Sunday, May 18, 2008

Open Your Eyes News - Edition 11

The World Food Crisis

Food crisis due to too many people: Prince Philip
he eugenics movement never died after WW2 it just metamorphosised into the “environmental movement" (same people, different packaging), a softer way of selling the depopulation agenda. Here is the first President of the WWF, Prince Philip, showing his “compassionate” side this week.

Fat is an environmental issue
An additional, albeit minor, reason behind the world food crisis

Health & Science:

No MMR? Then you won’t start school
Some parents not wanting to pump a load of toxins into their young children thus hitting profits? I know let's threaten to exclude their child from the education system - they'll soon come back into line. (Stalin would be so proud)

Autism Court Case
Here's 9,800 parents who wished they'd not bothered with the vaccinations no matter what the bullying tactics used on them to comply.

The HPV Vaccine: Preventive Care or Human Sacrifice?
Adverse reactions to the latest "wonder drug" - the same one we mentioned in the last edition that MSD are keen now to give to boys as well as girls (double the profit?)

Here come the designer babies
Are you ready for two tiers of human’s, “Normal’s” and “Enhanced”?


Air pollution linked to dangerous blood clots
More (real) man-made pollution

Global biodiversity slumps 27% in 35 years
Mankind’s true impact on the earth is not a pretty one. Nothing to do with CO2, just our short-sightedness & greed. These callous actions will come back to haunt us.

Politics & Democracy:

Major Media Has Total Blackout Of Bilderberg Meeting
Did any media outlet you read, watch or listen to mention that the Bilderberg Group met last weekend? No of course why would they do a silly thing like that when there is a get together of the who's who of world politics, business and royalty. I mean what they discuss at forums like that are hardly going to affect you & I after all. (However - as it wasn't mainstream reported it is very, very difficult to ascertain whether it actually took place or whether it was one of the usual pre-meeting smokescreens that are usually thrown up)

USA Today 'overlooks' 25,000 deaths in Myanmar for Jenna 'I dos'
Have a guess which story USA Today ran with - Jenna Bush's wedding, or tens of thousands dying in Burma. Answer's on a postcard please to "There is something wrong with this picture Competition"

Jounalist Arrested
Yet another attack on journalistic freedom

Zimbabwe attacks 'out of control'
Zimbabwe - A vile giant experiment, tacitly supported/allowed by the West, to see how far a population be pushed and yet still not rise up in revolution if they are cowed enough?


Dominant Cyber Offensive Engagement and Supporting Technology
This seems like an innocuous piece of Government outsourcing doesn't it? Wrong! This $11 million project will seek to give the US military the capability to hack into, fully control and even destroy any form of computer or network there is, in its ongoing "national cyber security initiative". Now that is Big Brother style control.

New TASER Shield Conversion Kit Announced at the Mock Prison Riots
The next generation of law enforcement from the people who brought you the Taser. This converts a plain old riot shield into a big electric shock device. "Back up hippy" zzzzzz "You too, disperse now!" zzzzzz ARE YOU GETTING CONCERNED YET?

Civil Liberties:

Longer terror limit 'unnecessary'
Extending the pre-charge detention limit for terrorism suspects to 42 days is "wholly unnecessary", a cross-party group of MPs and peers has said - It will still eventually happen. Nothing stops the agenda

War veteran, 96, has rubbish uncollected for two weeks for 'crime' of putting two jars in wrong bin
Petty bureaucrats of the week story. And people wonder why, when given the latitude, supposedly ordinary people historically commit atrocities against their fellow man.

Council that snooped on parents now uses anti-terror laws to spy on fishermen
Another example of supposedly "anti terror" legislation being used for other purposes. And the UK government wants to have the right to lock you up for even longer without trail for the same purposes. Lucky miscarriages of justice never take place eh?

Taser stun guns for every police officer Tasers for all cops. It only takes 1 electric shock in scientific tests to make animals very compliant. I wonder if the same is the case for humans? Be careful next time you go on a peaceful protest or you might find out

Details of airport Tasering stripped from RCMP report
But if you are innocent and still killed by a Taser you'll be pleased to know that the system will be on the polices side.

Report: Deportees drugged against will,21985,23697624-5005961,00.html
The drugging of deportees. How very charming, humane and a massive breach of international human rights codes. You only have to imagine what they must be doing to those arrested under terror legislation.

Finance & Economics:

Bush set to talk oil as Saudis eye Mideast peace
Do bear in mind that Dubya has told one or two little fibs over the years. Do you really think that when he “talks to the Saudi’s about the oil price” that he is really going be telling his family’s biggest benefactors over the last ½ century to take a pay cut? I think not.

US economy falters on home and retail sales
Though there have been positive reports on the US economy this week, the housing market is in meltdown. This will inevitably knock on into the consumer sector which drives the American economy. All it needs is a nudge (say another significant rise in oil prices) and over the precipice it could all fall.

The War on Terror:

U.S. drops charges against accused "20th hijacker"
Amazing isn't it that after 6 years interrogating (and most probably torturing) this chap in Guantanamo they can't get enough evidence to put him to trial before a military tribunal which is hardly going to be unbiased itself!

'Pet crematorium' complaint leads to Pentagon change
The respectful way that soldiers are treated if they get killed during Cheney & Blair's illegal war

Bush: I quit golf over Iraq war,25197,23697581-2703,00.html
Oh you poor thing George. How thoughtful of you. Especially after your traumatic experiences in Vietnam....oh wait Daddy managed to get you out of that one didn't he?

Search continues for Osama Am I the only person to notice the amazing similarity between the ongoing "Where's Osama" news reports as "he" occasionally gives a broadcast, to the character Emmanuel Goldstein in Orwell's 1984.
Goldstein was the always unseen (and made up?) former top member of the ruling Party who had broken away early in the movement and started an organization known as "The Brotherhood", dedicated to the fall of The Party, and who is often the subject of "the Two Minutes of Hate" whenever his image appears in news items .
Whereas Osama is the always unseen (on the odd occasions you do see him he always looks different - different actor perhaps?) black sheep of Saudi Arabia's second most powerful family that has strong links to the House of Bush, and started an organization known as "The Base" (al-Qaeda) dedicated to the fall of the system that his family & the Bush family are at the pinnacle of, and instills a major sense of hate and loathing whenever he appears on our TV news reports. What a strange co-incidence.

Rogue Western forces behind killings: UN officer
Winning "hearts & minds" in Afghanistan, American style

The Next War:

Democrats outraged by Bush "appeasement" remark
Now don’t get me wrong on this there are plenty of things wrong with the Iranian Theocrats, but to use the appeasement angle is a tad rich from the country that currently has troops stationed in over 100 countries worldwide and has recently illegally invaded another country against international wishes.

Democrats outraged by Bush "appeasement" remark,25197,23040467-055,00,00.html
And all the while preparations for war continue apace

Quotations of the week:

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always."

Mahatma Ghandi