonable doubt" (as in criminal cases), or "on the balance of probabilities" (as in a civil case).

Using the vexed case of US Government involvement in 9/11 as an example you could weigh up the facts like this:
- Does accused have form, or as American law show's would say "priors"? It does - lots. For example The Gulf of Tonkin incident that sparked the American phase of the Vietnam War, The Zimmerman Telegram and the sinking of the Lusitania that helped get America into WW1 against public opinion; or breaking the Japanese naval communications code and yet still allowing the attack on Pearl Harbor that got the US into WW2 against public opinion.
- Have the accused (and its associates, such as the defence industry, Halliburton and the Oil industry) got motive? - Yes, plenty of it, most beginning with a $ sign, but also the ability to increase Executive Power through things like the "Patriot Act" that
- Does the accused have the where with all to pull it off? - without doubt. But remember the case of the murder of Thomas The Beckett in 1170. King Henry II didn't directly ask for the murder to happen, he simply said out loud "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?", and the rest as they say was history.
- Does the official story have any inconsistencies in it? - Three (yes 3) steel framed skyscrapers collapsing in on their own foot prints at near free fall speed as if there was no friction; the hole in the side of the Pentagon (before the wall collapsed) being smaller than the size of the plane that was supposed to have hit it; the BBC & CNN reporting WT7 collapsing 18 minutes before it happened; the vaporizing of Flight 93, the first time ever that a large passenger plane literally disappeared into pieces no bigger than the PC keyboard in front of you, no engines, no tail planes, nothing, all gone; and George Bush Snr having breakfast with Osama's brother in Washington at a Carlyle Group (Venture Capital Fund) meeting as it was happening!
- Has the accused benefitted from the incident? - again without doubt. No 9/11 = No war on Terror, No invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, No Patriot Acts 1 & 2, No surveillance society, No massive war profits for Halliburton, No increase of oil prices from $20 a barrel to more than $120 a barrel.

Now decide where is the most likely "truth" is based on conflicting and incomplete evidence;
- whether it be beyond reasonable doubt - turning an official blind eye (or can it all be put down to "institutional incompetence"?), and wasn't it fortunate what we wanted to happen in the Project for a New American Century think tank (that Rumsfeld and Cheney chaired before 2000) actually did happen?
- or the balance of probabilities - at the very least turning a blind eye, the financial support of the Pakistan secret service (ISI) chief who was in Washington when it happened, the official story already worked out in advance (and the Patriot Act already drafted in advance); "terrorists" passports surviving the crashes; covering up any loose ends with Pentagon and World Trade Centre 7 (home to New York branches of FBI, CIA, NSA amongst others) being destroyed.

.......but the point is, that just like the suspicious deaths of JFK, RFK, Stalin and Alexander the Great I suspect we will never know for sure either way. Anyone who ever tells you a debate is over, or attacks those who question the official story of any event, will always have motivation (in this case the prospect of future journalistic promotion perhaps?) to maintain the status quo. Why do you think new history books come out daily all giving a new interpretation of events that often happened hundred's or even thousands of years ago?

PS: Rather tellingly about 90% (n.1790) of the public comments after the article were rather less than impressed with this journalists dismissive summing up of any and all who might dare shed a different light on an event which has made all our lives more scrutinized and oppressed under the guise of feeling 'safe'.

Civil Liberties:
U.S. terrorism watch list tops 1 million
That’s one million people who are potentially being spied on (officially) and lives impeded by the state. This includes many independent journalists, intellectuals and academics. The first groups that anyone trying close a society down needs to silence, by one way or another

Big Brother database recording all our calls, texts and e-mails will 'ruin British way of life'
So exactly the same technology which, by an amazing co-incidence, is being used to do the same thing to spy on the US population as we reported a few weeks back. I think the line "the public’s traditional freedoms were under grave threat from creeping state surveillance" pretty much sum it up.

Sarkozy Moves to Control French Media
Meanwhile in France another screw is tightened in the erosion of freedoms there too.

President Nicolas Sarkozy 'turning France into monocracy'
Yet another mention for Nicholas who has been very busy recently in his concerted effort to erode French (and European) democracy.

MoD admits loss of secret files
Yet another "oops" moment from the UK government. And of course at some later point after an "event" its loss could be used to back up the official story of the event so to justify the subsequent further clampdown on freedoms.

Obama's 'civilian national security force'
The Ten Steps To Create a Closed Society. Number 3 - Create a paramilitary force. (for all 10 steps read the bottom of this page). I'm afraid McCain will be no better so don't get your hopes up on that front.

Italy to fingerprint all to avoid discrimination
As previously reported here they were originally just going to finger-print the Roma (gypsy) minority for "their own protection". But hey this is the next best thing. Speeds up the process of fully controlling the sheep, sorry population, which the plan after-all.

Caught On Camera: Teen Dies After Shot With Taser Gun
Taser's are not "non-lethal" weapons. And yet they are being handed out like candy to police forces across the world with far less operational rules governing their use than guns

12 Babies die during vaccine trials in Argentina
But its all okay GSK shareholders, full & legal "consent forms" were signed first.

Fluoridated water now reaches nearly 70% of U.S. population
Slightly misleading article when they say that Fluoride is naturally occurring. Yes it is, but the stuff they actually pump into your water is actually the waste product from the Aluminum industry, which otherwise would have to be carefully and very expensively disposed of (because its highly toxic). That is until some bright spark came up with idea of it's "health benefits" - which are questionable to say the least as countries that don't fluoridate water have lower tooth decay rates than those that do! Hence why even the American Dental Association even advise parents not to make up baby formula with fluoridated water as there is a harmful level of consumption on a body weight ratio (same goes for mercury ingestion by the way via vaccinations)!

Climate pain ahead for folk in the 'kidney stone belt'
You couldn’t make this stuff up could you? The latest angle on “it’s all man’s fault” argument, appealing to the sufferers of kidney stones and telling them that they may get more kidney stones if they don’t combat their CO2 emissions!! Perhaps they could stop breathing as that would cut CO2 emissions. Alternatively perhaps I could suggest, as a previous sufferer of kidney stones myself, that they could simply try eating a better diet so not getting so much heart burn which they combat with calcium antacid tablets, and of course just drink lots of water instead of fizzy drinks.

Parents and teachers urged to diagnose ADHD,,24046035-661,00.html
Don't give them drugs - period. Once they go on, when do they come off. Most cases of ADHD are caused by the processed rubbish the kids are being fed, or misdiagnosis. However where's the profit margin in that for the drug companies?

Monsanto patent fight ensnares Missouri farm town
Monsanto's takeover of US food production continues apace. With now the majority of Europe's food production being subject to patent (thanks to that cross-fertilisation we were told would never happen) Europe will soon be under it’s control. The question now is how long can the other major world food producers like Australia hold out against the corporate onslaught that seeks to control everything we eat, both meat & arable?

Bush lifts offshore drilling ban
Them good ‘ol boys down Texas way must be rubbing their hands with glee. Nothing stifles the people’s environmental consciences like being hit in the back pocket. Environmental impact? What environmental impact? Just think of them there profits boys.

Forests to fall for food and fuel
Human “civilisation” continues on its headlong drive to destroy the planet, and in doing so itself. Is it any wonder that at this rate our “civilisation” will last for 10,000 years, and yet the Australian Aborigines managed to survive 50,000 years by living in harmony with the harshest environment on earth.

What Global Warming?
This is the biggest scam in history. Look at the motivations: Big Business wants to you to forget about all the real and very damaging pollution they are inflicting on the eco-system; the Nuclear Power and Bio-Tech industries want you to see them as your saviors and not evil; Governments want to tax you with "ethical" taxes you you don't mind paying (a politicians wet dream), and they also strategically don't mind you being weaned off your reliance on fossil fuels; The oil industry wants it because you will be more accepting of artificially high prices (through the controlled limitation of supply in a time of rising demand - thus higher profits) as you will be "saving the planet"; Many academics go along with it for the fear of politicians or business withdrawing funding, the ever present fear of academia, if they go "off message"; and what is left of the free and independent media and opinion formers dare not put their head's on the block and go against the official story for fear of being targeted by the ever present McCarthyism like witch hunts that this era has created - Climate Change has always happened, and often much more rapidly and severely than it is in our brief lifetimes. There is a hell of a lot of real pollution going on and we are destroying the fragile environment that we live in putting our entire existence in jeopardy, and yet we are being thrown a red herring and all looking the other way.

Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film
This is what happens if a broadcaster does go against the official mantra on "man made" climate change. Funny there hasn't been any similar witch hunt as a result of the numerous inaccuracies in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". At least there are still some people thinking for themselves out there as can be seen from the fact that Channel 4 received a record number of phone calls that were six to one in favour of the arguments made.

Evidence doesn't bare out alarmist claims of global warming,21985,24036602-5000117,00.html
Enough said really

The Inexorable Comeback of Nuclear Energy,1518,565363,00.html
It wasn't so long ago when public opinion rightly saw Nuclear Power as a bad idea, not least due the near never ending pollution and cost, but thanks to "Man Made Climate Change" it is now our savior. Just remember a lot of very rich, powerful and influential people are going to make a hell out of money out of this, and their motivations are not philanthropic in the slightest.

UN warns on biofuel crop reliance
Millions are going to die through the effects of starvation caused by this giant scam. And get this - it actually increases CO2 emissions so isn't any help in that monumental scam anyway!

A World Without Bees,,2291845,00.html
This isn't the review of a sci-fi novel, this is hard fact and it is happening right now.

Science & Technology:
Scientists: Humans and machines will merge in future
Nano-technology and AI (artificial intelligence) are no longer 7the stuff of science fiction, they are very close and their moral, ethical and threat implications have not been examined nearly enough. We must have that debate sooner, rather than later.

Cern lab goes 'colder than space'
As noted in earlier edition, there is a theoretical, if small, mathematical chance that when this thing is fired up in August it will create a black hole that will destroy the earth.

Finance & Economics:
OPEC warns against military conflict with Iran
Are you ready for an "unlimited" rise in the price of oil?...our friends in Saudi & Texas, and in the board rooms at BP, Shell and Exxon can't wait!

Banks 'pushing' families into debt,25197,24048493-643,00.html
And the banks response to that slanderous accusation? "Are we bothered?"

Democracy & International Diplomacy:
China 'is fuelling war in Darfur'
So no different from what America does currently, and Britain used to do in it's heyday then. Divide an conquer. Sell both sides arms to kill each other, and then take their raw materials (in this case lots of oil) on the cheap from whichever side is on top. Result (unless you are Sudanese obviously)

Irish wary of 'second vote' idea
And so they should be wary. Because woe betide them and their position on the EU gravy train should the people democratically vote the wrong way a second time

Saudi king appeals for tolerance
This is from the leader of a country that still conducts frequent public executions, including for those who convert to another religion other than Islam, and cuts the hands off thieves! You couldn't make it up.

The War on Terror:
Book Cites Secret Red Cross Report of C.I.A. Torture of Qaeda Captives
Much as I would love justice to be done, I fear the chances of Bush and his puppet master Cheney ever being successful prosecuted in an International War Crimes Court are less than zero.

Bin Laden driver lawyers can interview witnesses
Don't they know we're at war here? Letting defence lawyers talk to the defendant? We're going soft on terror here people! I mean this guy used to drive Osama around and we know what a threat he is. After-all the FBI's spokesman, Rex Tomb, said in 2006 "The FBI has no hard evidence connecting Osama Bin Laden to 9/11". Let's just torture him, find him guilty, execute him and have done with it.

UK 'must check' US torture denial
What, so that means Governments lie? Surely not?

The Next War:
President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran
Do you believe me yet that this was planned a long, long time ago and is part of a much bigger agenda?

Saudis offer Moscow billions to break with Tehran
Buying off any potential flies in the ointment for this lovely little war they are planning. Interestingly Prince Bandar bin Sultan is the same Saudi prince who was referred to as "Bandar Bush" in the documentary Fahrenheit 911 due to his close links with the Bush family - what a small world it is (see Photo of the Week at the bottom of the page)

Ron Paul: "Some Big Events Are About To Occur"
What the hell would the Republican Congressman from Texas know about such things. I mean it's not as if he was standing to be the next President very recently was it? Oh wait he did, just the mainstream media, including the BBC, completely forgot to mention him when they were running through this list of all the politicians in the primaries.

US set for historic Iran meeting
Don't get your hopes up folks. There is far, far too much money and control to be made out of this war to stop it now.

Quote of the Week:

"By early October 1940, we (the USA) had broken many of the Japanese military codes, specifically parts of the Kaigun Ango: the twenty nine separate naval codes that gave us a pretty good idea of what their fleet was up to during the entire year before Pearl Harbour......On Saturday, November 15 1941, General Marshall, the US Army Chief of Staff, called in various Washington newspaper chiefs. After swearing them to secrecy, he told them that we had broken Japan's naval codes, and that war with Japan would start sometime during the first ten days of December" (in the end it started on the 8th December 1941)
- Gore Vidal, The Last Empire